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H (7 Feb 2009) “Rapture/prophecy”

This article is a very interesting study of scripture as it relates to Jesus times and seasons for His Divine fulfillment of His perfect Will and plan.  It is difficult to follow and understand and the author has placed some conclusions of his opinions , but for htose of you who have studied the Word profoundly it will be a blessing to read.

Yours in Jesus Christ,


H (7 Feb 2009)

Before you lose all interest in ‘date/season setting’ and are tempted to ‘join
the scoffers,’ I want to straighten out a few facts that seem irrefutable &
unchangeable when studied.


1. Kislev 24 (Haggai 2) must occur as written.  Kis. 24 was Creation Day
and the count began on the 8th Day, Tevet 1.

2. The ‘groom’ (Jesus) can be ‘gone’ (preparing bride’s home) for a
maximum of 2 years (2000 ‘full’ years/i.e. 2000 yrs +364 days).

3. Israel must be ‘raised up’ on the 3rd day/third thousand (Hosea 6)
and Jerusalem to be “raised up as a plain.”

4. True Christmas is the anniversary of Jesus CONCEPTION and His
conception occurred on the anniversary date of CREATION because
plus 280 gestation = Succoth/Jesus’ Birth (Tevet 1, 8th day Creation
plus 280 is Succoth).  Kislev 24 – Tevet 1 = 7 days, Creation week.
The Creation count began on the 8th day after the 7 days of Creation.

5. Each of the 7 commanded feasts (God’s Feasts) was fulfilled by Jesus on
exact anniversary dates of the primary O.T. events:

Feast O.T. Testament Event N.T. fulfillment

Nisan 14/Passover           Blood Covering                       Cross
Nisan 15/Unleav Bread     Into Desert                            Buried
Nisan 17/Firstfruits          Red Sea Crossing                    Resurrection
Sivan 6/Shavuot              Law Given (Sinai)                   Pentecost (H.S.)
Tish 1/Rosh Hashana       Judg. Begins (books opened)    Jesus eliminated
Tish 10/Yom Kippur         Judg. Passed                           Veil tore at cross
Tish 15/Succoth              40 yrs protect. in tents             Jesus’ birth

Tev 1 (8th day Hanuk)      Creation                                 Jesus conceived

(Note that Nisan 10 Hebrews in Egypt brought lamb into home, and Jesus
entered Jerusalem on a donkey on Nisan 10 – as King/Jesus, the Lamb).

Tevet 1 is the 8th day Hanukkah, when the Creation count actually started.
First day Creation was Kislev 24; and by God’s grace, Dec. 24 has been the
yearly Christmas day which has been a blessed point of reference for the
human race in relation to Biblical count points.

The 8th Feast  was NOT commanded for the Jews to celebrate yearly
because CREATION was sinless, immaculate, perfect, new; Jesus’ conception
was immaculate.  The 7 commanded feasts deal with sin.  As you know, the
8th Feast is 8 days long, 888 is Jesus’ name in Greek #’s, 12 disciples’
names=8880 when added, 12 tribes of Israel’s names=8880 when added,
80 Jubilees=Creation to Jesus’ birth, 8000th yr New Heaven & New Earth,
8th color (7 in spectrum) is new color, 8th note (7 in scale) is new note, 8th
day (7 in wk) is a new day, Omega=800 (Jesus=1st & last, & Alpha is ONE)
age 80 Moses as leader, 1.0080 atomic # hydrogen (bldg. block of
creation), 8 people in Ark, David 8th son of Jesse, Noah 8th from Adam.
Jesus arose, 8th day Pentecost, 8th day Jesus into Temple on donkey, 8th
day Jesus arose, etc. etc. + SO many more 8’s.

The 6000 full years (6000 yrs +364 days -120 fifties/120 Jubilees)
that God promised (Gen. 6:3) to sinful man after man’s fall in the Garden
of Eden are clearly divided into numerous, perfect Biblical/mathematical
patterns.  God knew we would notice all the patterns in our privileged, end-
times  position of hindsight.  The fact that we are now in the year 2009
must be studied; and as far as I can see, everything is ON SCHEDULE.

Note that the official, appointed Jubilee years were not rabbinically
authorized until much farther along in Jewish history; but God created the
earth and initiated our appointed 6000 yrs with the 120 Jubilees in mind –
NOT Judaism’s actual Jubilee/calendar years, but the 120 sets of fifties in which God said His Spirit would ‘STRIVE with sinful man.’

The additional meaning of the 120 in Gen. 6:3 is the three wicked 40-yr generations (wilderness wandering, Jn. Bap ministry to Temple Destruc, 1960 to 2001).  Each of these 40-yr generations required God’s Spirit to STRIVE with man (have patience); and each generation involved the killing of babies, incurring God’s greatest wrath.  The other reference to the 120 is, of course, the building of Noah’s Ark.

Creation (Kislev 24 – Tev. 1 – 8 days) was year O, followed by 280 gestaion of man’s will (to Yom Kippur, the FALL) with immediate covering for sin on Succoth (‘tabernacling’ over sin); then add ‘75’ days to return to the Kislev 24/Tev1 count point.  This first year of man’s existence is uncountable in the 6000 yrs because man was considered perfect this first year, still immortal.
Immediately after the Fall in Eden, God promised that His Spirit  would “strive with sinful man for 120 Jubilees (6000 full yrs).”  When He made the Gen. 6:3 promise, the year counted as a ZERO; BUT a Jubilee span, and the first 50 in this case, had to begin on a ONE year.  THUS, the first year (man perfect) and the second year (a zero year/uncountable) were NOT COUNTED in the 6,000 full years span.  SO 2009 is really 2007, and 2015 is really 2013.  Man’s calendars do not take into consideration the cancellation of these first 2 years.  ALSO, the count had to begin and end on Kislev 24, Creation Day.  This HOLDS all the way through the full 6000 years.

Next issue:  The fact that the Christmas date (Dec. 24-25) AND THE Greek Orthodox date (Jan 6-13) have remained constant has helped the world register the original date of Jesus’ conception which verifies His Succoth Birth 280 days later.  Furthermore, Dec. 24 and Kislev 24 were probably the same date at Creation – not that the Gregorian calendar was in force yet, but God KEPT the Dec. 24 date in our view for a greater Biblical understanding of the Biblical time frame for those who search.

Know too that our calendar (365.25-day yr) has earth entering each zodiac sign on the 22nd-23rd day of each month; and when Jesus returns, the earth will straighten to a 360-day year as at Creation/pre-flood, and the earth will enter each of the 12 zodiac signs – the Gospel in the Stars – on the 1st day of each month.  Noah’s flood tilted the earth 23 degrees.

God uses beginning and ending points for counts AND doesn’t count certain spans:

In the Bible MONTHS of one’s age were NOT counted; so Jesus’ birth to age ONE was NOT counted.

The 2 years from Creation to the beginning of the 6000-yr promised span (beginning on year ONE after the Fall +1 yr to count point) were NOT counted.

The 7-yr trib are Satan’s years (Holy Spirit gone) are not counted and are not worthy to be included in God’s divinely appointed 6000-yr span.

The 3 ½-yr ministry of Jesus is NOT COUNTED because He counted it “all joy to go to the cross” (i.e. He didn’t ‘strive with man for those 3 ½ yrs’) AND the TRINITY was walking the earth with infinite possibilities for healing, salvation and resurrections available to humans.  HALF YEARS were not counted, so 3 ½ years is 4 years.

(Remember how God did not count Nisan 14-17 in the 49-day count to Shavuot/Pentecost; so He DOES CANCEL DAYS.

The above UNCOUNTED days add up to 14 years AND the Milennium must begin on Kislev 24 (Creation Day), year 2001 (6001) which it DOES when all of the foregoing is figured.  Kislev 24 (Creation Day anniv) is the day (Haggai 2) that still has to be fulfilled; and when Jesus returns in 2015 (Dec. 26), the earth ‘backs up’ – straightens – to Kislev 24 (Dec. 6).  It takes 2+ days for the earth to straighten.  Thus you have a subtraction of 23, plus 2+ days, equaling a loss of 20-21 days.  The ‘loss’ of days is in relation to the sun’s rays directed at a certain point on the earth which, when the earth straightens, will be directed to an area 23 degrees prior (as if 23 days earlier).  Earth’s climate will gradually revert to tropical rainforest temperature as at pre-flood.  By then much of the earth’s water will have evaporated to form the pre-flood water canopy above earth, thus fostering the increased lifespans during the Milennium.  The second half of the trib will see no rain, no wind and great heat, producing mega-water evaporation.
(See also Isaiah 24: 1, 19,20 – PLUS the phrase “Desire of the Nations will

Now, if you understand that the year 2015 (Jesus’ Return) is really 2001 when all is figured, as the earth ‘backs up’ to Kislev 24 (Creation count point – the PERFECT Day), then you will see that the Milennium begins right on schedule.


Jesus returns (after 2520 days following Rapture/Pact Signing) on Dec. 26,
2015 (Sat.), and earth backs up 23 days/time ‘cut short’ (takes 2 days) to Kislev 24, 2015, Dec. 6, 2015. When the 14 years is subtracted, then Kislev 24, 2015 is really Kislev 24, 2001, the THIRD DAY. FIRST DAY was count point Kislev 24 when Jesus was age ONE (our yr 3 A.D. – remember the 2-yr discrepancy on our calendar).  This started the FIRST THOUSAND.  Second Day was the SECOND THOUSAND years, and the THIRD DAY is the THIRD THOUSAND.

After the Return, add the 30 days mourning (Zech. 12:10), & January 6, 2016 is reached, which is the Greek Orthodox Christmas (true calendar date) and Jan. 6 is really Dec. 24 because in the 1500’s the Pope subtracted 12 days from the calendar, but unchanged by the Greek Orthodox.  PLUS, this is the day Jesus ENTERS THE TEMPLE (from Petra, via Bozrah – Isaiah 63, 1290 past mid-trib) and is exactly 2300 DAYS past Rosh Hashana/start of High Holy Days 2009, the likely day that the Jews will begin Temple Worship/live sacrifices following the SEVEN months of burying bodies by the Dead Sea (following God’s great victory in mts. of Israel seven mths prior).

Another amazing fact is that Jesus’ Return is Tevet 14; and with a straight earth (perfect 360-day Jewish Millennial year), add the 30 days mourning plus 45 days judg of Nations (total 75) and arrive at NISAN 1, 2016 the exact day that Ezekial records the first cleansing of the Milennial Temple (Ezek. 45: 18).  (With straight earth, II Adar will not be tri/yrly added).

You see, the date of Nisan 1, 2016, the end of the Trib (1260, 1260, 30, 45) is the date arrived WITHOUT the -23 days considered.  WITH the -23 considered, the dates hold a 23-day difference; but it doesn’t matter, because the calendar will take on the perfect Jewish year anyway.  Understand too that the Millennium will function under Jewish terms, with strict Messianic rule from Jerusalem, but it WILL sync. with our Greg. calendar AND the Zodiac.

Briefly, all of the great OLD TESTAMENT patterns ended at 1996.  God COUNTED the 7 years 1996 to 2003 (to make up for the 7 trib years that WON’T be counted), and 2003 is really 2001.  It’s too much to review the O.T. patterns for you.  They all start at major O.T. events and span 490’s, 360’s, 70’s and 2520’s ending at 1996 with amazing numerical spans BETWEEN each event as well.  For example, Abraham was born 1996 B.C. and all patterns end 1996 A.D.  Thus 1996 yrs is on EACH side of Jesus’ Birth year. (Note 1996 B.C. was really 1994, and 1996 A.D. is really 1994 A.D.).

Some of the recent patterns (beginning & ending on the Kislev 24 of ea. yr):

517 B.C. Dedic. Temple (Hanukkah/Kislev 24) + 2520 full yrs = 2003 A.D.

1607 A.D. + 400 full years is 2008 A.D. (may or may not apply)

1917 A.D.  (Kislev 24) Allenby into Jerusalem + 90 full yrs = 2008 A.D.

1918 A.D. Balfour Declar. + 90 yrs = 2008 A.D.

1948 A.D. Israel Statehood + 60 yrs = 2008 A.D (yr 0 to David = 60 Jubilees
& David to 2001 is 60 Jubilees)

1967 A.D. Jerusalem Reclaimed + 40 full years = 2008 A.D.
(Relate the 40 to 40 yrs wilderness wander, 40 days flood, 40 days
Jesus’ tempt, 40 yrs Moses into desert, 40 days Goliath taunts Israel,
40 yrs Jn. Bapt ministry to Temple Destruc 71 A.D., 40 days spies,
40 days Ninevah’s warning, 40 yrs Moses in Egypt, 4000 yrs Creation
to Jesus’ Birth, 40 wks human gestation, 40 days resurrect. to ascen-
sion, 40 days Elijah on Horeb, 40 yrs Philis. attacked Israel before
Samson, 400 yrs Israel under Turkish rule, 400 sevens in O.T., 4000
yrs Abr’s birth to 2003, 40 days Moses on mt. receives law, 40 Jub
spans Jesus’ birth to 2001, 40 yrs Isaiah preached, 40 yrs peace
under David & Solomon ea, 40 yrs Barak, Gideon, Jeroboam, Otniel,
Jehoash, Joash, etc. etc. etc. – many more 40’s.  Something huge
always happened after 40.

Jesus said that the generation that sees the reclamation of Jerusalem, the
‘core’ of the FIG TREE, is the generation that will see the end.  40 years is a
Biblical Generation.  Dividing Jerusalem will incur God’s wrath of the Trib.

Realize that all of human history is basically divided into 3 parts: Pre-Law,
Law, and Grace, and each part is approximately 2000 years.

After all of the foregoing, it seems that a final of total of 12 years are not
counted.  This 12 could well be the 12 years of Jesus’ youth when He was
‘not held accountable’ for his choices because it was at His Bar-Mitzvah age
that He said “I must be about My Father’s business.”  I do know that there
has to be a very good explanation for any canceling of certain years in God’s
plan and I don’t want to presume the reasons.  Much of it is speculation
on my part; but then again there is much to stand upon to support my

The reason I wrote this paper is that the prophecy students/teachers/authors
are likely in a quandary as pertains to their knowledge of God’s 6,000 yrs
for man; so my input is an attempt to explain the delay of the Rapture.

What more can I say?  God never changes AND we have the entire 6000 to
look back upon AND it’s all mathematical, patterned and amazingly
understandable.  What privilege to know any of this!  What a time to live!!

You can try to figure out the rest.  I just don’t see a way into total oblivion after all these patterns.  If God delays the Rapture, then His mercy is extended beyond his constant and predicatable patterns – purely by reason of His love for the human race.  I just wanted you to know the info that I value.


Written by twelvebooks

February 8, 2009 at 1:30 am

Princess (7 Feb 2008) “WHO gets to LIVE FOREVER in the Kingdom of God?”

I posted before the article written by pastor Riely and the article was rebutted by another person who”s name is princess.  Mr. Riley’s answer to her correction was mean spirited and her letter below is a very good interpretation of scripture on a very difficult subject.  Pass the millennium (eternity) is something that every human should be concerned.  If you have not placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior the answer to this subject would be terrifying and that is the eternal place of damnation called Hell.  Of that we can be sure.

Yours in Jesus Christ,


Princess (7 Feb 2008)
WHO gets to LIVE FOREVER in the Kingdom of God?

In Response to:

Dear Family (and Pastor Riley):

Pastor Riley posted a teaching regarding “A Thousand Generations” in which he teaches that “flesh & blood” mortals will be able to achieve immortality and enter into the eternal kingdom of God and procreate forever.  His teaching is found here:

My brief response to this false teaching can be found here: He insinuates that I “spoke without thinking” and that I apparently don’t know what “inherit” means.  Well I’m not here to argue but to share what the Word of God actually says on the subject.  I know there are people and God’s sheep out there who may read these letters – and I deeply care that God’s TRUTH is being told.  I have invested a considerable amount of time (years) in the study of this particular subject and want to offer some insight for those who interested.  I also hope that Pastor Riley will also prayerfully read the things that I share here and compare his teaching to the Word of God.

I am disappointed that Pastor Riley decided to personally insult me instead of explain whatever point he was trying to make about what “inherit” means.  Although I disagree with many points in his teaching, I did not dishonor him as a person nor did I insinuate that he did not use “his brain.”  He does not know me, does not know how much I have studied God’s Word and does not know what God has revealed to me about this subject by the power of His Holy Spirit.  God in heaven is our witness and I forgive Him of his offense as the Lord our God commanded.

Point #1:  The Future Temple River does NOT give immortality.

His teaching does bring up a lot of good points regarding life during the millennium, but the problem is the belief that the same “nature of life” will continue for all eternity as it does in the millennial age.  He teaches that mortals will become immortal by drinking the living waters in Ezekiel 47:9 (and that these “immortals” will go on to procreate forever).  If immortality could be gained in this way, then it would follow that all the fish of the waters would also be immortal (since they LIVE in those waters) – but in reality many of them will die.  When we read the very next verse (10) we see that fisherman from En Gedi will spread their nets and catch a great number of fish from what is currently known as the DEAD SEA.  (I’ve been there and trust me – NOTHING can live in those waters right now).  These “future fisherman” will not be fishing for immortal fish as pets or to play with and put back in the water!!!  They will be fishing for healthy, living fish to sell, kill, and eat for food.  In the same way, regular humans who drink of these waters will also be subject to death (also see Hebrews 9:27).  This prophecy is saying that the temple river will HEAL the Dead Sea (Ezek. 47:8) and the region will live or FLOURISH.  This area is currently BARREN and it will take a miracle to bring it back to life.

More explicitly, it is found that godly people WILL DIE during the millennium just a few chapters earlier in Ezekiel 44:22-25 (regarding the priests who serve in the millennial temple).  Read it and you will see the mention of “widows of priests” and that priests can make themselves “unclean” for “family members” who die. If Pastor Riley’s teaching were true, why would any priests die and leave widows behind or why would someone from his family not partake of the waters that give eternal life?  Surely if any mortals could gain immortality in this way it would be the temple priests!  But why do they die?  Because his teaching is false and these waters do not grant immortality. Granted, these millennial mortals will live much longer and healthier lives than we experience now.  But when they fulfill their days they will die just like any other mortal.  The only ones who will not die during the millennial age are those who have returned to earth with Jesus and received their glorified bodies through death & resurrection or rapture as they are no longer subject to death.

So based on what we’ve just discussed, I’ve posted Ezekiel 47:9 in the KJV, NIV and NLT here for your review.  To postulate that mortals will become immortal by drinking these waters is an error and takes this verse out of context.

Ezekiel 47:9 (King James Version) And it shall come to pass, that everything that liveth, which moveth, whithersoever the rivers shall come, shall live: and there shall be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters shall come thither: for they shall be healed; and everything shall live whither the river cometh.

Ezekiel 47:9 (New International Version) Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows. There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live.

Ezekiel 47:9 (New Living Translation) There will be swarms of living things wherever the water of this river flows. Fish will abound in the Dead Sea, for its waters will become fresh. Life will flourish wherever this water flows.

Additionally if Pastor Riley’s teaching were true – this region and area should also “live forever” but it won’t.  At the end of the age the Dead Sea, along with the entire world, will be destroyed by fire (2 Peter 3:10-13).  Just think about it:  Mortal humans will not be able to survive the complete destruction of this planet and enter into eternity with normal flesh & blood.  It is impossible for the corruptible to inherit incorruption.  This is why Paul says “we shall ALL BE CHANGED”.

Now I am not saying that Pastor Riley is a heretic or a false teacher – I’m simply saying that this particular teaching is NOT scriptural.  Those who have put their trust in Christ will obtain immortality by undergoing a physical transformation through either death & resurrection or rapture before the millennial period.  This process will also take place again at the end of the millennial age when the current heaven & earth is destroyed because mortality must put on immortality (1 Corinth. 15:53-54 and Rev. 20:11-13).  God Himself and His Word is the final authority on all matters pertaining to our life in Christ.  We would do well (whether pastors, teachers, lay people or new believers) to NOT ADD to what God has revealed in His Word.   Proverbs 30:6 (NKJV) says: Do not add to His words, Lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.”

Point #2:  WHO will “Inherit” WHICH Kingdom of God in 1 Corinth 15:50-51?

For those who may read these letters (especially if English is not your first language) and who may be led to believe something that is not Biblical, I will also answer him so that we may all understand what “inherit” means and to whom it applies as revealed in the Bible:

The word inherit is used 14 times in the New Testament (KJV) and each time it is the exact same word – the Greek word “KLERONOMEO” (Strong’s 2816) which means “to be an heir, to obtain by inheritance.”  It comes from the word “KLERONOMOS” (Strong’s 2818) which means “getting by apportionment, getting a share by lot as an inheritor, a possessor and/or heir.”  Also check any dictionary and you’ll find that the word “inherit” is a VERB (action word) which means in part:  “To receive as one’s portion; come into possession of.”

Now, the Kingdom of God comes in different forms or stages:  It is within us (during the church age), it is also in heaven (where God currently dwells), it will come on earth during the millennial age, and will find ultimate fulfillment when God creates a new heaven and earth.  In the new creation, all God’s redeemed will live forever with God and will know Him face to face.  This “face to face” relationship with God only happens in heaven or in the eternal kingdom.  It is not likely during the millennium as Jesus will be the Messiah physically reigning over all the earth and it will be God’s glory (Shekinah) that will inhabit the temple again as in the days of old, but better (Ezek. 43:2-4, Haggai 2:9).

1 Corinthians 15:50-54 (NKJV) says:  Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; nor does corruption inherit incorruption.  Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed— in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.  For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible MUST put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.”

WHAT kingdom (or stage of the kingdom) is this referring to?  Well, of course flesh and blood CAN inherit the kingdom of God NOW in the spiritual sense (during the church age) because we can only come to God in our current state which is mortal and corruptible; so this verse isn’t talking about this present age.  We also know that the transformed bodies do not live up in heaven right now because all of the dead saints still have their bodies in their graves (except Enoch & Elijah and of course Jesus Christ) – so this isn’t referring to the kingdom of heaven.  As we saw in our study of Ezekiel, we know that flesh & blood people will have a share in the millennial kingdom and that the current earth is still corruptible and will be destroyed so it is not referring to the millennium.  So it only remains that 1 Corinthians 15:50-51 is ultimately talking about the eternal kingdom of God – after the church age, after the millennial age and after the destruction of the current heaven and earth.  In this eternal kingdom there will be no regular “flesh and blood” – only immortal bodies in the kingdom of God – not subject to death! This shouldn’t be hard to understand and doesn’t get any clearer; it is also in complete harmony with the rest of Scripture on this subject.

So WHO does 1 Corinth 15:50-51 apply to?  Anyone who’s name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Romans 8:17, Rev. 20:15, 21:27)!  The Bible is very clear:  The ONLY ones permitted in this glorious eternal kingdom will be those whose names are written the Book. Names are added to the Book of Life during the church age and will also be added during the millennial age. Once the end of the age has come, this earth will be destroyed, the books will be opened and all the dead will be judged and the books will be open.  The Book of Life will also be opened and ONLY those who are written in the Book of Life will have (or put on) immortality and will not be subject to the 2nd death (lake of fire).  These redeemed will receive their portion (inheritance) in the eternal kingdom of God.  Additionally these immortals will not procreate in the eternal kingdom (according to Jesus teaching) because the former order of things will “pass away” (Rev. 21:4 & Isaiah 65:17).  To suggest something else or something more is to “add to God’s word.”

Lastly, Pastor Riley uses the words “increase” and “without end” from Isaiah 9:7 to teach that “children will be born forever” in God’s kingdom.  There are 2 major problems with this interpretation:

1) We know that ONLY immortals from the Book of Life will be permitted to live forever and that these immortals will not marry or procreate (Luke 20:34-36);

2) The word “increase” is the Hebrew word “MARBIYTH” (Strong’s 4768) which literally means A MULTITUDE.  So the word “increase” could be translated as “multitude” as well as “greatness” or “the greatest part.”  Therefore this verse really means that the multitude, or the greatness, or the greatest part of His government and peace will have no end. In reality, this verse is talking about those who are a part of His government (which would include you if you’re saved)! It is not some cryptic message that people will have children forever (which would contradict Jesus’ teaching and the rest of Scripture).  It is saying that His government will never end!  This fits perfectly with the depictions found in Revelation 21:24-26, 22:5!

The NLT offers a very clear rendering of Isaiah 9:6-7:

Isaiah 9:6-7 (New Living Translation)

6 For a child is born to us,
a son is given to us.
The government will rest on his shoulders.
And he will be called:
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
7 His government and its peace
will never end.

He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David
for all eternity.
The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies
will make this happen!

Likewise, The Contemporary English Version says it this way: “His power will never end; peace will last forever.” Yes, when we “rightly divide the Word of truth” we can see that this Pastor Riley also used this verse out of context as well. WE, as joint-heirs with Christ, will reign forever in a kingdom that never ends! We start now in this age, can progress on the millennial age, and will find ultimate fulfillment of our royal inheritance for all eternity on one planet – the New Earth!  (The Bible gives NO indication that life will spread out from the New Earth to other planets and this also should be considered an error or doctrine of man).

It is wonderful to be a child of God because we have so much to look forward to:  Heaven, the millennial reign of Christ and eternal life on a brand new earth with God!!!  And we also get to partake of God’s kingdom right now too!  There are many more verses of Scripture that can be used support all the truths that have been presented here but I believe the point is clear.  Pastor Riley’s teaching on “A Thousand Generations” contains false teaching.  I pray that he will adjust his teaching to reflect the truth of God’s Word.  I hope this clarification blesses someone and helps protect them from error.  May God alone receive all the glory and honor for His truth!  And if you’re reading this and don’t know Jesus – please repent of your sins and accept Him as your Lord and Savior today – then you can receive your portion of the inheritance in God’s coming kingdom too!

God bless His saints,


Written by twelvebooks

February 8, 2009 at 1:02 am