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Letter 8 What happened today and discussions


Today early in the morning I went to the grocery store a few blocks away. It was 8.15 AM and the lot had few cars. I parked close to the entrance door with 2 cars to my left and 2 cars to my right. When I left about 20 minutes latter the car to my left was a different one and the license plate was 377 JGF

The 3 can be the Holy Trinity or something else, maybe you visitors to the site can give your own meaning or suggest a different interpretation.

The next two #’s 77 is the number Jesus shows me most of the time that I go out. If you go to the beginning of the site you can read more about it. This has been going on for more than 20 years. Today I looked at my past years calendars to see when I started writing the #’s in the calendars and it appears I did it since 2002.

The next letter J I will say is Jesus.

The next letter G I will say is God

The last letter F is the first letter of my first name.

I must have seen 13 licenses in the short trip so the probabilities that it is not intentional but by chance is close to this:

3 7 7 J G F

(1/10) x (1/10) x (1/10) x (1/24) x (1/24) x (1/24) x 13 or

13 / 13,824,000 = 1 / 1,063,385

To many of you readers this may seem absurd and difficult to swallow and I will encourage you to be skeptical. To me it is difficult to understand and more than that it is difficult to know the why?

Sunday on father’s day I was given a gift of three books. One of these books is The Language of God by Francis S. Collins. In chapter two he has a subchapter titled How Can a Rational Person Believe in Miracles? His exposition is excellent and I will not quote the whole chapter but I recommend you the reader of this letter to read the book and I will quote the following from page 51:

“All of this simply goes to say that a discussion about the miraculous quickly devolves to an argument about whether or not one is willing to consider any possibility whatsoever of the supernatural. I believe that possibility exists, but….”

“Whatever the personal view, it is crucial that a healthy skepticism be applied when interpreting potentially miraculous events, lest the integrity and rationality of the religious perspective be brought into question. The only thing that will kill the possibility of miracles more quickly than a committed materialism is the claiming of miracle status for everyday events for which natural explanations are readily at hand.”

I believe that as we get close to the time of the tribulation God is going to manifest Himself in a more visible and tangible way into the conciousness of all human beings. The rapture itself will be a very forcefull statement from our Creator and Saviour that everything will not continue with the status quo. You will have full knowledge of His existence and Lordship and those who reject Him will do it in an open rebellion. No longer will 2 Peter ch:3-3,4 be true because everyone shall be aware of the supernatural and of Him who is our Lord and Savior.

Finally I want to say that there is another excellent book by a nuclear physicist and professor of MIT called Dr. Gerald Schroeder with Zola Levitt and the book is Genesis One. It explains the creation in very interesting physical terms.

Written by twelvebooks

June 18, 2008 at 2:39 am