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June 26, 2014 Satans rebellion and the fall of 1/3 of creation

The following article has a link to a fascinating program that answers very deep and important facts about Satan and the reasons for his rebellion.

It is a deep and profound theological dissertation covering creation of the Universe, the force that keeps it from de-sintegrading and the reason and destiny of mankind.

It is a long radio program, but it is worth hearing for any serious Christian that wants to understand the deeper meanings of scripture.

The concepts covered and the explanations given will make sense and will become a platform for further exploration.

Thanks to Charles Holler for the link.


Charles Holler (22 June 2014)
“The Pedersen Chronicles – Angel Wars and the Luciferian Rebellion (# 4)” 

Hi John and Doves,
     Here is the link and times for episode #4 of the Pedersen Chronicles with a small note from the staff.
Charles Holler Sr
The Pedersen Chronicles – Angel Wars and the Luciferian Rebellion (Show 4)
Join Johnny Baptist, Kenneth and brother Loren Pedersen this evening for our new series of Bible Mystery Shows entitled “The Pedersen Chronicles”.  Brother Loren Pedersen has spent a life time seeking the Lord on the deeper mysteries of the Universe and the hidden understandings of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  We believe you will be edified and blessed, and your understanding of the depth of God’s creation will be expanded far beyond what you currently understand.  Our only disclaimer is that you be a good Berean and search the scripture daily (Acts 17:11) to see if it is so.  None of us will know the whole story until we stand before your King Yeshua Jesus the Messiah.  
Please NoteThis is not a live broadcast and we will not have a chat room available.  Also please disregard the message for the Host to Call Into the show.
God Bless You – See you there!!

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Feb 6, 2014 Giants are they part of today and the future? Is it good or evil?

The theme of Giants and fallen angels is the subject of comic books and Walt Disney characters. Many cartoons showing Mickey Mouse battling a Giant that lives in the clouds and that he reached by planting a seed that grew a vine that reached into the clouds where the Giant had its castle. You can also read the story of Gulliver and the Lilliputians and the giants and in many cultures there are myriads of stories relating to them. The Bible mentions them in the old testament as the descendants of fallen angels with human women.

This is the story behind this fascinating interview between Mr. Gary Stearman and Mr. Steve Quayle. The information that Mr. Quayle reveals is the stuff of science fiction that has become reality. It is a nightmare scenario that is about to spring up in the unsuspecting world where only a few are aware of its coming. Its is hidden by those who worship the dark forces of Satan to catch and enslave all.

It is for this reason that this information must be shown and people made aware off.


Nando end

Longwalkers by Steve Quayle

Nando end 2

True Legends (interviewed by Gary Stearman)

Nando 3

Babylon America’s Destruction by Luis Vega Nov 4, 2013

The article below is an outstanding work of scholarship by its author Mr. Luis Vega. the charts found in the link provided are excellent to convey his message of judgment.

Amplifying on his article I would suggest that the reader of this post also read the books mentioned after the Luis Vega article.

The writing on the wall of Mene Mene Tekel Parsin was written by a hand that appeared in the banquet orgy given by the last king of the Babylonian empire as God was destroying the Babylonian empire (the head of gold) with the Persian empire (the torso of silver. It is also important to mention that the words in the wall are a unit of measurement that add up to :

50 shekels + 50 shekels + 1 shekel + 25 shekels = 126 shekels = 1260 x 2 gerahs = 2520 gerahs.

The Tribulation is divided on two periods of 1260 days which add up to 2520 days (7 x 360).

Did we see the beginning of the Tribulation announced in the sky as Mr. Vega so aptly portrayed?

The height of the tower at 1776′ is a reference to the signing of the declaration of independence in 1776 and is found in roman numerals at the bottom of the pyramid in the one dollar bill which is also a tower that depicts the start of the masonic-Illuminati new world order by the Antichrist who wrote the curse of Isaiah 9:10 on the last beam of the tower thereby bringing the curse to America. See the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn


Luis Vega (4 Nov 2013)
THE DEMISE OF AMERICA -Judgment of Babylon Weighed in the Balance

The Demise of America
Judgment of Babylon Weighed in the Balance
A Sword Coming to Divide the Nation

by Luis B. Vega
Online PDF chart at:

‘But you did not honor the God who holds in His hand your life and all your ways. Therefore He sent the hand that wrote the inscription. “This is the inscription that was written: Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin  “Here is what these words mean: Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end. Teke: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. Pere: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.” – Daniel 5: 25-28

The purpose of this study, with online illustrations, is to provide some possible Biblical interpretation of the Hybrid Eclipse that will be seen in New York City (NYC) on the morning of November 3, 2013. Why NYC? 1) It is the première city and often labeled as the ‘Capital of the World’. 2) It is also the main financial center with its Stock Market. 3) It is the symbol of commercialism with 5th Avenue, etc. 4) Lastly, it is a representation of the nation, the USA or America as a whole as it was its 1st Capital. Why this eclipse? Because this Eclipse is the rarest of Hybrids in that only 7 have occurred since Christ & it very significant as to its timing and location.

If what the Solar Hybrid Eclipse portrays prophetically against the sky is a ‘writing on the wall’ figuratively speaking for NYC and the USA, then both in particular are about to experience its demise, a judgment and division. At what time? That remains to be seen, it could be weeks, months, year, etc. This study is only postulating that the imagery that accompanies this rarest of Hybrid Eclipses in Libra, to be seen in the morning skies over the NYC skyline and from the Statue of Liberty, is prophetically echoing the ‘writing on the wall’ as it was for Babylon, that Great City of old during the time of the Prophet Daniel. It is an omen to the ‘City’ and to the ‘Nation’ being weighed in the balance of GOD YHWH i.e., Balances of Libra & found guilty; this is the ‘handwriting on the wall’ if you will; of a message of judgment, demise and division.

It is interesting that what will come up first from the horizon over NYC is Virgo, the very same ‘Woman’ that represent virtue, morality and purity as was America. Then the sky is followed by Libra, the Scales of Judgment. Then the Eclipse occurs around 6:30am local time as it breaks the horizon. Most interestingly is that the Hybrid Eclipse occurs at the apex of Libra’s Balances, right in the middle as it is also flanked in the midst by the planets Mercury and Saturn. With this combination, it is a prophetic depiction of Lady Justice, with a Balance on one hand and a sword on the other.

Mercury rises first, as it is just above the Sun when the Eclipse occurs. It is pronouncing this coming ‘weighing in the balance’, judgment and demise of the Great City; Great Nation that once was, but now to be divided with the sword prophetically. The other planet that follows the Eclipse is Saturn that many would attribute to Kronos, or father time as in a time to end and begin, a conclusion of an episode. Perhaps this is the very divine message to this Great City of America. A message to note that America, Babylon has been given over to Satan and is to be weighed,  judged and divided by a sword.

Many believe that literally, the USA will be physically divided down the middle due to some natural catastrophic event. Others go so far as to assert that this could be for the very act of supporting the division of Israel’s land in giving up land to accommodate a Palestinian State. This will possibly occur due to the 9-Month Kerry Peace initiative in April of 2014. This will remain to be seen.

The Handwriting on the Wall
The imagery of where this November 3 Hybrid Eclipse takes place is profound, in the midst of the Scales or Balances of Libra. Perhaps this Hybrid Eclipse is highlighting the ‘writing on the wall’ that the City and Nation of America has been placed on these Scales, weighed and found short of the expected standard and thus judgment is to follow by the Sword of Lady Justice. What is this demise? It is of a national judgment and division of this Great City and Nation. IF this is to be a literal judgment, as in another attack like 9-11 or a natural catastrophic event like a tsunami, EMP or nuke, that remains to be seen as well.

What is rather intriguing to consider is that this ‘writing on the wall’ had to do with giving the City over to the Persians, mainly Darius. Given the current geo-political climate of the USA with Iran and Israel seeking to stop their nuclear program, is it not far-fetched to consider that a coming judgment upon NYC and/or America could very well involve some sort of and EMP, nuclear detonation if and when Israel would attack Iran nuclear reactors. This could cause massive black-outs to the grids across the USA, etc.

The ‘writing on the wall’ or ‘the handwriting on the wall’ is just an idiom used to convey a sense of imminent doom or misfortune. This comes from the Old Testament Book of Daniel where there and then, the Great City and Nation, Babylon was given a similar divine omen by GOD. Perhaps this Hybrid Eclipse in Libra is just that. It could be a message, a writing in the constellations – if you will, to the City of New York and Nation of America of a coming future that has now been predetermined.

Since 9-11, and because of this attack on NYC, the USA and the world have changed forever how the USA views the world and how the world views NYC and America. Many believe that 9-11 is when America lost its innocence. Because of this event, an inside job or not, it forever changed how America treated its own people, its own citizen and how the USA went back on the Promise engraved on the very Statue of Liberty. Too many, she ironically stopped being the ‘beacon of hope & light that she once represented. For the purposes of this study, NYC represents 3 types of women metaphorically throughout the history of the City which is an embodiment of the USA as a whole. The 1st Women is Virgin America as in Lady Liberty, the 2nd Woman is the Harlot of Babylon and 3, Lady Justice.

This study postulates that this 3-Woman stage typology has been and will be the pattern of the City and Nation in terms of its evolution and sad conclusion. There is a past, a present and future condition; the Virgin, the Harlot and the Justice. Sadly, NYC and America has presently become the Whore of Babylon that once was the Virgin America and will now experience the wrath of GOD and be divided by the Sword that Lady Justice has. With some poetic license here, the Statue of Liberty will morph into the Justice of Liberty that will hold up the Scales of Libra as the Torch is represented by this Hybrid rare Solar Eclipse. What she has on her other hand as the Book of Promise will be morphed into a Sword that will divide instead.

Virgin America
The 1st Woman prophetically represented NYC and America through the Statue of Liberty with the Torch of Liberty as a beacon to aid those seeking freedom from persecution, be it religious, social, or political. She provided hope for the down-trodden steeped in poverty that allowed untold many a chance at a new beginning and life. She represented the compassion and all that is right about America that is the USA with its law and order based and founded on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. These documents that are heavily based on the Judeo-Christian moral precepts changed the world for good.

Since the Republic’s inception, New York City was the 1st National Capital in which George Washington was first inaugurated, in fact on the church just adjacent Ground Zero across from the new Freedom Tower, that by the way is 1776 ft tall when included the enormous mast. The young republic grew and faced many challenges and it faced the evils that had plagued prior and ancient nations, republics and empires of the Old World. Due to it creed, she has, not like many others, made things right with the evils of human slavery and equality under the law. She abolished serfdom and the exploitation of Monarchs, Dictators and Popes, etc. Yet over the decades, the successes and prosperities have become her own undoing. What once was a ‘Virgin America’ in the true sense has now become a ‘Prostitute’.

The Harlot of Babylon
The 2nd Woman now prophetically represents both NYC and America as a whole metaphorically speaking by the Whore of Babylon. What goes on in the underground of NYC and in the homes across America is totally unimaginable, down right satanic. There is much evil and sin but the growing numbers of circumstances merits an alarm. There has been increases and not decreases of such a condition of the heart, soul and minds of the people abound; child and slave-trafficking, drugs, illicit sex, violence and corruption, greed etc. This typology of the Harlot of Babylon is a true representation of what is currently wrong with America.

Because of this current condition, there is judgment coming as pronounced in the Bible to any City and/or Nation that does not repent. Like in the times of Nineveh, the cries, prayers of the innocent in that City and Nation went up before the Throne of YHWH. This moral condition of the heart and minds of such also echoes the Writing on the Wall that befell Belshazzar during the time of Daniel. As the city of Babylon was in revelry and enjoying the spoils of the LORD’s articles of the Holy Temple, the LORD wrote a message to the Ruler of that city Babylon. It is basically a pronouncement of an evaluation of the worth on the Scales of Justice (Libra) and found short of the measure or exception. Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin or  מנא, מנא, תקל, ופרסין.

NYC and America, like the Babylon of old have come to their own full measure of sin in that as then, the city and nation became apostate due to its riches, wealth, military power and prosperity. They became victims of their own blessings bestowed upon by the Creator. Over time, the moral decay and change of heart led the people, led their Rulers to cross the line to profane the very ‘holy things of the LORD’s House’. NYC and America are at this point now.

For example, with such issues as same-sex redefinition of what marriage is now no different than how it was in the Times of Noah. It was a time of ‘marrying and given into marriage’. Once can infer for a word study of that passage of Scripture that, not only was traditional marriage operative as in a man with a woman, but there was rampant divorce and then a condition that many were just redefining what ‘marriage’ was and entered marriage unions regardless of the LORD’s directives.

Lady Justice
In the coming future, the Statue of Liberty will now soon become the prophetic Lady Justice for this Great City and Nation. Why? Because when a City and/or Nation turns its back on its Creator it will then next turn and be against those that stand for GOD’s godly principles and morals. We are seeing this now in cities all across America. As the stenographer rightly spoke by the Power of the Holy Spirit during Congress, a City and Nation cannot serve 2 Masters. It was a verbal warning to the Rulers of America.

What crossed the line for the LORD at that time in Babylon was how the Rulers of that City and Nation treated the Holy things of GOD, and His People. It is when a City and or Nation gets to the point that it mistreats GOD’s People that GOD will then ‘write on the wall’ the pronouncement of judgment for that nation and/or city. In the Book of Revelation 18, there is a depiction of how the world will weep and mourn the destruction of such a Great City that was once rich beyond measure yet drunk with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus Christ.

How do we see this condition presently go against GOD’s People? Foremost by having a Patriot Act that renders the Bill of Rights null and void, by militarizing the Police forces, by having DHS eclipse the National Guard and changing its mission for domestic purposes, for having the IRS target Christians, for having the US Army label Evangelical Christians as Domestic Terrorists, on and on. It is not that GOD’s People need a government to protect them or laws that favor their rights but that it is a symptom of a much deeper satanic agenda to persecute GOD’s People to the point of extermination as it has been down the halls of human history.

The Freedom Tower
Ground Zero in NYC is basically America’s Giza Plateau. It is almost now an exact proportional replica of the Pyramids in Giza, especially now with the completion of the Freedom Tower. This Freedom Tower completes the 3 main Pyramids that are mirrored from those in Egypt.
It also has the inverted & mirrored elongated Hexagramdesign.

What is fascinating about this Tower is that it is an elongated tetrahedron meaning that it has a perfect ‘cube’ in the midst. Moreover, the Freedom Tower has 8 sided Octagon shape in the middle; derived by 2 equal squares. (Masonic). This is the very case structurally as at the mid-section of the edifice has a square situated within its design. This mirrors the architecture of the Trans-America tower in San Francisco, same principle. If you take the designs of both and condense it, you get a hexagram. This area also has several unique structures that allude to its occultic grid configuration.

The new 1776 feet, with Antenna, Freedom Tower will not be celebrating the USA’s Declaration of Independence but a birthing of the Illuminati Messiah as the old destroyed Twin Towers helix morphs into the ‘One’ new Tower. It is in the midst of this ‘hidden Pyramid complex’ like Giza dedicated to Osiris/Horus/Nimrod to be ‘resurrected’. Again the height of the Freedom Tower with Antenna is 1776 Feet. To be completed in 2013, when the Age of Osiris is said to begin. Perhaps at this fall season that this Hybrid Eclipse is perhaps signaling as well?

Some observations
On the western side of Ground Zero, there are numerous high-riser buildings that have peculiar geometric structures atop their structures. There would not be a second thought as to its architectural significance if it were not for its occultic numerical associations to Ground Zero. For example, there is an unfinished pyramid, octagon domes, a ‘great pyramid’, the one that is complete that has some unique heading and distance associations with Ground Zero as follows. From this pyramid:

1.    There are .13 km or 144 yards to the Freedom Tower

2.    The Freedom Tower has a 177.6 Heading to the remains of the South Tower

3.    There is a 322° heading to the North Tower

4.    There is a 333° heading to the South tower

5.    There are 777 feet or .13 Nautical Miles from the pyramid to the North Tower remains

A Nation Divided will Fall
Thanks to Hollywood’s depiction of New York City in movies, more than any other city, it has had its fair share of being destroyed by a number of disasters. NYC has been destroyed by asteroids, tidal waves, nukes, Godzilla even, and has even portrayed ‘Gotham City’, etc. Although all these are fictitious, this coming Hybrid Eclipse over NYC is very real and very pronounced in where it begins and how it begins. Aside from Boston, NYC is where at sunrise around 630am, the Moon will be eclipsing the Sun for about 45mintues. North America is where this Hybrid Eclipse begins but it won’t be a Total Eclipse.

Is NYC or America prime of judgment? Realize that in no other time since the Civil War has America been at a point of being so politically, socially, religiously, economically divided. Why judgment on this City and America? Consider the current state of the USA. Some would argue that it’s business as usual, nothing is wrong and just go back to sleep. On the other hand, many have for some time sounded the alarm of just how perilous the times are for America with its national debt, moral decay and misguided polices and erosion of it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This study is not insinuating that every person in NYC or America for that matter will be subject to this perceived judgment solely based on this astronomical assertion of a 45 minute partial eclipse from NYC’s vantage point. But that as a whole, metaphorically speaking this celestial event and at this place and time is very significant and very prophetic as in a warning and perhaps sentencing has already begun. In Revelation 18:4, GOD in the Bible is beckoning His people even during such times of pronounced national judgment to ‘come out of her and not share in her punishment.’

This has always been true of any national judgment the GOD of the Bible has befallen on a city or nation; such was the case as in Sodom and Gomorrah, Nineveh and Jericho for example. May this Great City and Nation turn from its current moral state of affairs and avert this Judgment, this Demise and Division by the Sword that this Hybrid Solar Eclipse is depicting. May NYC and America do as Nineveh did and change. May it be so for the sake of those prophetic 120,000 that cannot tell their right hand from their left and the many animals found there.


Some Sources


Apollyon Rising 2012 by Thomas Horn


The Final Babylon America and the Coming of Antichrist


Zenith 2016 by Tom Horn

Nando end

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy some 50 Years Ago By Luis Vega Oct 21, 2013

Luis Vega has published a very unusual view about the fateful and dreadful day about 50 years ago when President Kennedy was murdered by Oswald and maybe others.

For young readers this is part of history and the impact of this assassination is only imagined.

As a Cuban who just three years before had joined to go to fight against Cuba at what latter was known as Brigade 2506 of Playa Giron and joined the US army to fight in Cuba when the October missile crises came this era was one of extreme emotion for me and all of my family as well as the Cubans in exile.

As this article explains some tried to blame the Cubans because Kennedy abandoned them in the Bay of Pigs, but their memory or knowledge was wrong. Kennedy met the Cubans in exile at the Orange bowl in Miami and promised to liberate Cuba. He was willing to confront Castro over nuclear missiles in Cuba and the US Army enlisted a whole battalion of Cubans to train for an eventual invasion.

Yes Kennedy and their family specially Robert where thinking of altering the plans of Lucifer and it stands to reason that his death was plotted by the satanic forces of evil. Luis Vega ties it very well to the future Antichrist with his mortal wound.

Thanks for your outstanding analysis, charts and analogies to the present.


Luis Vega (20 Oct 2013)
50 Year Kennedy Assassination Anniversary – A Hidden Mathematical MurderNando end

Comet Ison and the Antichrist. Oct 1, 2013

Luis Vega has done a very good job of deciphering all the occultist symbols that are geographically made part of London.

From his article and charts we can see that these satanic connections have been going on for many years, hundreds or thousands. If you look back at the history of the British nation you can see the hand of Satan in their dominions and history.

The most obvious example is their conquest of the middle east in 1918 by general Edmund Allenby who was a devout Christian that God used to liberate the land for the future State of Israel. After that happened the British did everything in their power to hinder the formation of the State of Israel and worst than that they gave weapons to the Arabs and hanged the Jewish patriots who opposed them as terrorists.  This practice of the British was ended when the Irgun led by Menache Begin started hanging all the British soldiers and officers on a one to one basis.

To fulfill the curse of Genesis 12:3 the British Empire started to disappear and today is a small and dim shadow of what it was.

Luis Vega seems to imply that the Antichrist will rise from this nation of which I do not agree.

The Antichrist  is already in a position to take complete power but it will come from one of the former colonies, America. The Masonic symbols and occultist numbers are evident in the pyramid that adorns the US dollar.

There are two excellent books that show this, one is Apollyon Rising 2012 by Thomas Horn and the other and most compelling one is The Final Babylon, America and the Coming of Antichrist by: S. Douglas Woodward, Douglas W. Krieger and Dene McGriff.

I will point out that the financial ties and holdings of the powerful New York City based banks are very much linked to the banks of London and that the tentacles of these entities originate from these two places.

Luis Vega has provided further insight into the satanic links between these two places of power who intent in controlling the whole world and destroy Israel and the people of God. They are marching to their final destruction at the coming of Jesus to rule in His Kingdom.

The arrival of the comet Ison is definitively a sign of the approaching Apocalypse. It may also show the crowning of the Antichrist as the rider of the white horse in the first seal opened in the book of Revelation. This man of sin is Barack Hussein Obama the president of the USA.


Luis Vega (1 Oct 2013)
An ISON Royal Alignment – The Anointing of a Coming Prince

An ISON Royal Alignment: The Anointing of a Coming Prince
Unlocking the Sacred Geometric Grid Configurations of London
The luciferian Ley Lines of the Royal Residences & Financial Center

by Luis B. Vega
Online PDF charts at:
Online PDF of Ley-Lines:

“So you see… the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes” -Coningsby, The Century Co., N.Y., 1907, p. 233.

With the advent of comet ISON approaching its perihelion or closest approach to the Sun on November 28, 2013, there will be a peculiar alignment before that time that will involve the conjunction of comet ISON with Mars at Regulus; the alignment will take place on October 14, 2013. Regulus is known as the ‘Star of the King’ or ‘Prince’ in the constellation Leo. This study, with accompanied charts, seeks to investigate if this particular alignment and conjunction will have some possible corresponding alignments on Earth as well on this date.

Could this alignment on Earth likewise mirror a ‘conjoining’ of an earthly ‘King’ and/or ‘Prince’ like the comet does celestially with Regulus, the King’s Star? Could the timing of this comet ISON conjoining Regulus have some possible prophetic significance in these Last Days that has to do with a coming prophetic Prince or King of Daniel 9? It could very well be in preparation for the calling of the coming ‘One’. Many in the occultic and luciferian underworld are expecting their New World Order lord to manifest himself fairly soon. This celestial conjunction could be nonetheless a sign or an important time marker; a type of a prophetic ‘anointing’ if you will of a Prince or future King that is to come to rule the ‘new age’ eventually.

The alignment of comet ISON with Mars at Regulus occurs 20 days before the rare Hybrid Eclipse that happens on November 3, 2013. The Hybrid Eclipse can also possibly be linked to this alignment as it will also be about 25 days from ISON’s perihelion. This Eclipse might be giving us a clue as to where to look for this corresponding alignment on Earth based on one of the Eclipse’s astonishing attributes. The Eclipse will peak or reach maximum at 0 degrees longitude and 0 degrees latitude or at the intersection of Earth’s Equator and Prime Meridian.

Thus this study will consider the Prime Meridian in London to determine where then in the city the alignment may have a bearing on its corresponding celestial alignment of the comet and a King or Prince. This study will attempt to show that indeed the alignment of comet ISON with Regulus will eclipse the Royal Residence of the Kings and Princes of England at a particular angle and ley-line. This will occur just before sunset at Kensington Palace on October 14, 2013.

The Prime Meridian
The Meridian of today was established in the 1880s by a conglomeration of nations that decided that Greenwich was to be the place of the International Dateline and the beginning of Earth’s Longitude. This longitude basically cuts Earth’s sphere into the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Of course this decision was affected by the fact that it was the heyday of the British Empire around the world and thus it reflected a jingoistic benefit due to its prominence and power in the world at the time.

Taking into account this Meridian association with the coming Hybrid Eclipse, various headings from this vantage point of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich will be examined to see how the comet ISON’s alignment and conjunction with the Star of the King, Regulus will be configured against London’s horizon and ley-lines. The time and place will be as Regulus ‘sets’ on the horizon -if one were looking out towards the North-West direction on October 14, 2013.

The star Regulus in the constellation Leo always sets at this angle, at this time of year over the Royal Residences of Buckingham and Kensington Palaces. To this end the Royal Residences were deliberately aligned with celestial bodies in the heavens to reflect this royal divine association with Leo and Regulus. But these Royal Residences are also directly linked by sacred geometry with the Bank of England. Many believe that those in the Financial District are the ones behind the scenes that control of the Royal House of England and Parliament. The illustrated charts might give us come insights if this is the case.

Thus the King’s Star Regulus setting on the Royals of England is befitting of Royalty that Regulus represents and lines up with the 2 most powerful Royal Residences on planet Earth. What will be different is that comet ISON and Mars will conjoin Regulus with a perfect alignment at this particular place and time. Is this coincidence, providence or prophecy? The illustrated charts will show nonetheless that indeed, there will be a corresponding alignment of comet ISON and the Royal Residences on October 14, 2013, just before sunset.

Of note, Kensington Palace, in particular is the current residency of Prince William, Catherine and the future King born on the Sign of the Star of David or Remphan to other on July 22, 2013. In terms of timing, from the Star of David King’s birth of July 22, 2013 to the comet ISON alignment/conjunction of October 14, 2013 is 2 months, 22 days (2-2-2), or a (1-1 1-1 1-1) or (11 11 11) pattern. Kensington Palace has a 222 degree heading to Hampton Court Palace. October 14, 2013 will be a 7+7 or a 7-7. From the Star of David birth of July 22, 2013 to the Prince’s christening on October 23, 2013 = 3 months 22 days or 322. Is this the long awaited illuminati baby they have breed for this very place and time?

The future ‘King’ of England was born on the very astronomical Star of David/Remphan configuration and now comet ISON will conjoin Regulus at the Royal Residence of Kensington Palace. This is where he and the current Prince of England, 3rd in line to the English Thrown reside at. Then the christening will occur on a 3-2-2 luciferian date and time. You have to consider that these ‘Princes’ are the most powerful Monarchs in the Earth today. They have genetically the most royal of bloodlines of any other human on Earth aside from Prince Felipe of Spain. Perhaps they even have more than pure human genes as some would purport.

The luciferian Labyrinthsof London
As to the ley-lines of London, what might seem on the outside or surface to just be typical city street grids are in fact a labyrinth of satanic geometric configurations that invoke demonic power over its location and subjects. They involve monuments to ‘fallen’ angels, serpents, pyramids, hexagrams and perhaps multiple dimensional portals or gates that tap into the very Principalities and Powers of the Air and Heaven itself.

The charts that accompany this study will attempt to approximate these hidden grid configurations of the city based on various degrees of angles from an aerial view using Google Earth. The key localities examined will show that the prominent locations of London’s famous landmarks, once examined as to their grid layout, conjure up definite luciferian symbology hidden in plain sight that are both esoteric and occultic. The charts will also attempt to show, that at least, the alignment of comet ISON with Regulus on October 14, 2013 exactly mirrors the London city grid ley-lines and angles based on sacred geometry from the Prime Meridian.

These luciferian grid configurations reflect the true religion of those that rule the world from ‘behind the scenes’ –as in the case with the city of London. There are others cities, both ancient and modern all over the world with similar ley-lines linked to astronomical alignments. Those that are really in power and in the ‘shadows’ of government, industry, organized religion etc., pay tribute and homage to the one that really rules the world. This veneration is reflected in the ley-lines of the cities they are given by their dark lord, lucifer.

There religion is lucifer and their meeting places are in the ‘synagogues of satan’ that Jesus Christ warned about and exposed as imposters. This dark lord is the ‘god of mammon’ that rules the monarchs and nations of the world through their private Banks, among many other institutions. This true rulership by lucifer of the world is aided by suck disciples that are implementing his plans behind the scenes in control of governments and Royals. It is done through financial apparatuses, banks; through the false organized religions, the media and the armies of the nations for example.

It is those that rule the financial markets of the world, in particular that are at the root of all evil in the world. Why these sort of people in particular? Because Christ Jesus declared that the ‘love of money is the root of all evil’. On a global scale, it comes from the money-changers that like their predecessors of old, Jesus threw them out from the Temple in Jerusalem so long ago. It was such the type that usurped the Holy Priesthood and dissuaded Israel from accepting Jesus as the long awaited and true Messiah.

This in turn brought total judgment upon the House of Israel and caused the nation to be subjugated to a world-wide Diaspora as a consequence. Such money-changers, both men and women have made their way back in these Last Days to complete a Temple of their own making for their god lucifer. It will come with a harsh vengeance on Jesus Christ and His Followers for their eviction on Earth as it will be in Heaven.

Of Angels and Demons
The luciferians behind the rulership of planet Earth pay homage to their fallen angel lucifer as he is often depicted as the ‘angel of victory’ or ‘liberty’ in their architecture throughout many cities of the world for example. Of themselves, monuments to angels may be innocent but 2 particular angels in London are located at very unique junctures. These 2 angels are incorporated with the sacred geometric alignments and angles that are clearly associated with satanic symbology through and through. If Los Angeles is referred to as the ‘City of Angels’ then it has nothing on London in comparison where there is real homage given to angels, fallen ones at that. These 2 angels will be highlighted in the individual numbered charts below that will attempt to map out the city of London’s luciferian labyrinths.

What is most prominent about these geometric configurations in London that are associated with the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich is that for one, they are ‘hidden in plain sight’. Two, they have variant degrees of the Fibonacci ratios incorporated into the angles and degrees. And three, they clearly correspond to astronomical alignments, most notably with the constellation LEO as Regulus is aligned directly to the 2 most important Royal Residences of the British Monarchy, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace. This will be the case with the October 14, 2013 alignment with comet ISON and Mars.

The following 8 charts will approximate the hidden configurations to show the various luciferian symbols of London’s city street grids. Each chart depiction will be explained as to its esoteric and luciferian meaning for context. These are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg as there are multiple layers and angles, pentagrams, hexagrams yet unobserved and could not all be placed within one frame of the illustrated chart.

Stars, angels and pyramids are not sacred or evil or hold any occultic or esoteric meaning in themselves. But when such are depicted and incorporated with serpents, dragons, horned owls, all-seeing eye, dark towers, then these ley-lines and configurations become tools and mediums of the religion of lucifer and his fallen demon angels. They are utilized to exploit and harness its demonic powers to further their plan and purpose on Earth.

The following charts will attempt to interpret and illustrate such hidden layouts based on the lay-lines of London’s luciferian labyrinths. There are 8 charts in particular. The online link to these series of charts is at the top of this article ‘LeyLines’.

1. Atlas Shrugged: Pyramid upheld by Atlas depicting 2016 as the year the ‘temple’ & coming Prince
2. The Banksters: The configuration of a winged owl and menorah aligned to a 33rd degree heading
3. The Money Changers: The layout of the 3 most prominent building/towers that produce a hexagram
4. The Shopping Mall: The incorporation of the Great Pyramid of Giza layout to Buckingham Palace
5. The Horned Owl: The god of old, Molech encompassing Kensington Palace and Tower of Sauron
6. The Pentagram Portal: A multidimensional gateway to the city guarded by monuments to angels
7. The Dark Tower: The Tower of Sauron depicting the abode of darkness that reaches Kensington
8. Centers of Power: A comparison of how London along with Washington DC’s grids are identical

Chart 1) Atlas Shrugged 2016
From an aerial view and unapparent to the eye, the Royal Observatory grounds in Greenwich depict a 1776 foot pyramid lifted up by an anthropomorphic man, ATLAS that is in phi ratio proportions. The Anthropomorphic Man Atlas supporting the pyramid as the ‘Earth’ depicts the struggle of lucifer against YHWH for the world much like Hitler’s struggle was conveyed in his book, Mein Kampf. This Atlas is the god of this world, lucifer that aids this quest or struggle through the Royal Bloodlines of the world –among many others. It is such people and those in secret societies and banks that are given all the power in the world to accomplish this ‘Great Work’ be it through, economic, religious, and military or any means possible.

In mythology, Atlas was a Titan god. Titans were believed to be the descendents of the first gods of old born out of Chaos as in ‘order out of chaos’ or a rebellion against the gods themselves. ‘Atlas was condemned by Zeus to bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders for the role he played in the Battle of the Titans against Zeus.’ This echoes the luciferian rebellion as depicted in the Bible in which YHWH condemned some fallen angles to Tartarus that ‘left their first estate’ and caused chaos by inter-breeding with human women as Genesis 6 portrays.

The Royal Observatory pyramid reflects the one-and-the-same model and principle that the Masons in several of their signets and seals use for example to convey their hidden world and religious agenda with. Their 1776 pyramid has 13 levels in the main design and the 4 sided pyramid, which disguises the factor or pi. How? There are 13 steps and 4 sides to the pyramid within a circle, thus a 3.14 pi code for example. Within this circle and pyramid, there can be configured a pentagram as well.

The pentagram or five pointed star of all the symmetric geometric shapes known, best represents the principles of the phi ratio. The Fibonacci ratio –as it is called due to the name of its discoverer, is basically derived from the square root of the number 5. When using a compass to draw a circle, the 5 points will be spaced at exactly 72 degrees apart with the first point being at the top or pinnacle. You can then connect the points at 144 degree intervals with straight lines. This is just to show how such numerical factors and geometry play a vital part in these ley-lines that are tagged to celestial alignments and how such numbers as 72, 144, 33 are sacred numerical codes that are even found in the Bible.

>From the Royal Observatory itself, which is where the PRIME MERIDIAN runs through, to the base of this geometric pyramid is 1776 feet. There are also 2 headings of 33 degrees that proceed from this ‘sacred’ area. The first is from the pyramid angle of 33 degrees that lines-up to the Bank of England. The second is to the 33 degree heading from due West that is straight in line to the Royal Residences of Buckingham and Kensington Palaces. This is this line and angle to which the alignment of comet ISON, Mars conjoin Regulus on the horizon on October 14, 2013 in line with the Royal Palaces.


Thus this ‘1776 pyramid’ serves as a ‘time marker’ that is identical to the masonic truncated pyramid seal of the USA and other secret luciferian entities that use it to denote when Atlas or lucifer’s and his minions will complete the ‘Great Work’. This work or pyramid is basically the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem for lucifer to reside in on Earth. To this end, those behind the facade of elected & represented forms of government are like the Masons –among others that are really the ones in control the Royal Houses of all the nations. Their struggle is to prepare the world for their coming Prince or King that will rule their New World Order that is about to be birthed, perhaps in 2016 as their ley-line and pyramids suggest. This is exactly what the sacred geometric pyramid depicts, upheld by ATLAS with the Eye of lucifer or Sauron.

Is 2016 then when their pyramid or ‘Tower of Babylon’ will be completed, uninterrupted by YHWH this time? Will 2016 see such a manifestation or debut of his earthly ‘Anointed Prince’ that will sit in this ‘temple’ or pyramid or his forerunner? Will it be from the Royal House of England that perhaps comet ISON is a sign to this affect? If what these ley-lines, geometric angles and astronomical alignments suggest, then possibly yes.

Chart 2) The Jewish Vatican
The next illustrated chart deals with the Bank of England that is dead center geographically at the heart of the City of London. Contrary to what most believe about London, this 677 acre piece of land is not part of England. It is technically a sovereign state, much like the Vatican within Rome or Washington DC within Maryland in the USA.

This ‘corporation’ is not subject to the Queen nor Parliament. In fact, the Queen has to ask permission to enter the city and has to bow to the LORD Mayer upon arrival. It is the wealthiest peace of real-estate in the world as the world’s banking monopolies are headquartered here. The Bank of England like the Federal Reserve of the USA is privately owned and controls the major newspaper and publishing houses that control the media of their respective countries.

As far as the luciferian ley-lines go, the Bank of England’s building has a 33rd degree heading that lines-up with the 1776’ pyramid and Atlas configuration of the Royal Observatory. If you look at a British 20 Pound note, the Banks’ façade is crowned with phallic and pentagram symbology. The 2 main streets that go out from the Bank of England lead to Buckingham and Kensington Palace. Thus the configurations strongly allude to a connection between the Bank of England and the Royals as the ley-lines of the Bank of England configure a horned owl.

This horned owl is depicted with out-stretched wings that encompass the entire breath of the city limits. One wing is pointing up, the other down as in the ‘as above, so below’ motto of the luciferians. What is unique and particular is that the out-stretched horned owl has the very building of the Bank of England as its fulcrum. The fulcrum of this horned owl, in turn, depicts a menorah pattern looking northward from an aerial view. The owl is a feminine version of the ancient god Molech. This ancient and modern god requires child and human sacrifices as the Israelites did in the Old Testament against the explicit directive of YHWH to not do.

The owl configuration also has some pentagrams and a hexagram within its confines. It is well established that a pentagram and hexagram are used of luciferian and satanic groups to invoke demonic assistance and blessing upon the request of a child and/or human sacrifice. Most often, such satanic rituals are accompanied by sexual ritual abuse of innocent children. The Gherkin tower depicts such a phallus symbol to which luciferian energies are also derived from.

Chart 3) The Money Changers
In this illustrated chart, the aerial view is the same as of the Bank of England chart. There are just too many configurations to put all in 1 chart for illustration. This chart will mainly focus on the fact that the recent addition of the Shard pyramid at the Tower of London station completes a hexagram. This is accomplished in that the 3 main skyscrapers in this area. It is made up of Tower 42, the Gherkin, and the Shard Pyramid.

When linked together by a line, the form a triangle that is exactly in the same proportion of the design of the Shard Pyramid. By superimposing this depiction on to the Shard Pyramid, you end up with another ‘as above, so below’ hexagram. The hexagram encompassing the financial district’s center itself is also at a 33rd degree angle to the Shard pyramid.

What is spectacular about the Shard pyramid is that it is an elongated Great Pyramid of Giza. It shines like the polished slabs that were on the Great Pyramid that could be seen as a beacon of light for miles around. At the very top of the Shard pyramid, it is not complete or enclosed. There is an opening or gap that is reminiscent of Tolkien’s Dark Tower of Sauron.

It was this tower that had the ‘all-seeing’ eye of Sauron perched in-between an opening or gap as this Shard pyramid has. During celebrations or certain events, laser beams are shot from this tower and eerily depict the beam of rays the Eye of Sauron would shoot out to terrorize its slaves below; much like today no?

Chart 4) The Shopping Mall
This areal view of Buckingham Palace also illustrates some unique features to London’s ley-line configurations. For one, the palace perimeter itself is in a pyramid outline that has the exact dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The angles are in direct line, 33rd degree from due West. When superimposing the Great Pyramid’s inner chambers of the King and Queen onto the palace, you get the ley-lines that lead to the ‘Eye of London’ and to Soho Park.

These pyramids and angles have a function of the phi ratio as well. It is very interesting to also note that mathematically the whole British system of measurement is based on the Great Pyramid’s base dimension of measurement when divided into 1.62 increments.

At the apex of this Palace pyramid is the monument to Queen Victoria. But the monument is crowned by an angel looking down the stretch of boulevard called ‘The Mall’ heading eastwards. The pyramid and Mall also comprise a gigantic square and compass that has the Eye of London and Soho Park as its corners. In the midst of this triangle or pyramid is Trafalgar Square that has 6 street venues and thus configures a hexagram as well. At the center of this hexagram is the Column of Nelson that mirrors the Washington Monument that is aligned likewise with ‘The Mall’ and pyramid layouts.

At the base of the Buckingham Palace pyramid, the left corner as one is looking toward the eastern horizon is another angel memorial, the Wellington’s Arch that is the ancient gateway or door – portal to the city of London. It is reminiscent of the story of Genesis in that once the first married couple was expelled from Eden, YHWH station angelic sentinels or cherubs at the gate to Eden. Perhaps these angles are doing just that, but not just in the natural world that can be seen.

Chart 5) The Horned Owl Molech
This illustrated chart of the city ley-lines centers around Kensington Palace itself. Looking from an aerial view toward the setting of the sun, the palace is laid out in an out-stretched horned owl configuration. The very façade of the palace architecturally hints at an ‘owl’ face with right and left wings of the palace when looking from the southern point of view.

The configuration shows that the pond in front of the palace to the East, depicts the ‘Eye of Sauron’ which is at the apex of the ‘Dark Tower’. This ‘eye’ symbolically represents the eye of lucifer that is ever vigilant of those of his subjects in the Palace -as it were. The wings of the horned owl also serve as a stealth pentagram supported by the Serpentine Lake in the middle of Hyde Park.

The horned owl is the feminine version of the god Molech as it could both be depicted as an owl or a bull. These 2 attributes reflect the hermaphrodite characteristics of Baphomet or lucifer as he is very beautiful but often transforms himself as an ‘angel of light’ and manifests himself around the world, clothed as a women behind ‘Virgin’ apparitions. The bull was more in line with wealth or the making of it as in the Stock Market set up.

How it was associated with the murder of babies is that children cost money and lowers one’s standard of living in general. Thus, giving them up as a religious vow or ‘sacrifice’ masks the guilt of having to abort them as over 60 million have been aborted alone in the USA since the early 70s. In the USA, abortion has become the number one form of birth control and has enabled women and households to maintain their ‘standard of living’ and ‘life-styles’.

Molech has a very ancient beginning -all the way to the Sumerian Annunaki or fallen ones, of Pazuzu that fell from the stars of Heaven and became the fallen angels and ‘gods’ of ancient Earth. They required human and child sacrifices in exchange for secret knowledge and interbred with humans to corrupt the pure genetic creation of mankind of YHWH to produce hybrid humans instead. (Genesis 6) Of note, it was at this residence of Kensington Palace that Lady Di lived and later was killed or as some believe, was murdered in a sacrificial rite in the Place of the Souls in Paris.

Chart 6) Demonic Portals
This illustrated chart shows that at the gate, door or portal of Hyde Park, there is a memorial to Wellington –an Angel of Victory. It is descending down on a Quadriga of Victory or chariot that is acting as the sentinel for the gate or is the gate-keeper. At the entrance to this gate, there are at least 6 pentagrams adjacent to the Serpentine Lake that interlink with each other. It is this very angel on a chariot at the gate that perhaps is the keeper that locks and unlocks this demonic 3-deminsional portal of pentagrams.

This is reminiscent of how in 2 Kings 6:17, angels in chariots contested the gates of ancient cities on behalf of God’s Prophet Elisha. Can it be no different now with what lucifer can do for his false prophets in like manner of a given city they are protecting? Thus this angelic gate-keeper & memorial can be spiritually ascribed to the ruler of the pentagram, lucifer the fallen angel that is the dragon of old, satan according to the Bible.

Such lines and pentagrams are well known mediums that luciferians use to conjure up their demonic entities to Earth. These superimposed pentagrams form a gate; a large demonic 3 dimensional gate or pentagram portal if you will. This portal or gate is a summonsing ground on a monumental scale befitting of a Royal city like London. Such luciferian money-changers have at their disposal the fallen angels that invoke the closing and opening of such spiritual door-ways for access and influence in the spiritual realm of the Principalities and Powers in heavenly places.

Of note, one particular pentagram within this configuration has an upside down Christian cross. This is clearly in reference to the disdain of luciferian/satanists that are in mortal struggle against the LORD Jesus Christ and His Holy Church while on Earth. They seek to curse and curve the Holy Spirit’s influence over their demonic dominions in such a city as London and with such Royals of England. Such satanic symbol marks their territory and gate configurations by placing a physical geometric amulet to curse and dispel the power of the cross of Christ.

This is done by invoking the powers of opposites as in the up-side-down cross on one of the pentagrams. This follows the same ancient practice of putting a signet or amulet on the doorway or gate of homes to ward off what they did not want coming in. Ironically luciferians use the veneer of ‘christianity’ as a false façade to mask their ‘Great Work’. This is in fact the prescription given by Manly P. Hall himself to use a Christian façade against Christianity.

Chart 7) The Dark Tower
This illustrated chart is comprehensive and centers on the whole area encompassing Buckingham Palace, Hype Park, Kensington Palace and Regents Park. This perspective is from an aerial view looking towards the west. What you have is a gigantic Compass and Square formed by its respectable corners and angles that correspond to certain locations in London. The most prominent occultic feature of this depiction is that the entire ‘Dark Tower’ of Sauron can be configured. From this perspective, one can see how several areas of the city are interlinked to each other in a web of these luciferian labyrinths.

Sauron was Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings evil lord, the Necromancer that was also the chief lieutenant of the first Dark Lord, Morgoth. Tolkien noted that they were angelic powers from the Satanic rebellion. Molech means ’king’ and it has several renditions, mainly a bull but was also an owl depicting the female and male attributes of this fallen lord. In certain literature he is the chief among satan’s fallen angels.

Chart 8) Centers of Power
What this illustrated chart reveals is that such sacred geometry, that has been designed throughout the City of London proper, mirrors what is also configured in such other prominent capitals that rule the world like Washington D.C. and the Vatican. These 3 capitals, in particular combined, rule the Earth’s financial, religious and military apparatuses that have been & are currently being utilized to subjugate the masses of the world in preparation for the ultimate enslavement to their ‘New World Order’ and its dark lord, lucifer that is to come.

As these are the current ‘World Order’ capitals that rule the present World Order, the New World Order will demand their sacrifice and/or implosion to make way for the Capital of this coming luciferian NWO. This is taken from the very tenants of their luciferian ‘Phoenix Doctrine’. It is a protocol of having to bring the world to a point of chaos to then destroy it and bring about a risen new order from the ashes of the old one. The Bible does prophecy that the ‘Coastlands’ will not be spared in Ezekiel 48-49 and that Babylon, the religious version of the city that sits on 7 hills will at some point also burn with fire. Does this mean that their will be a ‘false flag’ attack on DC or perhaps a nuclear detonation on the US Capital? It does seem highly probable.

So we have here several monuments venerating angels that guard the gates to this city and its Royals. But what type of angels are they? Good or evil? This study and illustrations has attempted to show that the ley-lines are but a stamp, a signature of who the angelic hosts really represent and who the author of their power and authority really is. Clearly, it is coming from the luciferian themed symbology that according to the Bible, is at the core of all the evil, war, murder, theft and suffering in the world. Their aim is world domination and a take-over of Heaven itself.

The ‘Anointing’ of a Coming Prince?
This study has postulated that maybe comet ISON and its alignment on October 14, 2013 is signaling that somehow a Prince will be designated to commence a particular task and/or function that will be very essential in the over all scheme of the luciferian agenda to bring about the ‘Prince’ or ‘King’ to rule their New World Order. Based on the Royal Observatory configuration of the 1776 Pyramid with Atlas at the Prime Meridian, the year the New World Order and King is to debut and commence his reign in 2016.

The year 2016 would correspond to the ‘Year of Light’ 5776 in the Jewish calendar that many are speculating will be the time when the 3rd Temple will have been completed, dedicated and sacrifices commenced. And perhaps with this world charismatic leader will come on scene to pick up the pieces of the Old Order destroyed by WW3, the Rapture, the collapse of the world economy to forge a cashless society, new economy and new political world governance. No?

With such an intriguing backdrop of speculation, the charts accompanying this study have attempted to show some amazing configurations throughout London’s grid that involve sacred geometric ley-lines and clearly depict the age old luciferian religion and end-game plan through its well-known but hidden symbology of their ‘Great Work’. The Great Work is to complete lucifer his golden temple on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem from where he is to rule the world in the New World Order.

The prophecy of Daniel in the Bible did prophecy a ‘coming Prince’. During the siege of Jerusalem that led up to the destruction and exile of GOD’s Israelite people in AD 70, it was the Prince of Rome, Titus that come up to the ‘Beautiful Land’ for such a purpose. Will history likewise repeat itself and thus a ‘Prince’ is to come up again to the ‘Beautiful Land’, Israel in the Last Days to conquer as in ‘William the Conqueror’ and completely fulfill the remaining portions of the Week of Weeks prophecy of the Prophet Daniel?

Is comet ISON then a sign that a King will be designated in some sort of way? Or a Prince that shall come in a light of splendor like comet ISON is purported to be the brightest among known comets to date? Or will this comet alignment and conjunction be related somehow to the forerunner to the ‘Chosen One’? Will this conjunction and alignment of comet ISON serve as a ‘blessing’ or a ‘cure’ for the One that will attempt to unify and rule the world? Has the Royal Bloodlines of certain nations been nurtured for this very stage in humanity’s history? If based solely on these geometric configurations of London’s grid and the alignment to comet ISON in particular with Regulus the King Star to the British Royal Residencies, then it appears to be so.

Some Sources
Goodge Earth

Nando end

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Nando end

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