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June 30, 2008


Saturday at 8 PM we went to the movies to see Mongol a rendition of the live of Genhis Khan whose military victories stopped in Italy just at the entrance of Rome.

Early in the morning I had been reading the article of John Tng (21 Apr 2008) The Year of the rapture and the Greek gematria of the name of Jesus which is 888. I read over it but did not study it, and its meaning of these concepts is new to me.

After the movie about 10.30 PM we were driving home and shortly after we left the theater there is a car license plate in front of mine with the # V88 8ER. I told my wife look at this plate it is the number of Jesus and the first letter is V, the first initial of my last name. She answered: Now you say another # for Jesus and not the 777 or the 77 which you always mention. I explained to her what I have read that morning and printed it out of my computer. I do not think she read it.

Sunday, at 7 PM we decided to visit my mother who had been sick. We stopped to get yogurt for her to replenish her flora killed by heavy antibiotics she is taking. I park in the only space beside the entrance and the car to my side had the license U77 0ER. I wrote it down and told my wife. A few minutes after another car in front of us had license platesV17 7RR. Again I showed my wife and asked her what she thought. After the visit we decided to go eat dinner. One block before the restaurant on the lane to the left of our car was the left turn lane, in this lane there were three cars with the license plates with the number 88 on it. AZU 88_, 488 ___, T88 ___. After dinner one block from home there is another car parked with the plates T88 ___. I saw a total of four 88 in a relative short trip.

This morning I read the letter from pastor Riley about the 888 and his believe that the rapture can occur on the month of August. I firmly believe this to be the case. If you read the beginning of this blog you will see how it happened. I believe that Pentecost can be after 50 days from the seven weeks as stated by Cindy Bush on her letter published June 21 on

I sure hope this is the case and awaiting His coming at the Rapture as always

Yours in Jesus Christ



Tonight, my son looked for the movie Mongol and found that it was rated by critics 88%. Again, the 88.

Written by twelvebooks

June 30, 2008 at 2:24 pm

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