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Anonymous Lurker (20 Dec 2008) “42nd Generation”

I just read your post in and I find it very good.  In the Friday program of the author’s comments for the day was in the genyologies of Mathew they pointed out that the last count was 13 because in between Joshep and Jesus was the Father (God) of Jesus.  In the last hour I have read two versions of the same topic and I believe that both are correct.  Congratulations to all you three the spirit of God is gidding you for the benefit of all the Body of Christ.

Anonymous Lurker (20 Dec 2008)
42nd Generation

With regard to who is to be the last American President, I think this bit of newly discovered evidence should be considered as well. As stated here: , Grover Cleveland served twice, thus dropping the count down by one from 43 current presidencies to 42 ending thus far with GWB.  However– if we consider that in terms of the LAW, one is not a lawful president if one is usurping the presidency, then we should not count that president, correct?
So, if BHO usurps the presidency unlawfully — being sworn in as president, though he does not comply with the lawful requirements to BE president, then shall he be counted?  I would say No, he should not.
This does not nullify the fact that he would be installed as president.  It just means that in the eyes of the law (and God), he is not president, but rather a usurper to the presidency.
There is another conundrum to consider though.  According to recently uncovered information (see: Historical Breakthrough ), there was another usurper before him!  According to the information just uncovered, Chester Arthur lied about his citizenship, falsifying his family history in order to obfuscate the truth so that he could run for president.
If this information is true, then shall he be counted?  If we do not count the current usurper, then we should not count Arthur either, imho.  This means the count is currently at 41 (GWB).
What this means, I believe, is that the 42nd or upcoming lawful rulership belongs to the saints.    We are that 42nd generation that shall rule and reign with and through Him.

Matthew 1:17 So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.

According to Mattew in the 17th verse, the total generations (14+14+14) would be 42.  But when we count the generations down through Jesus, there are only 41!  As we read the first sixteen verses of the book of Matthew we find that David was the 14 th generation, from David to the Babylonian captivity made Jeconias the 28th generation and from Jeconias to Joseph (husband of Mary) was another 12 generations making Joseph the 40th generation. This makes Jesus, according to the generations of law, the 41st generation so where is the 42nd generation?  There seems to be a missing generation, or is there?  Note that the scripture says UNTO CHRIST.  The answer is that there is only to be one generation since Jesus and it is a nation of sons that have been coming forth since the resurrection of Christ. They are the CHRIST generation, those who are born of the Spirit of the Living God. It is an eternal generation born of the Holy Spirit of the LIVING GOD!  It is the generation of THE CHRIST! The Psalmist declared a ‘seed’ that would be accounted for a generation.

“A seed shall serve him; it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation. They shall come, and shall declare his righteousness unto a people that shall be born, that he hath done this. Psalm 22:30-31.

The 42nd generation that has the lawful right to rule is here but not yet manifested then.  But that does not discount babylon’s attempt to circumvent and usurp it by unlawful means.  Indeed, the very fact that we have a usurper about to be sworn in as president, who is not the lawful president, tells us that the time is nigh unto us, and that God will raise up a standard against him.  That standard is the 42nd generation about to be birthed. Glory!

Also, just to let you all know– There are still only TWO denied petitions that the justices had conferenced about.  Berg’s application for stay that was recently denied was never scheduled for conference.  Thus far only Donofrio and Wrotnowski were conferenced about and denied.   The Lightfoot case has been resubmitted for conference, but has not been scheduled yet (they get ‘two bites’ at the apple: if one justice denies it then they can submit it to another justice afterwards– this is where we are at with that case).  But  Berg’s original petition for writ of certiorari has finally been scheduled for conference on Jan. 9, 2009– one day after the electoral votes are counted by Congress and certified.  There is a Washington state case, BROE, which has been scheduled for oral arguments on Jan. 8, 2009 (the day the official count of electoral votes and certification takes place).  Broe, means BROTHERA co-petitioner listed with him is named SEAL. This is quite interesting for two reasons:

1) In terms of the 42nd generation, it reminds us that we are His brother– and that brings us to this:

2) Because we are his brother, and because he essentially died “childless” (for the sons are not yet birthed in the manifested sense), according to Deut. 25:5-10, we are to raise up seed in our brother’s name.

We see this carried out in the story of Ruth (Ruth 4:8) when Boaz took Ruth as a wife and raised up a son by her so that his “brother’s” name would live on.  Deut. 25:9 tells us that one who refuses to do so would have his shoe loosed off his foot by the woman he should have raised up seed to, and she would spit in his face..  This is an act of contempt. Thus, “over Edom I will cast my shoe” is not a good sign….. It is a sign of judgment upon one one refuses to birth the manchild.  The sign recently regarding this is much the same.  This nation will not birth heaven on earth through its presidents (the shoe was tossed over ‘Edom’, GWB, as a sign of rejection– Edom means red and bloodthirsty for war).  God will not birth this 42nd generation upon that foundation.  That has been rejected.  The true 42nd generation is about to be birthed!

Blessings and Glory to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,
Anonymous Lurker

p.s.  Mark C.- I choose to remain anonymous so as to give all Glory to Him. 🙂

I need to correct one thing.  I just noticed that I said Chester Arthur ran for president, when it should have said he was the VP candidate who became president upon the assassination of President Garfield (VP also must be natural born).  And a little further research shows that Arthur was the 21st President of the U.S.  21 is the number of “Jacob’s Trouble” or distress– but it also means “giving strength” (since it is written with kaph-aleph).  We see that we are on the threshold of the “42nd” generation being birthed, which is 21 x 2, and it is as though it is prophesying DOUBLE distress– but also DOUBLE strength.
A brother I shared these insights with on the 42nd generation discovered these amazing coincidences:
The 14th President was Franklin Pierce, and like David (the 14th), he lost a young son (his 11 year old son died in a train crash); he was the President that presided over the Gadsden Purchase which brought the “lower 48” under one government, and he also was the president during the time that the proposals came to unite the country from east to west by rail. So like David, he united the country. By the way, two generations later, Israel became divided, and two presidents later, Abe Lincoln saw the nation divided. Then, the 28th president, (eliminating the usurper Chester Arthur) was none other than Warren Harding, the President that presided over the beginning of the “roaring Twenties”. During his administration, the Babylonian system, along with the stock market, gained a permanent foothold and “captivated” America. Greed was the mantra.
This parallels the 28th and last official king of Judah, Jeconias/Jehoachin (Zedekiah, who followed, was only a regent placed in authority by the king of babylon).  The reign of Jeconias was an awful story – wickedness upon wickedness until Nebuchadnezzar besieged and sacked Jerusalem, taking the vessels of gold and silver, together with Jeconias and his people to Babylon.
If we accept Woodrow Wilson as the 28th president (paralleling Jeconias) instead of Harding (in other words, including Chester Arthur in the count), then one could say we were sold into captivity when Woodrow signed the Federal Reserve Act, selling us into captivity to the moneychangers of babylon.  If however, we accept Harding as the 28th president (paralleling Jeconias) instead of Wilson (in other words NOT including Chester Arthur in the count), then one could say the greed of the roaring twenties captivated us to babylon.

Another interesting parallel– Jeconias was only king for two years (then replaced by regent, Zedekiah, while in babylon).  In like manner, Harding was only president for two years and died of a heart attack, making Calvin Coolidge the president thereafter.

And of course, an interesting curiosity here, is that Matt. chapter 1 vvs 1-17 list the generations, …..and 117 x 2= 234.
Blessings and Glory to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,
Anonymous Lurker

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December 20, 2008 at 5:11 pm



First I want to say that there are a variety of concepts, ideas, dates and interpretation of scripture that are very good and done with the greatest care and effort by those who have expressed them. Some of the material shown on this blog has been taken from other sources and included in here for dissemination, The purpose of this blog’s existence is not for me to have fun or entertainment but to witness to the readers about the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word as shown in the Bible. It is not a Bible teaching tool but a combination of interactive ideas, political commentaries and my ideas and experiences and they all have to be related to the Word in all its aspects. I am sure that some material is erroneous or not to the liking of all readers, but I see them as possible or true. I am an engineer by profession and numbers and science has been my livelihood for many years. You the reader as well as I must scrutinize the articles against the Word.

A word about is in order at this point. I starting visiting the site about the time I started this blog in the summer of 2008. My experience for deciding to write is in the first few postings. I find the site of fivedoves a very active and inspired medium for Christian believers to interact and keep up with news and ideas. That I have not read many things that are wrong from a Christian perspective is a testimony to the watchful eye of the person that runs the site Mr. John Tng. For that reason his postings and others carry the weight of good credibility with me. There is no substitute to the learning and studying of the scriptures to know what is true or false. I hope that all of you readers do it also.


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