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(NOV 25, 2008) to Tng and Jovial the 222

Dear John and Jovial I do not know enough of the Biblewheel or the interpretations which you both gave to the 234 to know if they are correct or if any or both of you are correct. I am going to relate what happened to me today and you be the judge as to the meaning.  This letter is typed at almost 11 PM, and what I saw happened at 6.30 PM and at 9 + PM tonight, before I read this article a few minutes ago. At 6.30 PM my wife needed some additional chocolate for a dessert she was to make on Thanksgiving and we were leaving to the market to get it.  I live on a dead end street and when driving around to leave there was a van with the license plate 222 V_Q which I thought was strange, there are almost never car leaving our area at the time we leave, and that it was a message from God.  My wife did not think so and we did not discuss it any more.  At 9 PM we started seeing the program the Mentalist and in the program there is a murder on the second floor of a motel, and when the policeman is at the door the number of the room was 222.  I told my wife, daughter and her boyfriend and rewinded the program to see if they saw or noticed the #.  Not till I pointed it out.  I knew it was a message, but did not know what it meant until I read Mr. Jovial post in which is included below. I do not know the date for the rapture, but this to me is a confirmation of Barak(Blessing) = 222 as being the ACBlessings and hoping Jesus will come soonNando

Jovial (25 Nov 2008)
Has the penny dropped and Tan’s $2.34

John mentioned a large number of words that added to 234, and how some of them involved Barak (ברך) as a root.  However, Barak (ברך) does NOT add up to 234.  Let me demonstrate….
BaraQ (ברק) [Lightning] = 302
Barak (ברך) [Blessing] = 222 (I think this form is his actual name)
There are some GRAMMATICALLY ALTERED FORMS for “barak” that can add up to 234, but I can make almost any word that adds up to something a little under 234 morph to 234 with the right grammar.  John mentioned that וברוך adds up to 234, but that does not mean “bless” but “and blessed”. Adding the two VAVs changes the grammar of the word.  I can get it to add up to 228 by adding only ONE VAV (ברוך).  I could get it to add up to 232 by changing it to “my blessing” (ברכי) much like derek (way=דרך), which adds up to 224, turns into 234 when it is dereky (my way= דרכי).  But 234 is not pivotally connected to the Hebrew word for “Bless” (ברך), which adds up to 222 in its root form.  However, the English word for “dollar” (דלר), when spelled with Hebrew characters, DOES add up to 234!  So one would have an easier time making a claim that Tan’s experience was predicting a 134% inflation rate than making a connection to Obama as the False Messiah.  Not that I’m claiming that was the subtle message or anything, just that I am making a point about invoking some sense of logic to connect things together.
Not almost any word, Joe. Only 34 Biblical words (morphed or otherwise) are thrown up by the Biblewheel search engine. There are only 34 such unique words found in the Bible that add to 234. Given that there are
788,280 words in the Bible, and given the intriguing occurrences of BARAK, this is a significant find.

Written by twelvebooks

November 26, 2008 at 4:13 am

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