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Rene (23 Feb 2009) “re: Hiding in Plain Sight – Lions and Tigers & Bears? Oh-MY!”

Rene (23 Feb 2009)
re: Hiding in Plain Sight – Lions and Tigers & Bears? Oh-MY!

Great article John!!!! Besides wearing his “name” there are many other very peculiar things about this Reader’s Digest cover page–
Notice how his head is centered right under the letter O. Is it purposely done so as to make it look like he
has a HALO on his head??? Also – notice one of the strories on the front page is titled: “CLONING the
Extinct Tasmanian Tiger.” It is interesting that a tiger is a cat with BLACK stripes over an orangish-colored
background – a sort of light and dark animal —–and B.O. is half-breed, both light and dark!
The Bible calls the AC a leopard and a leopard is a cat. Realize too that a black leopard is a panther or jaguar. Interesting that there is an article about a Tasmanian Tiger on this cover. It is also interesting that the word Tasmanian also brings to mind to many people another creature that resembles a smaller cat (or even a small bear) – the Tasmanian DEVIL! So here you have an inference about a devil and a cat on the same cover. Also – most people do not know that big cats and bears use their CLAWS to make MARKS on trees! The AC is a CAT who will force a MARK on those who follow him!  Another thing – the AC is said to have CLAWS. People that love him will be torn to pieces or torn to shreds (symbolically??). He is also called a “beast.” So you have a beast (two of them inferred) in this article – a devil – a large CAT –AND a creature that won’t love you – it will BITE you instead. Notice the HEART that is broken on the top left corner that says “Love Bites.” Strange, eh? Should we BEWARE of a BLACK CAT? Especially on Friday the 13th crossing our path? The beast is connected to the number 6 and the number 13 and the number 18! The Tasmanian Tiger is from  Europe and from down under – Australia. And it is equally strange that the “nose-to-tail length” of this creature was SIX feet. In this picture, the creature resembles a coyote – a FOX! Jesus referred to his enemy, Herod, as a FOX at one time. The creature is COUSIN to the Tasmanian Devil! (related to the “devil”???)
I thought this particular article was fascinating: — WHY? Because it is talking about the creature being EXtinct, but if you go half-way down the page, there is a section entitled (I kid you not!) “Hope For The Future”! They are speaking, of course, that Australia itself might be a “final hope” for many creatures facing extinction (though their record in the past has been dismal, per the article). Isn’t it interesting though – that an article that speaks of this Tasmanian WOLF-CAT creature uses words like “final hope” and “hope for the future” – and here we have this other article that pops up on Reader’s Digest with B.O.’s picture on it?!! Coincidence? A person who mangled the word “Hope” in his entire campaign – at least in some people’s opinion!
And last but not least – here is the most fascinating part of all!  Here is a photo of what the Tasmanian Tiger looks like! He has 46 teeth with large, powerful jaws – a prominent MOUTH! This TIGER-WOLF-like creature is called a “Thylacine” and it appears to be part cat, part wolf!  Color-wise, it is also an integrated type of animal – consider that it is yellowish brown to gray (what we might call a mulatto?) and it also has stripes, but they don’t start until half way down the body! It has a head much like a dog (the enemies of Jesus, who were gaping at him on the cross are referred to as DOGS in the Bible). This “tiger” is also referred to as a WOLF!!! (SO – we have the antichrist, who will be a WOLF in sheep’s clothing!) He will be an integrated half-breed: Not only the females, but the MALES have a partial pouch that opens from the back. It is interesting too that they preyed on SHEEP (and other animals)! And unlike some big animals that come out only at night, this cat-wolf was out during the day and at night as well. The AC will prey on God’s SHEEP during the tribulation! They were considered PESTS! I think the Tasmanian devil resembles a HUGE RAT!!!  And wasn’t it RATS that carried the bubonic plague throughout Europe during the BLACK death??? During the time of the DARK ages??? (Are we entering another “Dark Age” of mankind as the Tribulation looms near???)
Anyone notice that this Reader’s Digest page has not five, not seven, not eight, not four, but SIX STARS and they are around B.O.’s NAME! Also – if you look right below the last 3 stars, you have the article entitled: “Take Heart A Killer Stalking Young People.”  We know that the devil roams the earth SEEKING whom he may devour and during the great Tribulation, people will be HUNTED down and killed for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus! Isn’t it odd how this page with this man’s photo has articles that talk about cats, wolves, bears, killers, a devil, tigers and BITES – as well as “Good and Evil” and “A Better World”??? Surely ALL OF THIS is merely coincidence?!

P.S. – why would you name someone “renegade?” Is it because you consider them a rebel and perhaps a PEST??!!

Correction – his head is not centered under the letter O, but under the letter e – and you only see the top part of the e, which looks like an O or a half-circle (kinda like a half-moon – you know – the god that the muslims worship – the moon-god)? Oh, and there are THIRTEEN letters in Reader’s Digest. Just another coincidence (surely)!

I also did not mention the fact that this magazine cover page has the number 10 in huge letters Recall the ten-toed kingdom in the book of Daniel!?? The beast is connected to this final kingdom that sweeps over the whole earth!

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February 24, 2009 at 3:29 am

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