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More links for Obama and the 666 with the 793 Oct 7, 2013

Another interesting relationship between the 666 number and the 793 that is Obama’s gematria is the fact that the units of measurement of the distance from Temple Mount in Jerusalem to Key Largo in Florida USA is 6,666 miles which equal 5,793 nautical miles. This radius that forms a circle crosses the USA  diagonally and exists on the State of Washington at the northern border of the USA on longitude W120 deg at a heading of 344 deg from Temple Mount.

Mr. David Flyn on his book Temple at the center of time said that God used the distances from temple mount to identify the nations and cities that would be involved with Israel and the years it would happen.

It seems that he identified the 666 with the US.

To corroborate this go to Google Earth, locate Temple mount in Jerusalem and measure the distance using the ruler with heading 304.8 deg for Key largo and 344 deg for the State of Washington.

The Obama Code Proofs Obama Antichrist Oct 6, 2013

Well John Tng has done it again and has a second video that is better than the first. John has been able to decode more hidden places in the Bible that proof that Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist than any other person that has posted his findings.

My previous post of his first video gives links to some of his work done since 2008 till the present.

It is completely beyond words to describe the amount of encoding Jesus went through to proof beyond any reasonable doubt to any person that follows the decoding, that the work they are witnessing exposed is definitive proof that ties Obama as the Antichrist or 666.

Once you are convinced of this fact the question is what are you doing with this information. Are you using it to prepare yourself and those you love for the very soon coming of Jesus and the following seven years of Tribulation? Look around your world and see if this info is not a reasonable and true representation of this man.

A=1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5, F = 6, G = 7, H = 8, I = 9, J = 10, K = 20, L = 30, M = 40, N = 50, O = 60 P = 70, Q = 80, R = 90, S = 100, T = 200, U = 300, V = 400, W = 500, X = 600, Y = 700, Z = 800

B  A  R  A  C  K                H  U  S  S  E  I  N                O  B  A  M  A

2+1+90+1+3+20   +8+300+100+100+5+9+50    +60+2+1+40+1  =  793


John Tng (6 Oct 2013)
The Obama Code

Dear doves,

I made another YouTube video (HD1080) at



Nando end

Sept 29, 2013 God’s numbers identify Obama as the Antichrist or 666 by John Tng

The following you-tube video linked below is excellent and I say this because its content is of a transcendental nature for the unveiling of the number one enemy of God and humanity the Antichrist, or the 666.

Since the start this evil man that the Bible alludes extensively through many prophecies is directly and numerically identified with President Barack Hussein Obama. This is not the first time that Mr. John Tng has done this and I will link at the end of this post to two other times that reveal who he is done by Mr. Tng.

John may God keep blessing you by revealing His hidden patterns and perfect control of the History of mankind to you.


John Tng (29 Sep 2013)
I made my first YouTube clip!

Dear Doves,

I finally made my first YouTube clip!

Remember to select 1080 HD.



Obama and Pope Francis will be the Antichrist and the False Prophet in the coming Day of the Lord Aug 17, 2013

God is in control of all His creation and this means the affairs of men and the movement of the heavenly bodies He created. Sinful humans will do the impossible to oppose this control or even acknowledge it, but it is there to be found and it is up to us to look for it and to marvel at the Glory of Jesus our Creator.

The times we are living are more than full of the manifestation of the Majestic magnificence of the Word of God the Bible. All these words are just a preamble to introduce an article written by a very dedicated Christian Mr. John Tng who is the host of and a person who has an uncanny ability given by the Holy Spirit to find the hidden webs of times, persons and numbers used by God to punctuate and convict those who are doing the work of Satan and are trying to keep it hidden.

The light is shinning in these two very evil personages and their roles are proven and sealed by the movement of the moon and the sun and the mathematics and numbers that link the passages in the Bible that tie these two people together with the scriptural chapters and verses where they appear.

Mr. Tng uses simple arithmetic and some mathematics of triangular numbers to proof the roles of the Antichrist and the false prophet.

This is the link to the triangular numbers:

Please read and understand the geometric meaning of triangular numbers before the article by Mr. John Tng.


John Tng (17 Aug 2013)
The Beast, the False Prophet & the Tetrads

Dear Doves,

It’s been a long time since I last wrote. I have a couple of things to share with you which I trust will interest you.

The most significant prophetic events that happened this year are the election of Pope Francis and the second inauguration of Obama. Both men are key end-time players — one is the false prophet, and the other the antichrist. As you will see later, by counting Bible verses, I was able to identify both men with some degree of confidence.

Two upcoming significant prophetic events in the next couple of years are the proposed two-state solution and the blood moon tetrads of 2014-2015. In my calculation, I discovered that the tetrads point to Obama and the Pope in such an intriguing fashion that it is hard to attribute to chance; it is as if God arranged the sun, the moon, and the Earth to cause the eclipses to happen precisely to coincide with key dates associated with both men.

I will not go into the details of the tetrads — basically 4 blood moon eclipses falling on Passover and Tabernacles back to back in 2014 and 2015. You can learn all about the rare heavenly phenomenon in YouTube and the Internet. The upcoming tetrad will happen the 8th time since Christ. The previous two tetrads in the last 500 years fell on significant dates when Israel became a nation in 1948 and when Jerusalem first came under the Jewish rule for the first time since AD 70 in 1967. Given the timing of the proposed two-state solution, we could well see the rebuilding of the Temple at the time of the 8th tetrad.

I will not touch on the rapture in this post. My purpose is to show the significance of the 8th tetrad and its intriguing link to Obama and the Pope. Clearly, something big is coming with all that is happening. The rapture must be close.

God hides a huge secret in Pr 30:2 — the only scripture with gematria value 1318. This verse describes the beast of Re 13:18 to a T — “Surely I am more brutish than any man, and have not the understanding of a man.” (the same Hebrew word for brutish is associated with beast in Ps 73:22). The chapter and verse numbers with colon removed, 302, is the Hebrew gematria for BARACK. Its verse order number counting from the first verse of the Bible, 17254, coincides with the day Obama aired a 30-minute election campaign advertisement — the most watched infomercial broadcast in the history of US television. At the end of the broadcast, Obama declared, “….. and together, we will change this country and change the world”.

From the day Obama was born, Aug 4, 1961, to the day the 30-minute advertisement was aired, Oct 29, 2008, there are 17254 days. This is precisely the verse order of the only scripture with gematria value 1318.

Let us turn our attention to the false prophet. From Obama’s birthday to March, 13, 2013, the day Pope Francis was elected, there are 18850 days inclusive. Verse 18850 of the Bible is Isaiah 61:6, “But ye shall be named the Priests of the LORD: men shall call you the Ministers of our God: ye shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, and in their glory shall ye boast yourselves.”

Of all the 31102 verses in the Bible, the verse is BULL’S EYE in describing the Pope — the chief priest and minister of the Catholic Church.

The 2014-2015 Tetrad Connection

I have just shown you how by matching the number of verses with the number of days counting from Obama’s birthdate, two key dates show up — the appearing of the beast on Oct 29, 2008 and the appearing of the false prophet on March 13, 2013.

The tetrads seem to point to both men as well. Consider this: each tetrad lasts 532 days exactly.

Tetrad Start date
End date
No. of Days
Prophetic Significance
6th Apr 13, 1949 Sep 26, 1950 532 Israel became a nation since AD 70
7th Apr 24, 1967 Oct 6, 1968 532 Jerusalem recaptured since AD 70
8th Apr 15, 2014 Sep 28, 2015 532 Rebuilding of the Temple ?

Proverbs chapter 30 — the chapter that conceals the identity of Obama as the antichrist in verse 2, is a chapter full of secrets. (I will write another post on it showing the rapture concealed here!) If you tear out from the Bible all the chapters starting from Proverbs chapter 30 all the way to the 666 beast chapter at Revelation chapter 13, and throw those chapters away, the Bible that you hold in your hands has exactly 666 chapters!

That is old information. In light of the tetrad phenomenon, the new information is this: Proverbs chapter 30 happens to be chapter 532 counting from the last chapter of the Bible. The number 532 is the number of days spanning the first and last eclipses of a tetrad!

This is one coincidence linking Obama the beast and the tetrad.

But more intriguingly, the number of days between the revealing of the antichrist and his false prophet is precisely 532 + 532 + 532 days !!!!!!

Are the tetrads a sign for those watching that the rapture is about to happen?

When Obama first came on the scene back in 2008 and 2009, I was quite excited for obvious reason, seeing that the lawless one had taken the reins of world power; and soon the whole world would be ensnared under his demonic rule, but not before the bride was removed.

However, Obama’s first term came and went and we are still here. Now I am excited all over again because of three developments: 1) the appearance of the last pope; 2) the proposed two-state solution within nine months; and 3) the intriguing 8th tetrad.

Just imagine the total number of days of the three end-time tetrads is exactly the same as the total number of days between the appearing of the beast and the false prophet!

Isn’t the tetrad a sign of how close we are to the rapture?

The 666 Triangle

I will leave you with one more confirmation. The tetrad total, 1596 (532+532+532), turns out to be intimately linked to the most triangular of all triangular numbers — the beast number 666.

Let us start with the number 666.

The number 666 is the 36th triangular number (i.e. the bottommost layer consists of 36 counters). But the number 36 itself is another triangular number; it is the 8th triangular number.

The reason why 666 is very triangular in nature is that even its derived numbers are triangular — both 6 and 66 are triangular numbers as well. Beginning with the number 666, try extract as many triangular numbers as possible from it and see where it is leading to:

666 => 36th triangle => 8th triangle
66 => 11th triangle
6 => 3rd triangle => 2nd triangle

Try adding all the numbers above: 666+36+8+66+11+6+3+2 = 798

Guess what?

It is half the sum of the tetrad total, 1596 (532+532+532 = 798 + 798) !!

The three end-time tetrads conspired together to point to the two most important end-time prophetic players and to link them to the 666 triplet (666, 66, 6) and associated order numbers. One 666 triplet is attached to the beast and the other 666 triplet is attached to the false prophet.

God cannot be more precise and clear in the hidden message of the tetrad sign.

As if all these coincidences are not enough, the period spanning the first eclipse of 1949 and the last eclipse of 2015 is 66 years and 6 months !!!

66 years 6 months = 798 months = 666+36+8+66+11+6+3+2 months  !!!!!!

What are the odds of these happening?

Both the Bible verses (Pr 30:2 & Isa 61:6), and the tetrads, bear witness that Obama is the beast and Pope Francis is the false prophet.

We must be CLOSE to the rapture!


Nando end

The Genesis Timeline by originalpilgrim (Aug 5, 2013)

This post is a continuation of the one before. The originalpilgrim videos are in here to see. The link below is to the first of the Genesis timeline.


Nando end

Amazing Confirmation of The Start of the Apocalypse and the Rapture June 15, 2013

The post in this blog before this is about the closeness of the Rapture and the Apocalypse in the eyes of Hollywood.

Yesterday I started receiving confirmation of the veracity of how close we are from Jesus in the usual way that He communicates with me through license plates with numbers and letters that have a special meaning. These numbers are the 77- 777-888-999-666-66 and other with less significance. The most important # is the 77. Letters are also important but they usually are complementary to the message.

The communication with Jesus started yesterday afternoon when I went out in my car for a short trip. I saw three 77 the last one being in front of me in a drive through to order chicken to go. This one went in front of me after the takeout for a few blocks. I also saw a 66 (the last book of the Bible the Revelation is # 66).

Today the message continued at the supermarket. I parked and went in, and  on the way out and the space in front of mine which usually has a car facing mine was empty and a Security van was starting to back up and when he did the license plate was 777 **K. The number is the Trinity as 666 is the Antichrist. ** are the starting letters of my middle names.

The message continued after I returned home and opened the computer went to and read the post by Charles Holler which was also about the end is here.

About 5 PM we went to my mothers house and she needed some things from the hardware store, we got in the car and drove. A few blocks away the communication was started again with the license plate of a SUV 999 **Y, the ** the same letters as before.

When we parked at the shopping center we moved the car after the first place and parked again in the only space available and here the car parked beside me had the license plate U07 7%% where %% are the first letters of my last name which has two words. At this point I want to say that to find this plate has a probability of 1 in 17,576,000(26x10x10x10x26x26), do the math.

My wife and I left and on the short trip home saw another 77 and a 66 plate in less than 23 vehicles.

At home we ate dinner and after dinner I wanted to call a Bible prophecy buff who has been my friend and brother in Christ for decades and was relating this story and he told me to send him the link to Charles Holler article. He was driving home from having been on a hospital shift the whole day(he is a doctor) and was going to see it the minute he got home. He lives in the middle of the USA and is also a dove contributor.

At this point I hang the phone and open Yahoo for access to my mail to send the link and here is where the biggest confirmation takes place, this is what was in the page displayed.

No injuries in Reno plane collision at air races

RENO, Nev. (AP) — One of two Czech-built military training jets that collided in midair while practicing for this fall’s National Championship Air Races in Reno had to make a belly landing on the runway with no wheels, but neither pilot was hurt at the airport where 11 people were killed during the finals competition in 2011.

One of the L39-C Albatros manufactured in 1974 suffered tail damage and had to set down with the landing gear retracted at Reno Stead Airport about 5 p.m. on Thursday, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said.

The other one built in 1980 landed without incident on another runway, he said.

The former military planes used to train fighter pilots touched while practicing maneuvers on the race course during a pylon racing seminar that teaches air safety to pilots who want to fly Sept. 11-15 at the 50th annual national championships.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board were investigating the incident, Gregor said Friday.

Mike Houghton, president and CEO of the Reno Air Racing Association, said emergency crews and volunteers responded quickly to the accident.

“All systems and emergency response were exactly as planned and trained,” he said in a statement. “These pilots did an outstanding job of managing their aircraft after the incident.”

Houghton said the pilot pulled out of his first approach after the collision and circled before coming in a second time without the landing gear.

“When he landed wheels up, it (the plane) sustained quite a bit of damage to the undercarriage,” he told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The airport 15 miles north of Reno is the site of a September 2011 race crash that killed a pilot and 10 others on the ground and injured scores more when a World War II-era, P-51 Mustang going in excess of 500 mph crashed near the grandstand.

During the competition, pilots fly wingtip-to-wingtip as low as 50 feet off the sagebrush on an oval path around pylons, with distances and speeds depending on the class of aircraft.

Both planes involved in Thursday’s mishap were manufactured by the Prague-based Aero Vodochody, an aircraft company established in 1919, a year after the independent Czechoslovak Republic was formed. The company built MiG-15 aircraft during the Cold War era and later the supersonic MiG-19 and MiG-21.

The names of the pilots were not released. The plane built in 1974 is registered to CSC Enterprises Inc. based in Wilmington, Del., and the one in 1980 to Darryl K. Christen of Houma, La., FAA records show.


If you notice there is a repeat of  the 77 and the 777 of all my talk with my friend and the messages that were given during the day and yesterday. The planes name is also written behind the cockpit Triple Seven and there are two men in the picture to assert the conversation with him and me. My friend pointed out that the two could represent the two witnesses that are to come.

Nando end

This part was edited on 6/16/13 at 8 PM

This morning as I left to go to church and worship Jesus for the day before the street were empty and the only car that was passing us had a license with %77 — the % is the first letter of the second of my last name. I saw a total of nine cars till I got to church,

Nando end 2

June 6, 2013 this Rapture Day Arrived by Two Ladies Very Knowledgeable in Prophetic Scripture

Today I have seen two articles that both allude to tomorrow June 6, 2013 can be the day of the Rapture and the beginning of the Tribulations.  They both are using the Jewish calendar dates and both ladies are very knowledgeable in scripture.

The data about Obama given in the video can be substantiated with articles in this blog.

If as stated it becomes true tomorrow will also see the appearance of the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Most readers will have a hard time following the reasoning and the scriptures referred in these presentations but the important thing is to read and watch it. If you do the meaning of what is conveyed will become apparent.

Please watch the video of pastor JD Farag in this blog which along with these two will give the reader a good sense of the possibility that tomorrow will be the start of the tribulation and the Rapture of the church.

Janet Herscu article:

NO!….we DON’T QUIT!…..below are a few more speculative but significant points w/ a focus on a Thursday JUNE 6th Rapture since EVERYTHING still FITS!

JUNE 6 is FOUR mths (“then the Harvest”) past FEB 6 which was 355 days (1-yr warning/SHANA = 300+50+5) past the start of the COUNTED 1-yr warning (Feb 17, 2012 – Feb 6, 2013). The ‘uncounted/zero’ year spanned Jan 29, 2011 (Shevat 24/Jerusalem Rev 11 UFO) to Feb 17, 2012 (Shevat 24). Shevat 24 in both cases is 11th mth/888.

40 days (world chaos/N. Invasion of Israel/Gog Magog/Ezek 38-39) past JUNE 6 is AV 9 (July 16, 2013), the probable Divine Victory in the mts of Israel…..worst FAST DAY on the Jewish calendar. An AV 9 Victory would validate God’s prophetic re-intervention into Israel’s affairs, namely SAFETY & SECURITY. If applicable, July 16 is also CANCER 24 (11th sign/judgment, 888).

If the 40 days is significant, the #40 is TESTING; and Israel will be in a fearful 40-day ‘quandry’ (their faith tested) in hopes of a rescue from the Invasion (Syria/Iran, etc)…..spec.

June 6 (Rapture?) is GEMINI 15, the exact middle of the 10th sign: the TWINS (Jesus & Church) ‘walking together in harmony’ (Bride & Groom).

Thurs, June 6, 2013 is exactly 22 days past SIVAN 6/SHAVUOT. In hindsight after the trib when the earth is straight, it will be ‘AS IF’ we were raptured on Shavuot after all. See FACTS ABOUT SHAVUOT/internet, former letter.

June 6, 2013, is 46 yrs past June 5-10, 1967 (matching the 46 yrs of John 2:20).

SEVEN months of burying bodies, bldg 3rd Temple spans AV 10 (July 17) to ADAR 10, 2014 (Feb 10)….7 Jewish mths/208 days to the start of 3rd Temple Worship. Add exactly 2300 days of the TEMPLE DESECRATION (Dan 8:13-14) to arrive to May 30, 2020/SIVAN 6, Jesus’ ISAIAH 63 Temple Entrance to RE-consecrate (from Petra w/ Remnant). May 30. 2020 is also 1290 past mid trib (Nov 17, 2016).

The RETURN Thurs, April 30, 2020 (2520 days past JUNE 6, 2013) minus 22 days (tilt loss as earth straightens) is PASSOVER, 2020; but since the earth will likely take 3 days to straighten (to compensate for the 3 mid-trib days when a.c. is dead), the date the earth is straight is NISAN 17, the commanded “Beginning of Days.”

By NISAN 17, 2020 the Mazzarot date will also TAURUS 11, synchronizing w/ APRIL 11, NISAN 17.

NISAN 17, 2020 is 6 months past SUCCOTH, 2019 which is STILL in the TEVET 1, 2018 (5779) year count. Thus Succoth 2019 minus the 18 ‘uncounted yrs’ is SUCCOTH 2001, Celebration Day of the Start of the 121st Jubilee/7th Millennium. 2018 completes all the FIG TREE PATTERNS which began in 1898 (see last letter). If Israel’s History counts end at 2018 instead of 2019, then 17 ‘uncounted yrs’ are to be considered instead of 18 yrs.

The RETURN at Thurs, April 30, 2020 is IYYAR 6; and May 15, 1948/first full day of Israel’s established STATEHOOD was IYYAR 6 as well.

Mid-trib (1260 past June 6 Rapture) is Thurs, Nov 17, 2016, CHESVAN 16…….8th mth 16th day…..8,88 on the Jewish calendar……a day Satan (via a.c.) would relish on the calendar…..spec.

When all is considered and the earth is straight (with the -22 days considered taking 3 days to accomplish/thus -19 days), the actual trib span is SHAVUOT 2013 to NISAN 17, 2020, start of the Millennium.

Believing ISRAEL will get their MESSIAH back on HIS RESURRECTION DAY, the DAY their LAMB AROSE, conquering DEATH….the great NISAN 17.

Anyway, this Thursday, June 6 looks good.

Renee Moses video link:

Nando end


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