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(Jan 17, 2009) Obama as Satan?

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Madam Blavatsky is the founder of the theosophist ocult religion and she is one of the persons who influenced Hitler the most. She was a satanist and lost soul who influenced Hitler in all his evil deeds. I have run twice in my life with people who were theosophist and I have concluded that the chances of this encounters to be by chance are almost zero.  Satan has been trying thru the years to steer my believes to his false religions thru his minions. A word of caution to the christian readers, he is deceitful to the fullest extend of the word and the only way to discern the thruth is by the written Word the Bible and the help of the Holy Spirit.

May Jesus keep you pure and protected till His comming.

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Did Jesus Claim Barack Obama is SATAN?

In Luke 10:18 Jesus states, “I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from Heaven.”

Satan is like LIGHTNING from heaven?

Barack, also transliterated as Baraq in Hebrew, is LIGHTNING. Even in Greek, Barak is LIGHTNING.

The ONLY WAY, a Jewish Rabbi can say in Hebrew that SATAN is LIGHTNING is, SATAN BARACK!

So, the words of Jesus in this verse probably refer to heavenly transgressions.

The use of BAMA  is used to refer to the “heights” of heaven.(Isaiah 14:14)!

Isaiah is also the source of origin for the Christian concept of “Satan” or “Lucifer” Isaiah 14:12.

So the Jesus “Prophecy” of Luke 10:18, if spoken actually by a Jewish Rabbi influenced by the poetry of Isaiah, would have said the verse Luke 10:18 as ;

Satan Barack O Bama?

That would be Hebrew for Satan is Lightning (Barack) and the heights (BAMA) of heaven or the sky.

So, Luke 10:18 is correctly translated as;

“Satan is like Lightning (Barack) and the Highest (Bama) heavenly rebellion/sin/ transgression! !

While Christians consider “Sin” a humanly “fall” from Grace, the Greek word for a “fall” is not used in Luke 10:18.

Interestingly, America now have a political leader on the threshold of obtaining control of the largest arsenal of NUCLEAR WARHEADS on this planet!

If you were SATAN, or Barack (Hebrew for Lightning), what army would you try to take control of, so you could unleash 10,000 NUKES upon mankind and DESTROY what he hates.


That army, is the army of the United States of America !

Interestingly, another world figure named Barack, is already in control of over 100 NUKES! The minister of Defense of Israel is named Barack!

The New Testament records Jesus saying LIGHTNING, or Barack in Hebrew, only three times! Luke 10:18 is clear.

SATAN is BARACK or Lightning!

In Matthew 24:27, Jesus explains how his “coming” will be connected to LIGHTNING (Barack)!

Matt 24:27 “For as the Lightning (Barack) cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be!”

The Greek word translated as “For” in this verse is gar.

This word can also be translated as SEEING or WHEN.

So seeing Barack or when Barack comes from the east and shines unto the west is a TIMING EVENT for the “Coming of Jesus”!

Barack Obama grew up in the “East”, in the country of Indonesia ! His political career is now about to shine upon the West, the United States !

Can it be, the “Coming of the Son of Man” is nigh?

According to New Testament verses, Lightning or Barack is SATAN and his travels from the East in Indonesia to his accession to the throne of power in the West, the United States , signals the.

“Coming of the Son of Man”!

In Luke 17:24, Jesus once again uses Lightning (Barack aka SATAN) for a timing prophecy of his “Coming”!

Once again, the Greek word gar is translated as “for”.

However, it is also “seeing” or “when”.

So, Luke 17:24 can also be read as: “Seeing/when lightning (Barack) comes out of Heaven… so shall also the Son of man be in his day!”

So, Jesus used Lightning (Barack in Hebrew) to literally describe SATAN!

He then tied his “Coming” to the appearance of “Barack” or Lightning aka SATAN!

Many political pundits describe the charisma of Barack Obama as “Messianic”!

Perhaps they should read their Bibles closer and see it is really


The modern “Jewish” concept of SATAN is not like the Christian concept of SATAN!

“Jews” with a traditional “Jewish” view of the Old Testament consider SATAN to be an “accuser” or an “opponent”, not a “fallen angel” out to DESTROY Mankind!

In fact, SATAN is actually two different words in Hebrew.

The second SATAN means literally PISS ON THE WALL! In fact, the Hebrew word SIN means the same thing PISS ON THE WALL!

The ADVERSARY, slanderer, opponent or accuser!

However, their poetic prose about the “Great Battle” between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness were rediscovered not long before Barack was born!

So, is Satan like what “Jews” are taught?

An accuser? Or PISS ON THE WALL? Or, is Satan really LIGHTNING/BARACK who now strolls the earth, walking to and fro, and about to take CONTROL of over 10,000 NUKES?

If SATAN is a real diabolic fallen “angel”, then the rise of Satan/Lightning/ Barack is.

THE SIGN that the COMING of IMMANUEL is nigh…

“…It is prophesied that in the last days One New Religion will rise up. That Religion will be accepting of all religions (gods), homosexuals, abortion..etc. Everything will be acceptable. God wants us to be prepared. In every way. Barack Obama reminds us of what the Anti-Christ will be like when he comes. Good looking, charming, eloquent, and can convince you of anything. Just Be Careful. Pray for discernment.”

Now, Look, the very fact that a lot of people don’t like the guy at all is as much as you need to disprove that little theory. If everyone is going to love and worship this guy, then I’d say it’s a fair bet it’s not Barack Obama, who is pretty well hated by a lot of folks. And supposing it IS him, it’s inevitable according to the Bible that he’s going to rise up anyway, so how’s about we just wait and see, eh?
Hey, you know it just occured to me that it might be Hilary Clinton! Good-looking a great orator, been wounded, trying to gain power… It’s all falling into place!!

Signs of Satan!

This gesture is the Satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of Satanism or other unholy groups.

A Satanic Ritual
Above: (Satanists making the “Satanic salute” to an altar displaying the Goat of Mendes or Baphomet, to acknowledge their allegiance to Satan, during a Satanic ritual.)

The  hand sign often is con-fused with the deaf hand signal of the phrase, “I love you.”  While at first this appears an odd resemblance, we register an “ahh, I get it!” emotion when we discover that the person who invented, or created, the hand sign system for the deaf. Her name is Helen Killer, (photo Right).

Helen was a Communist!  She was also involved with the occult. Did Helen purposely design the deaf’s “I love you” sign to be such a remarkable imitation of the classic sign of Satan? Was Keller saying, basically, “I love you, Devil?”

Please notice that Helena Petrovna Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was Occultist and Satan worshipper .(photo Left) Helena woefully states… “Lucifer represents.. Life.. Thought.. Progress.. Civilization.. Liberty.. Independence.. Lucifer is the Logos.. the Serpent, the Savior.”
“It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.”
“The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity…but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestrial Light, ‘the Holy Ghost’ and ‘Satan’ at one and the same time.

Clearly, Helena Blavatsky was a devout Satan worshipper, and an enemy of the cross of Jesus Christ.

If you think Miss Keller’s hand sign is just a coincidence, then you are truly gullible.  If you were deaf, and wanted to develop a hand sign to tell someone that you love them, what would it be?  A hand over the heart would be reasonable.  There is no way that any reasonable person would develop the hand sign that Keller invented, paralleling an existing hand salute to Satan.

Well known people showing off the hand signal which represents Satan.

Barack Obama

Bill Clinton

George W. Bush at his 2005 inauguration

Bush Denies Jesus Christ!

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January 17, 2009 at 6:29 pm

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