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Lisa (22 Jan 2009) “A Letter from Scott Walkington”

After I posted the letter before this post I went out to eat dinner, came back home and watch Bones for two episodes, at 10 PM I went to the site of and read this letter that was posted there. It is written by Mr. Walkington. Very interesting, I will wait and see but I beleive him until proven wrong.

Lisa (22 Jan 2009)
A Letter from Scott Walkington

We must remember most of what Scott was told in heaven has already happened.
Soon we will find out how the elligibilty issue will be resolved.
Be ready!

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for your email of encouragement. I got a lot of negative email last week. Today has been quiet. Mostly emails of encouragement.

Something you may find of interest though. Last week I prayed, asking the Lord if I was misquoting Him. I got no response. I asked if I was doing wrong. No response. I even asked for forgiveness if I doing something against His will. Still no response. Everything I asked, I got no response. Finally Saturday night, I decided that I wasn’t asking the right questions. So I asked if He wanted me to stop talking about this story since I surely must have misunderstood or did He want me to continue speaking about this story. Finally I got this response, “Patience. Just be patient.”

Today a minister/friend from the St. Louis area called and asked how I was feeling. I told him what I just said. He said he had some words of encouragement. In the St. Louis newspaper today, there is a story about Chief Justice John Roberts starting the case against Obama’s birth certificate in Supreme Court on January 23rd.  On January 26th is the official date that documents would be signed making the President, officially President. That date will be put on hold until his birth certificate and his citizenship can be proven. As their newspaper said, according to this minister, if the Chief Justice finds Obama not a legal US citizen, then this whole Inaugeration Day was a sham and, according to the Constitution, Bush would automatically become President.

I have seen so many times when our Lord will hold things out till the longest time possible. I believe it is His way of testing us, testing our faith in Him. But remember, I’ve always said that things may be different than we’re expecting or completely take us off guard.

When Jesus described the Second Sign (which became 9/11/01) to me, I imagined fighter jets and missiles. I never dreamed it would be passenger jets.

When the Fifth Sign was beginning, our troops were in Kuwait waiting for orders to cross the border into Iraq. Afterwhile though, it looked like Bush might call off the war and bring the troops back home. Everyone here at home thought I had missed it…missunderstood. I began to believe the same thing. Folks called me phoney, stupid, ignorant, as well as unmentionable names, made jokes about me. On a Wednesday night or Thursday night (or don’t remember which), I was working at a Presbyterian church where I was organist, pianist and choir director. The pastor and some of the congregation knew about my heaven experience. The night we had choir rehearsal at about 8:30 pm the choir was getting tired so I decided to adjourn rehearsal. The pastor decided to close with prayer. Right at that very moment, I remember hearing the Lord speak to me, “The war has started.” For some reason I never heard the pastor’s prayer. When everyone looked up, the choir members exclaimed, what’s wrong Scott, are you okay, are you feeling okay. It must have been the look on my face. I told them that the Lord had spoke to me, that the war had started. Most of them including the pastor did not believe me. A few said they would check their TV or radio. It was exactly 8:30 PM Central Time. Afterwards when I got home, my mother was watching TV. She said, “Tom Brokaw just came on with a news bulletin that the troops crossed the border at 9:30 PM Eastern Time (which of course would be the same time as 8:30 PM Central Time).” That gave me chills. Then on Sunday morning at church, the Presbyterian pastor said he had not prepared a sermon for wartime and asked me to take the pulpit and explain to the congregation why we were in war.

What I find interesting though, within the last two months since my story went on the internet, I have talked to about a dozen others who have had the same heaven experience as mine. All were told the same seven signs, including the part about the president-elect not getting into office. A lady minister from John Hagee Ministries (Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX) told me that another minister that works there, Jessie Duplantis, had the same heaven experience about 2 or 3 years ago. He told John Hagee about it and mentioned that Jesus said that the president-elect would not make it into office (exactly what I was told). So I think, if there was at least a dozen of us (and who knows how many more who have never come forward) with this same experience, how could we have got this so wrong or misinterpretted the same way. And then if you forget about the president-elect part, just think about this one statement that Jesus gave us back then, “The president you know right now is the last president you will know at the time of the rapture,” how many different ways can you/we re-interpret this?

So I believe whether or not this court hearing is the Seventh Sign or not, we must do as He told me. Just be patient. Although it is human nature to try to figure it out, we must wait and see what the Lord has in store for us. As one of my aunts put it, “If God told us everything He was going to do, He wouldn’t be much of a God, would He?”

Just be patient.

God bless,

Written by twelvebooks

January 23, 2009 at 3:24 am