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June 30, 2008


Saturday at 8 PM we went to the movies to see Mongol a rendition of the live of Genhis Khan whose military victories stopped in Italy just at the entrance of Rome.

Early in the morning I had been reading the article of John Tng (21 Apr 2008) The Year of the rapture and the Greek gematria of the name of Jesus which is 888. I read over it but did not study it, and its meaning of these concepts is new to me.

After the movie about 10.30 PM we were driving home and shortly after we left the theater there is a car license plate in front of mine with the # V88 8ER. I told my wife look at this plate it is the number of Jesus and the first letter is V, the first initial of my last name. She answered: Now you say another # for Jesus and not the 777 or the 77 which you always mention. I explained to her what I have read that morning and printed it out of my computer. I do not think she read it.

Sunday, at 7 PM we decided to visit my mother who had been sick. We stopped to get yogurt for her to replenish her flora killed by heavy antibiotics she is taking. I park in the only space beside the entrance and the car to my side had the license U77 0ER. I wrote it down and told my wife. A few minutes after another car in front of us had license platesV17 7RR. Again I showed my wife and asked her what she thought. After the visit we decided to go eat dinner. One block before the restaurant on the lane to the left of our car was the left turn lane, in this lane there were three cars with the license plates with the number 88 on it. AZU 88_, 488 ___, T88 ___. After dinner one block from home there is another car parked with the plates T88 ___. I saw a total of four 88 in a relative short trip.

This morning I read the letter from pastor Riley about the 888 and his believe that the rapture can occur on the month of August. I firmly believe this to be the case. If you read the beginning of this blog you will see how it happened. I believe that Pentecost can be after 50 days from the seven weeks as stated by Cindy Bush on her letter published June 21 on

I sure hope this is the case and awaiting His coming at the Rapture as always

Yours in Jesus Christ



Tonight, my son looked for the movie Mongol and found that it was rated by critics 88%. Again, the 88.

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June 30, 2008 at 2:24 pm



On Friday April 18, 2008 the sleepers in the Midwest were awakened by a 5.2 magnitude earthquake that rattled skyscrapers in Chicago and homes in Cincinnati. The quake just centered six miles from West Salem, Ill., and 15 miles of Mount Carmel. The news was an eye opening event for me. Salem was the old name of Jerusalem and its king was Melkizedek. Mt. Carmel I knew was in Israel, but I did not know the exact location of it. I went to my Atlas of the Bible by John Rogerson and opened the Atlas; the page it opened at random was titled Bethel, Samaria, Carmel and Jezreel (pages 146 & 147). Mt Carmel borders the valley of Jezreel has the plain of Megiddo. I thought from the beginning it was a warning, but after the map I was sure. On the date of this letter we have seen big floods on the mid west and great tornados. Beware for more is coming and probably very fast.

Of all the places for the epicenter to fall, its location cannot be coincidence and it must be a warning. I wonder how many people were made aware of it when it happened ?


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June 28, 2008 at 5:32 pm

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Letter 8 What happened today and discussions


Today early in the morning I went to the grocery store a few blocks away. It was 8.15 AM and the lot had few cars. I parked close to the entrance door with 2 cars to my left and 2 cars to my right. When I left about 20 minutes latter the car to my left was a different one and the license plate was 377 JGF

The 3 can be the Holy Trinity or something else, maybe you visitors to the site can give your own meaning or suggest a different interpretation.

The next two #’s 77 is the number Jesus shows me most of the time that I go out. If you go to the beginning of the site you can read more about it. This has been going on for more than 20 years. Today I looked at my past years calendars to see when I started writing the #’s in the calendars and it appears I did it since 2002.

The next letter J I will say is Jesus.

The next letter G I will say is God

The last letter F is the first letter of my first name.

I must have seen 13 licenses in the short trip so the probabilities that it is not intentional but by chance is close to this:

3 7 7 J G F

(1/10) x (1/10) x (1/10) x (1/24) x (1/24) x (1/24) x 13 or

13 / 13,824,000 = 1 / 1,063,385

To many of you readers this may seem absurd and difficult to swallow and I will encourage you to be skeptical. To me it is difficult to understand and more than that it is difficult to know the why?

Sunday on father’s day I was given a gift of three books. One of these books is The Language of God by Francis S. Collins. In chapter two he has a subchapter titled How Can a Rational Person Believe in Miracles? His exposition is excellent and I will not quote the whole chapter but I recommend you the reader of this letter to read the book and I will quote the following from page 51:

“All of this simply goes to say that a discussion about the miraculous quickly devolves to an argument about whether or not one is willing to consider any possibility whatsoever of the supernatural. I believe that possibility exists, but….”

“Whatever the personal view, it is crucial that a healthy skepticism be applied when interpreting potentially miraculous events, lest the integrity and rationality of the religious perspective be brought into question. The only thing that will kill the possibility of miracles more quickly than a committed materialism is the claiming of miracle status for everyday events for which natural explanations are readily at hand.”

I believe that as we get close to the time of the tribulation God is going to manifest Himself in a more visible and tangible way into the conciousness of all human beings. The rapture itself will be a very forcefull statement from our Creator and Saviour that everything will not continue with the status quo. You will have full knowledge of His existence and Lordship and those who reject Him will do it in an open rebellion. No longer will 2 Peter ch:3-3,4 be true because everyone shall be aware of the supernatural and of Him who is our Lord and Savior.

Finally I want to say that there is another excellent book by a nuclear physicist and professor of MIT called Dr. Gerald Schroeder with Zola Levitt and the book is Genesis One. It explains the creation in very interesting physical terms.

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June 18, 2008 at 2:39 am

Rapture Testimony

The following testimony was sent to me by a very good friend of mine who has close contacts with the one who published the testimony below Mr. Jim Bramlett.

I have read from opinions listed in the site that many believe the day of Pentecost is Sunday June 15 in 2008. If it is it may be in agreement with the closeness of the rapture date given in the testimony below.

I changed the original letter sent to me and placed the posting from Jim of today 6/13/08 in

This morning about 9.10 AM I was parked in front of a bagel shop while my wife bought the bagels and a car stands beside mine with the license plate 999 JVG if you look at the first letter it refers to the nines. This is another warning. J = Jesus, V = first letter of my last name, G = God.

A close member of my family called me yesterday and told me that the day before she had seen 3 license plates with the # 77 and a 5 also. Yesterday she also saw 2 with 77 and one 077, one of the 77”s had an ending _77 OYE which in Spanish means hear. IShe had just seen this letter of the testimony.


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June 14, 2008 at 3:58 pm

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Communication with God

This letter will follow a different path than the first four. First I will explain in plain terms to those of you readers which do not know about or have heard of the events that are mentioned or linked here. The letters are a warning and they are about love, hope, knowledge, communication and for sure about the future. They are not about the writer, his ego, delusions, imaginings or self aggrandizement.

They are first of all a message from your Creator as the writer sees it. They are facts which have been witnessed by several of my family and many people apart from them.

First let us talk about their meaning. They imply to me that God who has been relatively silent in the affairs of men is about to shock the world into knowing and acknowledging Him for whom He is or forever perish by denying Him.

Jesus Christ is about to take all of His church from the earth so that their presence will no longer deter evil or all the manifestations of it. He will protect His people by taking them to the clouds. Before He takes the living He would have resurrected the dead in Christ into eternal live and will be in the clouds waiting for the rest of us.

After this event takes place a period of time called the tribulation which is 7 years of duration will accost the earth with a vengeance.

In this time an evil man will be indwelled by a fallen spirit called Satan and will control the world and every one in it. During this time those who come to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior will save their souls but loose their lives temporarily. At the end of these seven years Jesus returns to earth to vanquish His enemies and start a kingdom of a thousand years. All these events are listed in the bible and if you the reader do not have one get it fast and start reading.

In the first letters I have mentioned how Jesus has communicated with me thru numbers and events thru the years and I am sure that many of you readers have had a prayer answered or an event happening that shows you that He listens and responds to seeking hearts. He responds with love, care, compassion and many other ways. For those who have never heard of Him He is willing to have
an intimate relationship with you as a father to a son or daughter.

Long ago the two first humans created had a daily conversation with the Creator of the entire Universe. After them He has spoken directly to other humans like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, the prophets and many others in the Old Testament. Then He came to earth as Jesus Christ and He walked with men until His death. Afterwards by His own power He resurrected and appeared too many disciples, the last one being John which wrote the Book of Revelation. Most of the people He talked too were not expecting His Word and were surprised and astonished when it happened. I too am very surprised that what has happened to me and now happens to members of my family is a very effective way of communication with our God and Creator.

Now for the facts that occurred yesterday. At six in the afternoon I left my house to go to Office Depot. The first moving car that I see was about three blocks from home and his license plate at the front end of the car was MS777. At the store when I was leaving a car had the plates GXB8699, and on my return in a neighbors house two houses away there are two SUV , the first has a license 968 KTN the second X66 3EK. The probabilities for the 777 to be the first car I see are 1/1000 and this message from Jesus sets the tone for the trip. Alert message is coming. The G is God, the 8 is the day the 6 is the month the 99 is the end. The 968 KTN have the same #’s but the last one has 66 which is the last book of the Bible the book of Revelation.

Last night we saw a very good movie called Starting Out in the Evening. This movie is about a writer at the end of his live that hasn’t finished a novel he started 10 years ago and at the urgings of a female college student he sits to finish. The analogy is not lost and it is 6.30 AM and these words are flowing into my keyboard with great urgency because the time is at hand.

I hope to increase your faith by the testimony I have been giving and in the hope of doing this even more I am taking you on a journey to the beginning of it all. It was the month of October on a Sunday afternoon of the year 1977 days after daylight saving time for the fall. The sun was setting at 6 PM and I sat in my living room to read a book I had bought a year before. This book La Biblia de Jerusalem in Spanish was my first one bought. The afternoon was beautiful and I decided to open the front door of my apartment which was in the ground floor and the parking lot was five feet away. I sat down to read the Bible and pray and the sun started to appear full size at the door and irradiating the living room with light. At that moment a white dove came flying into the apartment and landed at the mat of the door, no more than seven feet away. This was the moment that transformed my life. The dove stood there not moving and I not moving looking at each other like two gunslingers in a western movie, not knowing who was going to flinch first. God why have you done this to me and what am I to do. I know that the Holy Spirit has been represented by a white dove and whether it was Him or a manifestation of Him a clear message was being sent. The dove stood there for the better part of three long minutes and not holding the anxiety any longer I stood to go to the kitchen to get a piece of bread to give the dove. A few seconds latter I looked back to the door and it was gone. Went out and did not see it fly away.

I sat down and meditated about what had just happened. I knew that I had been given a very important gift of faith and that the Lord wanted to emphasize the importance of prayer and reading the Word in the Bible. I made a commitment to do this for the rest of my life and so I have done.

If you think this story is ending that there is no more to come and that this is the climax of the events that is not so.

We keep going back a few years to 1974 and 75. At that time I used to paint in oil and The Lord was already working in my mind to prepare me for the events that were to follow.

The painting whose photo you see here was done in 1974 and if you look closely you will see a man reading a book in front of a sofa and there is a bird in the opened window with his face on it. There is also a fish in the tank that also has his face. And a painting of a woman which I used a picture of an actress as if this was the woman in his life. I called the painting awareness. The man becomes aware of two different realities by projecting himself into these two animals. The first is a prisoner with a monotonous existence the other is free to roam with all the implications of excitement and danger that freedom gives.

Well I was reading that book sitting on that sofa and with the door opened when the dove came in three years later. The next picture shows the sun behind the cross illuminating humanity, and with those that reject Him shown as a soldier and those who do shown as a kneeling woman.

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June 8, 2008 at 6:25 pm

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Part 4: The Coming of Jesus Christ at the Rapture.

Last night at 9 PM I went to Blockbuster to rent movies. On the way there I saw two cars one had the license plate X99 KAV. At the store which is less than a mile away I parked went in and got the movies. In the parking lot one car away there was another car with the plate W99 YHG notice that YHWH is the Hebrew name of God and that these letters were in the tag. There were about 8 or 9 plates in the lot altogether. On the way back home I must have seen 5 cars, one had the plate 577 GTT.

As I write this letter my daughter comes in and tells me she saw more than three cars with the number 77 in them last night.

To explain a little about probability in statistics let us take only one car alone.
There are 24 letters in our alphabet, and seeing any one letter has a probability of one in 24. The numbers have a one in ten. So for our first tag the probability of seeing the 99 is 1/100. The second tag is much more complicated because the letters get into play.

Here is an approximate estimate (I am an engineer but not a statistitian, although I took a masters course in Statistical Analysis for business majors).

W (1/24)
9 (1/10)
9 (1/10)
Y (1/24)
H (1/24)
G (1/24)

So the probabilities of these letters occurring by chance is [1/ (24x10x10x24x24x24)] or 1/33177600. The order of the letters also has a probability factor, so my numbers in this tag may be off and maybe a mathematics university professor of statistics can give it a more accurate number. The last tag also has a probability factor of 1/100.

Another factor to consider is the number of cars that were seen or if the cars were in a cluster, and how close together and in the order of seeing them.
So now let us try with the 3 plates above.

Total # of cars seen = 2 + 9 + 5 = 16

Probability that this happened by chance and not as I think that Jesus Christ is sending me these messages is as follows:
16 / [(100) x (33177600) x (100) = 16 / 33177600000 = 1/ 207,360,000
This number is approximate of course.

With this elemental knowledge go back to letter 1 and try to imagine the probabilities of the events I listed there occurring by chance and not by design of an all powerful awesome God.

This morning I opened my Bible at random and it opened at the end of chapter 4 of first Thessalonians.
The coming of the Lord (verse 13-end of chapter) which is the rapture, is in the paragraph.

Again I must refer you to the first two sites of letter one about the lunar and solar eclipses and the importance of #9.

As a final thought I have been having this type of communication with the Lord Jesus Christ for a very long time, more than twenty three years, and this is not new to me. I did not start this type of communication and I am still amassed after all these years how good it is.


I am always reminded of the passage in Exodus 28-30 which reads as follows in the NIV.

30. Also put the Urim and the Thummim in the breastpiece, so they may be overAaron’s heart whenever he enters the presence of the Lord. Thus Aaron will always bear the means of making decisions for the Israelites over his heart before the Lord.

In likewise manner I have used the # 77 and other numbers and letters in our two way communication during the years.

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June 7, 2008 at 2:34 pm

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Part 3: The Coming of Jesus Christ at the rapture.


Pesach – Sat, 19 April 2008 at sundown

    Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Also called Chag HaMatzot (the Festival of Matzah), it commemorates the Exodus and freedom of the Israelites from ancient Egypt

Shavuot – Sun, 08 June 2008 at sundown

    Feast of Pentecost



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June 4, 2008 at 3:34 am

Part 2: The Coming of Jesus Christ at the rapture.

Regarding the feast of first fruits and Pentecost there are two things I want to point out.

First, Jesus died on Passover fulfilling this holy day. He was buried for three days fulfilling the unleavened bread holyday (leaven = sin) or unlevened = sinless body.

He was resurrected on Sunday on the third day which is also the day after the weekly Sabath (Saturday) fulfilling the feast of firstfruits.

Pentecost is on the fiftieth day after passover (pente=50).

From Mr. Zola Levitt (deceased) teachings ( about the feast of Israel I learned that at Passover a masda bread is broken and placed on a cloth bag and placed under the table for three days.

At the third day it is taken out and eaten to celebrate the feast of first fruits

This is a perfect type of the death (broken masda) burial (under the table) and resurrection (taken out at first fruits to eat).

To know when Pentecost is coming we count from Passover.

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June 2, 2008 at 10:19 pm

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2014/15

A video about Biblical prophecy and its relation to the solar and lunar eclipses to take place in 2014 and 2015: Solar and Lunar Eclipses Video.

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June 2, 2008 at 2:11 pm

(MAY 26,2008) The Coming of Jesus Christ at the rapture.

The following is a chronology of things that have happened to me in the past two weeks and the communication I had with the Lord Jesus thru numbers.

It started two weeks ago at a relative’s home apartment. We were visiting him with some of my family. We were all in the den when the phone rang, the recorder pick up and a call back # was repeated three times to their telephone number 777-7788. At this point I told everybody that I thought that message was really for me and not for the house because the 777 and the 77 are the numbers that Jesus uses with me all the time to communicate with me. They all started to get annoyed and we changed the conversation. At this point I did not know what He wanted to tell me about the # 88 but me new it was a message. As we left the apartment and went to the lobby to get our car, there was a car parked at the door with a license plate 778 8888 immediately I knew for certain that the eights had some significance but I did not know what.

The day before a friend of mine also a student of the Bible and prophesy had sent me a link to Jim Bramlet’s article of the rapture date revealed were he lists the study by pastor F.M. Riley of May 10 2008 published in site about the coming of the Lord in the rapture to be on June 8 the feast of Pentecost. This e-mail I opened on the 13 or 14 not on the 10. My friend had also referred me to the site where pastor J.R. Church had two programs about the solar and lunar eclipses that coincide with the Holy days of Israel.

I was very excited about the programs realizing that the coming of the Lord (rapture) and the beginning of the Tribulation were to be in the year 2008. I was not positive of the year but knew that the eclipses were a fact and the significance was awesome. On Memorial Day 5-26-08 we were invited to eat dinner by some friends. On the way to their house in the Expressway at 6 in the afternoon a car drives in front of us with the license plate 999 GOD. When I saw it I was talking to my wife about the internet videos of the solar and lunar eclipses and I was taking copies of the articles about Pentecost and eclipses to the people at dinner. I told my wife that the license plate 999 meant the end (last # from 1-1000) and that it was very important. Three days later on 5-29 at 2PM I was leaving my house and I asked the Lord to confirm the finality of these dates. Two blocks from home I turn into a main avenue and immediately there is a car with a license plate -777- – to the left of this car half a block down another car with the license 999 – – – . The Lord repeated the plate in two cars side by side. Friday 5-30 on the seventh floor of a parking in downtown at 5PM close to my car another car with the license plate 999 -GG and on the way home another car with the plates 777 on it. Today 5 -31 I was going out at 4PM and I ask the Lord to confirm the day 8 of June and the minute I got in the main avenue there was a car T88 – – – and on the way back one block from home there was a car with a plate – – 7999 and another T88 – – – . On Thursday at the site there was a video about the #9 and the finality it represents. The events and things I have described are beyond the reasonable probability of occurring by chance and this is why I wrote them down in detail as a testimony for all, not just me. Morning of 6-1-08 went to grocery lot empty, parked, on way out 15 minutes latter car parked beside mine plate W88 6DZ confirming again June 8,2008, total # of cars 6 in lot.

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June 2, 2008 at 1:16 am