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April 20, 2015 The message of the cows with Jonathan Cahn and my confirmation of the message

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The following link to a video of Jonathan Cahn and the two cows born with a number seven in their heads is great.

At this instant in my writing I received a call and the person calling, at one point in the conversation casually tells me that a person close to their family had died yesterday of Mad Cow disease.

Is this not tying it all together in a confirmation?

So based on the rarity of this and the timing I have to conclude that this was Jesus confirming the message of the video below.


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April 17, 2015 Dereck Gilbert and Tom Horn discuss ISIS and the Pope

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The subject of this interview is very relevant to the times we are now and give a different perspective to the prophecies of the book of Revelation.

Very interesting details are shared about the Apocalyptic believes of the Shia and the Sunni sects of Islam. The Mahdi that is to come and the Caliphate that will dominate the world at the end of times is discussed and explained.


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April 16, 2015 The Pre-Tribulation Rapture History by Pastor Bob

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Pastor Bob I want to thank you for the many series you have posted that have been very educational and inspiring to all.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture has been my believe ever since I started to study prophecy on my own. My path started in the 70’s when I read the late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay and I started to read the Bible a lot specially concerning the prophecies. One of the books I got my hands on is Things to Come by J. Dwight Pentecost. This book is great to learn the basics in prophecy and I am grateful to Jesus to point it my way.

Pastor Bob (29 Mar 2015)
“”Pre-Tribulation Truth””


April 15, 2015 The importance of Zion for Jesus Christ

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Zola Levitt ministries has endure the death of Zola and continue to produce excellent videos shot in location. They explain the link to the Jewish roots of Christianity and in this series the importance of mount Zion as the seat, throne, of the coming King of the world Jesus Christ.

Myles and Katharine Weiss are the host of the nine programs in this series titled Zion Forever.


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Written by twelvebooks

April 15, 2015 at 10:23 am

April 13, 2015 Russia ready to sell S300 defensive missiles to Iran

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It was bound to happen eventually as the USA and Russia are confronting each other more and more that the news below would become a reality.

The truth of the matter is that the threshold for Israel to act against Iran’s nuclear installations is becoming shorter and shorter.

It looks also that the nuclear deal whether it is true or not has already served its intended purpose of giving Iran enough time to obtain the bombs they want in their hidden not inspected facilities.

Pray for Israel and for those in the USA that are not part of this diabolical plan to rule the world.


Putin’s Missile Could Make U.S. Attacks on Iran Nearly Impossible

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April 13. 2015 Satan’s drive to destroy Israel and the jews

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It is difficult for the Jews and the rest of the world to understand the continuous persecution that the Jews and Israel have suffered through millennia.

No other group of people or nation has been the recipient of hate, persecution and attempts at genocide as the Jews. This can not be explained in physical terms because it originates in the dark spiritual realm of Satan and its demons.

The root of the problem is the rebellion of Satan against God and the promise of God to Abraham of a kingdom. Jesus will sit in the throne at Jerusalem to rule the earth through the Jewish nation and His Christian saints.

In the Levitt Letter magazine Th.D Tom McCall on page 8 has an article titled Why Satan Believes He Must Destroy Israel that explains in depth the spiritual battle going on at the present time.


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Written by twelvebooks

April 13, 2015 at 4:36 pm

April 13, 2015 The Iran Nuclear deal of April 1 (Nissan 13) on anniversary of edict to kill all Jews at the time of queen Ester

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The nuclear deal was supposed to be finalized on March 31, 2015, but it was extended for another day with the excuse that negotiations needed more time to work out the details.

Was this the main reason or is Obama doing the job of Haman in the times of queen Ester?




    When President Obama announced a “framework” nuclear agreement with Iran – which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns threatens the very existence of his nation – few noticed the significance of the date.On the Jewish calendar this year, April 1 coincided with Nisan 13, the date in history when a Persian king signed an agreement calling for the destruction of the Jews.

    “King Obama has issued his decree putting the Jewish nation at risk of annihilation on the very same day that King Ahasuerus’ scribes came together and issued their statement to the rulers of every people of every province according to the writing thereof, and to every people after their language and sent letters by posts into all the king’s provinces, to destroy, to kill, and to cause to perish, all Jews, both young and old, little children and women, in one day.”

    The ominous historical reference comes from Mark Biltz, pastor of El-Shaddai Ministries in Bonney Lake, Washington, and author of “The Feasts of the Lord,” “Blood Moons” and “Studies in our Hebrew Roots.”

    The Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran have been shrouded in secrecy for months, and even now, only the broad outline of a proposed agreement has been disclosed. At one point the administration suggested there was not even a written agreement in place but rather a “gentlemen’s agreement.”

    Already, another development in the attempt to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons has fallen on a significant date in Jewish history.

    On the eve of the Purim holiday, March 3, Netanyahu addressed a rare joint session of Congress to discuss the Iran deal, warning it could lead to the destruction of Israel.

    He told Congress that in just a short time the Jewish people would begin the celebration of a holiday established while they were in captivity to a Persian king.

    “We’re an ancient people. In our nearly 4,000 years of history, many have tried repeatedly to destroy the Jewish people. Tomorrow night, on the Jewish holiday of Purim, we’ll read the Book of Esther,” Netanyahu told Congress. “We’ll read of a powerful Persian viceroy named Haman, who plotted to destroy the Jewish people some 2,500 years ago. But a courageous Jewish woman, Queen Esther, exposed the plot and gave for the Jewish people the right to defend themselves against their enemies.”

    After Netanyahu’s speech, the Obama administration strongly rebuked the prime minister and concerned Congress members, insisting that a deal would take place by March 31.

    At the last minute, the administration announced the deadline would be postponed for a day. On April 2, President Obama announced in a ceremony from the Rose Garden that a tentative deal had been reached the day before, Nisan 13.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

    The book of Esther declares, in Esther 3:12, 13, that on Nisan 13 the Persian king Ahasuerus was tricked by a viceroy by the name of Haman into signing an agreement to destroy all the Jews in the land at a future date.


    Joel Richardson, author of “End Times Eyewitness,” “When a Jew Rules the World,” “The Islamic AntiChrist,” “Mideast Beast” and more, said it might be a message from God.

    “The God of Heaven and Earth frequently orchestrates world events in such a way as to demonstrate His perspective,” Richardson explained. “Those who are quick to brush aside the correspondence of profound global events, particularly as they affect the state of Israel, with important biblical dates often miss what may very well be purposeful thunderclaps from heaven.

    “It is the cynic that dismisses the possibility of a divine hint as mere coincidence. I think we need to be looking at this very seriously and asking ourselves what it is indicating.”

    Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger,” the inspiration behind “The Isaiah 9:30 Judgment,” and the creator of “The Mystery of the Leper King,” “The Hanukkah Endtime Mystery” and more, told WND that while the conflict between Iran and Israel is not new, it is noteworthy that America has chosen to intervene at this time and appears to be on the side of the Iranians.

    “It’s an ancient war that begins when the Hebrews emerge out of Egypt and are attacked by the armies of Amalek,” Cahn said. “The war has continued down through the centuries through the Book of Esther and Haman and, amazingly, into modern times, even right now.

    “Again we find the existence of the Jewish people is in jeopardy, and there are forces plotting their destruction. Again, the powers that be seem oblivious to the existential danger. And, amazingly, again, it all focuses on the land of Haman, Persia, and Iran. Only this time, America is involved and, unfortunately, it appears as if our government is placing Israel in danger.”

    Franklin Graham, president of both the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Samaritan’s Purse relief organization, confirmed as much.

    In a Facebook posting, he said: “In an interview with the New York Times, President Barack Obama said he is committed to seeing that Israel maintains a military edge over Iran. With the possibility of nuclear weapons at stake, there’s a lot more to this than a military edge. Iran does not recognize the right of Israel to exist. In previous speeches their mullahs have said they would burn Tel Aviv. One nuclear weapon can wipe out this city of 400,000+ people. It’s not about maintaining a military edge, Mr. President; it’s about keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of people who have said they would use them.”

    Graham noted Iran already has its soldiers in southern Lebanon serving with Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border and in Syria on Israel’s northeastern border.

    “Iran already has its soldiers serving with the Iraqi army and now has controlling influence in much of the Iraqi government. Mr. President, the Iranian government is in many ways as brutal as ISIS and to give them an opportunity to possibly produce nuclear weapons would be devastating, not only to Israel, but to the Iranian people who would suffer their own nuclear holocaust when Israel would be forced to retaliate in their own defense. I pray that you will listen to Israel on this issue.”


    christian_israelCritics contend Obama’s deal only delays Iran from getting the bomb.

    Nevertheless, Netanyahu told Congress that despite the agreement to destroy Israel in Esther’s time, the “plot was foiled.”

    “Our people were saved,” he said.

    Cahn had similar sentiments.

    “We must remember, that the war is an ancient one, and God has sworn to be involved. As in the Book of Esther, when it looks as if there’s no deliverance for the Jewish people, the hand of God begins to move.”

    Blitz told WND that the outcome may already be written down.

    “History repeats itself, so may we keep the nation of Israel in our prayers!”

    The Bible records Haman was hanged on the very scaffold he had prepared for Mordecai, a Jew, and the king dispatched a letter exposing Haman’s plot, instructing Jews to defend themselves.

    The result, the site explains, is that 75,000 enemies of the Jews were slain.


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