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Letter 16 (08-14-08) the vision of the Statue of Liberty

August 14, 2008

Letter 16 (08-14-08) the vision of the Statue of Liberty

In his book World War III and the Destiny of America, the late (deceased) Dr. Charles Taylor of Today in Bible Prophecy relates about a vision that a pastor known to him went to the Empire State Building top floor lookout in New York City in the 1950’s or 60’s and he put a quarter on the telescopes. He felt the presence of the Spirit of God at that moment and when he looked in the telescope he saw all of the United States from coast to coast.

In the Gulf of Mexico he saw the Statue of Liberty standing in the water and from Heaven a hand holding a cup with a sword came towards it and told the Statue to drink it. The statue refused. Again the same was repeated and again refusal. At the third time of it happening after another refusal another hand came and opened the mouth of the statue and made it drink of the cup.

The statue tumbled and fell on its knees. Then he looked to the North and a cloud with the shape of a skull was coming towards America. From the skull came out puffs of smoke that went to each of the major cities of the Nation. Upon smelling the smoke the people would fall dead. At that moment he saw from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans what looked like rockets coming out of the water and a loud bang when they were all exploded at the same time. The Statue upon breathing the smoke fell face down in the Gulf of Mexico. Then he saw the survivors in the Nation in mortal combat with invading forces. When they were to be vanquished he saw angels from Heaven come to the help of the survivors and defeat their enemies. Then he saw the survivors worshiping the Lord Jesus forever.

This vision may or may not become reality and it could have been from the Lord, we must discern and compare with scripture and be cautious about its interpretation as it comes from mortals and not from the Word. The vision came before the age of the satellites and space exploration, or atomic subs and intercontinental missiles.


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