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Communication with God

This letter will follow a different path than the first four. First I will explain in plain terms to those of you readers which do not know about or have heard of the events that are mentioned or linked here. The letters are a warning and they are about love, hope, knowledge, communication and for sure about the future. They are not about the writer, his ego, delusions, imaginings or self aggrandizement.

They are first of all a message from your Creator as the writer sees it. They are facts which have been witnessed by several of my family and many people apart from them.

First let us talk about their meaning. They imply to me that God who has been relatively silent in the affairs of men is about to shock the world into knowing and acknowledging Him for whom He is or forever perish by denying Him.

Jesus Christ is about to take all of His church from the earth so that their presence will no longer deter evil or all the manifestations of it. He will protect His people by taking them to the clouds. Before He takes the living He would have resurrected the dead in Christ into eternal live and will be in the clouds waiting for the rest of us.

After this event takes place a period of time called the tribulation which is 7 years of duration will accost the earth with a vengeance.

In this time an evil man will be indwelled by a fallen spirit called Satan and will control the world and every one in it. During this time those who come to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior will save their souls but loose their lives temporarily. At the end of these seven years Jesus returns to earth to vanquish His enemies and start a kingdom of a thousand years. All these events are listed in the bible and if you the reader do not have one get it fast and start reading.

In the first letters I have mentioned how Jesus has communicated with me thru numbers and events thru the years and I am sure that many of you readers have had a prayer answered or an event happening that shows you that He listens and responds to seeking hearts. He responds with love, care, compassion and many other ways. For those who have never heard of Him He is willing to have
an intimate relationship with you as a father to a son or daughter.

Long ago the two first humans created had a daily conversation with the Creator of the entire Universe. After them He has spoken directly to other humans like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, the prophets and many others in the Old Testament. Then He came to earth as Jesus Christ and He walked with men until His death. Afterwards by His own power He resurrected and appeared too many disciples, the last one being John which wrote the Book of Revelation. Most of the people He talked too were not expecting His Word and were surprised and astonished when it happened. I too am very surprised that what has happened to me and now happens to members of my family is a very effective way of communication with our God and Creator.

Now for the facts that occurred yesterday. At six in the afternoon I left my house to go to Office Depot. The first moving car that I see was about three blocks from home and his license plate at the front end of the car was MS777. At the store when I was leaving a car had the plates GXB8699, and on my return in a neighbors house two houses away there are two SUV , the first has a license 968 KTN the second X66 3EK. The probabilities for the 777 to be the first car I see are 1/1000 and this message from Jesus sets the tone for the trip. Alert message is coming. The G is God, the 8 is the day the 6 is the month the 99 is the end. The 968 KTN have the same #’s but the last one has 66 which is the last book of the Bible the book of Revelation.

Last night we saw a very good movie called Starting Out in the Evening. This movie is about a writer at the end of his live that hasn’t finished a novel he started 10 years ago and at the urgings of a female college student he sits to finish. The analogy is not lost and it is 6.30 AM and these words are flowing into my keyboard with great urgency because the time is at hand.

I hope to increase your faith by the testimony I have been giving and in the hope of doing this even more I am taking you on a journey to the beginning of it all. It was the month of October on a Sunday afternoon of the year 1977 days after daylight saving time for the fall. The sun was setting at 6 PM and I sat in my living room to read a book I had bought a year before. This book La Biblia de Jerusalem in Spanish was my first one bought. The afternoon was beautiful and I decided to open the front door of my apartment which was in the ground floor and the parking lot was five feet away. I sat down to read the Bible and pray and the sun started to appear full size at the door and irradiating the living room with light. At that moment a white dove came flying into the apartment and landed at the mat of the door, no more than seven feet away. This was the moment that transformed my life. The dove stood there not moving and I not moving looking at each other like two gunslingers in a western movie, not knowing who was going to flinch first. God why have you done this to me and what am I to do. I know that the Holy Spirit has been represented by a white dove and whether it was Him or a manifestation of Him a clear message was being sent. The dove stood there for the better part of three long minutes and not holding the anxiety any longer I stood to go to the kitchen to get a piece of bread to give the dove. A few seconds latter I looked back to the door and it was gone. Went out and did not see it fly away.

I sat down and meditated about what had just happened. I knew that I had been given a very important gift of faith and that the Lord wanted to emphasize the importance of prayer and reading the Word in the Bible. I made a commitment to do this for the rest of my life and so I have done.

If you think this story is ending that there is no more to come and that this is the climax of the events that is not so.

We keep going back a few years to 1974 and 75. At that time I used to paint in oil and The Lord was already working in my mind to prepare me for the events that were to follow.

The painting whose photo you see here was done in 1974 and if you look closely you will see a man reading a book in front of a sofa and there is a bird in the opened window with his face on it. There is also a fish in the tank that also has his face. And a painting of a woman which I used a picture of an actress as if this was the woman in his life. I called the painting awareness. The man becomes aware of two different realities by projecting himself into these two animals. The first is a prisoner with a monotonous existence the other is free to roam with all the implications of excitement and danger that freedom gives.

Well I was reading that book sitting on that sofa and with the door opened when the dove came in three years later. The next picture shows the sun behind the cross illuminating humanity, and with those that reject Him shown as a soldier and those who do shown as a kneeling woman.

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June 8, 2008 at 6:25 pm

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