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(march 30, 2009) The two gates portal to Heaven

A vision of the gates of Heaven given to a messianic jew as a warning of the impending doom and the shortness of time.


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March 31, 2009 at 3:01 am

(March 30,2009) Knowing

Saturday I went with my wife to see the movie Knowing.  The reviews of the critics had given the movie bad reviews, but the box office viewing was the number one.  The theater was very full and they were showing at more than eight time periods.  At the end of the movie the viewers applauded which I found unusual.  I think it is a great movie and I am including two links of excellent reviews.



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March 31, 2009 at 2:46 am

(March 30,2009) The two witnesses appear on April 3, 2009

Is It Nearly Time for the Two Witnesses to Appear???

From:  Corey and Jesse Fields

To:  Everyone!!!!


This is undoubtedly the most important, possible, and relevant and most heated warnings I have ever issued. Please take this EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. I know it is long, but it is very, very important that you read it and take heed the warning. I believe the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 will start their ministry on APRIL ¾, 2009!!!!

Reasoning is as follows…

Please follow the link below for the rest of the post.


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March 31, 2009 at 2:31 am

(March 30, 2009) “BHO”

The article below linked is a must see-read.

Art (30 March 2009)
BHO’s name and its prophetic significance

To translate:

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March 31, 2009 at 1:32 am

(March 30, 2009) Yes we can = Thank you Satan

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March 31, 2009 at 1:28 am

(March 30, 2009) Obama antichrist

John Tng of has an interesting article about the jewelery that the First Lady wore on the inauguration ball.  Read the article.  I am including just the beginning and the link’

John Tng (30 March 2009)
Beauty and the Beast

Dear Doves,

I continue to be amazed by the antichrist’s audacity in openly flaunting the symbol of the beast before the world. He did it in your face on the day he became the world’s most powerful king, watched on by an estimated 2 billion or more television viewers worldwide. He did it with such class and taste that you have to hand it to him for his panache — a must-have attribute for a budding antichrist.

The message is subliminal despite the fact that the symbol is cleverly concealed. It must have left an imprint on the subconscious of the unsuspecting masses, conditioning them to receive the mark of the beast, that is, the number of his name (Rev 13:17). But more importantly, the antichrist appears to know who he is, and the destiny that beckons him to fulfill; plus, he demonstrated knowledge in Hebrew gematria.

The evidence lies not in the man himself, but a Victorian brooch from the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection. The brooch took on the appearance of a necklace as the First Lady wore it close to the collar. The hitherto dark secret kept close to the antichrist’s chest is beginning to see the light of day bit by bit, in a sustained release fashion I suspect.


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March 31, 2009 at 1:06 am

(March 16, 2009) Taitz vs Obama US Supreme Court

Today in the case of Taitz vs Obama was resurrected. follow the link below.
Jim Bramlett (16 March 2009)
Fiery Orly Taitz, a Blonde Russian-Born Attorney

Blonde Russian-Born Attorney Tenaciously Pursues Justice Over Obama Citizenship

I Did It.  Justice Roberts Agreed to read all of my documents

by Orly Taitz, esq.

March 14, 2009

Yesterday I traveled to Idaho. I was able to address Chief Justice Roberts during the question answer session after his lecture. There were numerous cameras recording this event and simultaneous feed broadcast to all the campuses of the University of Idaho. Roughly 5,000 people in all the campuses had an opportunity to hear what I had to say, it is in video archives and now everybody knows the truth and knows that leftist media thugs  such as Seattle Washington Observer shamelessly twist the truth to fit their Pro Obama blind idiot agenda.

It was a grueling day, I left home at 3 in the morning after sleeping only 3 hours and drove to San Diego, from there flew to Salt Lake City, from there to Tacoma, Washington, from there I drove for a couple of hours to be in Moscow Idaho, to address Chief Justice Roberts. After the lecture the audience was told, that they can ask questions, give their name and present a shot question.

I was the first to run to the microphone and told Roberts. ” My name is Orly Taitz, I am an attorney from Southern California. I left home at three o’clock in the morning and flew and drove thousands of miles to talk to you and ask you a question”. Roberts seemed to be impressed by that and I continued. “Are you aware that there is criminal activity going on in the Supreme Court of the United States. I have submitted my case Lightfoot v Bowen to you. You agreed to hear it in the conference of all 9 Justices on January 23.

Your clerk, Danny Bickle, on his own accord refused to forward to you an important supplemental brief, he has hidden it from you and refused to post it on the docket. Additionally, my case was erased from the docket, completely erased one day after the inauguration, only two days before it was supposed to be heard in the conference. Outraged citizens had to call and demand for it to be posted. On Monday I saw Justice Scalia and he had absolutely no knowledge of my case, that was supposedly heard in conference on January 23rd.

It is inexplicable, particularly knowing that roughly half a million American citizens have written to him and to you Justice Roberts demanding that you hear this issue of eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro to be the President of the United States.” At that point I have shown to Roberts a stack of papers, that I held. Those were my pleadings and printouts that I got from WorldNetDaily. It contained your names, names of about 350,000 that signed the petition. (there were others that have written individual letters,) ..

Roberts stated  “I will read your documents, I will review them. Give them to my Secret Service Agent and I will review them”. His Secret Service Agent approached me and stated ” Give me all the documents, I promise you Justice Roberts will get them”. I had a full suitcase of documents. The agent went to look for a box, he found a large box to fit all the documents, he showed me his badge, and introduced himself as Gilbert Shaw, secret Service Agent assigned to the security of Chief Justice Roberts.
I gave him:

  1. Motion for reconsideration of Lightfoot v Bowen with all the supplemental briefs.
  2. Quo Warranto Easterling et al v Obama et al
  3. 3300 pages of your names, people that signed WorldNetDaily petition, demanding that the Supreme Court hear Obama elligibility case.

Copy of a 164 page dossier and all the other documents sent to Eric Holder, Attorney General, describing suspected criminal activity, associated with Obama and his supporters. It described a whole campaign of cyber crimes, intimidation, harassment, defamation and assassination of character, impersonation of US army officer Scott Easterling and impersonation of me, it showed screen shots of information being erased from the docket of the Supreme Court, it contained information of court cases being created, fabricated in order to commit voter fraud and sway public opinion, it contained a list of a 100 addresses for Barack Obama with numerous different social security numbers, issued all over the country and attached to those addresses.  It showed the address Obama used in Somerville Massachusetts, attached to the social security of a man who is 118 years old. It showed evidence of Obama committing perjury, lying under oath. It had his school registration from Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro, citizen of Indonesia, religion Muslim. Right after this page there was a page of Obama’s registration to become an attorney and officer of the court in Illinois, where he stated under oath that his name is Barack Hussein Obama and he had no other prior names. It contained a report from a federal agent Steven Coffman, stating that there are numerous signs of forgery in his Selective Service Certificate. It contained a letter from a renown expert Sandra Line, stating that there are  signs of forgery in Obama’s short version Certification of Live Birth, and original birth certificate needs to be reviewed in order to ascertain his status. It contained 130 current job positions for  Barry Obama, Barack H. Obama and Michelle Obama, that were obtained from Intellius None of them were reported on Obamas’ tax returns. All of these documents suggest possible massive tax fraud, corruption of a public official, bribery and massive campaign contributions fraud, whereby large campaign contributions, over allowed limits were reported as fictitious  positions with different companies, not surprisingly involving most mainstream media outlets. These need to be reviewed in light of a pattern, I’ve seen previously.  For example, as a State Senator Obama arranged for his friend Robert Blackwell from killerspin to get a grant of $320,000 of our taxpayers money for his ping-pong tournaments. In exchange Blackwell gave Obama back roughly a third, $100,000 in the form of a salary. Similarly Obama arranged for Chicago university hospital to get $1 million grant of our taxpayer money  and they gave him back roughly a third $357,000 in the form of a board salary for his wife Michelle for working 20 hours a week, even though Michelle was totally worthless as a board member since she had zero medical education and her law licence is on a mandatory inactive status (I wonder why).

I am writing this in a hurry, ready to leave my hotel room, finishing yesterday’s dinner leftovers and ready to board a plane for a grueling flight back home. I’ll add one more detail. As one of the announcers introduced Roberts, he stated that Roberts has his priorities straight. He described an event  when Roberts missed most of a reception because he wanted to be there for his young son, at the sports tournament where his son was participating. He described Roberts as a caring and loving father.

At that point I was just about ready to cry. I have 3 sons, I love them too and I would love to be there, attending their events. I am a proud parent. My oldest son scored in top one percent in the Nation in PSATs and he is in an IVY league school studying to be a doctor. He is also a gifted comedian, who formed a stand up comedy improve group and I would love to see him perform. My wo younger sons are great students. My middle son has a beautiful low bass Elvis Presley voice, he sings opera and I would love to hear him perform.

My youngest son is a top student taking 5AP classes in tenth grade, gifted mathematician and basketball player, I would love to see him get academic awards and play basketball. I missed time with my children, time that will never come back because a am criss-crossing this country talking to Justices of the Supreme court, Representatives, Senators, FBI agents, Attorney Generals, US attorneys, telling all of them, what is wrong with you?

Did some evil magician put a spell on the men in this country and they stopped being men? Why are you afraid to speak up, to stand up for you constitution? Why are you afraid to tell this arrogant jerk from Africa and Indonesia- You need to go home, you cannot be a president and commander in chief because you are not a Natural born Citizen. To be a Natural born Citizen you have to have both parents as citizens. Your father was never a US citizen and you don’t qualify and you also spit us in the face by refusing to unseal your vital records.

There is no proof that you are even a citizen. For all we know, you need to go back to Kenya and wait for your green card, and that after we try you for all the crimes perpetrated upon American citizens. I hope Justice Roberts teaches his son that he is a descendant of people that were real men and fought in Alamo and at Valley Forge. Chief Justice Roberts has a right to issue a stay and appoint Joe Biden a president pro-tempore until Obama proves his qualifications or until a new president is chosen. I hope Roberts teaches his son by example and not by empty words.

Make sure you go below and read these three postings they are more important than the present post.

You will need March 2 to fully understand March 1 link.

March 2 ,2009 More Numbers

March 1, 2009 Obama Antichrist in Genesis link follows.

March 3 ,2009 Obama Antichrist Readers Digest

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March 16, 2009 at 11:09 pm

Mar 8, 2009 Matthew’s parable Ten Virgins a new study

This study is very good and relates to the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew.

Eliane B (7 March 2009)
Bride and Virgins – What do you think?

Hi, dear doves

After praying and studying, an idea came to my mind and I would like to discuss it here. Please let me know your thoughts about it. This is something I had never imagined before. I don’t know if this is right.

In some scriptures, the Bride is accompanied by virgins. There is the parable of the Ten Virgins. Also, Rebekah (the bride of Isaac) takes 10 damsels with her. So I thought it was strange that the parable of the 10 Virgins didn’t mention the Bride.  Would the parable take place instants after the Bride (the faithful portion of the Church, who was watching and was spiritually awake when the Bridegroom came) had already been taken? In this case, who would the virgins (or damsels) represent?

In the story of Rebekah, the damsels accompany the Bride, but they don’t enter Isaac mother’s tent for the consummation of the marriage. In my understanding, Sarah’s tent is a symbol that Christ will meet His Bride in the atmosphere of planet Earth, not in His father house (Heaven). So the Bride takes people she loves with her, that are willing to accompany her. They must be believers (people who have accepted Christ as their savior in their lives) otherwise they wouldn’t be called virgins. They don’t receive Bridal status, but they are very near to the Bride and are spared from the tribulation both because the Bride chose them and because they chose to accompany the Bride.

However, in the parable of the Ten Virgins, the bride isn’t mentioned; and the foolish bridesmaids lost track of the main event, and of the importance of anticipation and alertness in their waiting. And only half of them were allowed to attend the event. They were also “virgins” (saved people), but they probably had unconfessed sins in their lives and thus were disqualified of the privilege of accompanying the Bride.

Another passage in which we see a Bride accompanied by virgins is Psalm 45. I was amazed when I read this passage. It’s never mentioned when the parable of the Ten Virgins or when the story of Rebekah is told:

6  Thy throne, O God, {is} for ever and ever: the sceptre of thy kingdom {is} a right sceptre.

7  Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.

8  All thy garments {smell} of myrrh, and aloes, {and} cassia, out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad.

9  Kings’ daughters {were} among thy honourable women: upon thy right hand did stand the queen in gold of Ophir.

10 Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father’s house;

11  So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he {is} thy Lord; and worship thou him.

12  And the daughter of Tyre {shall be there} with a gift; {even} the rich among the people shall intreat thy favour. {favour: Heb. face}

13  The king’s daughter {is} all glorious within: her clothing {is} of wrought gold.

14  She shall be brought unto the king in raiment of needlework: the virgins her companions that follow her shall be brought unto thee.

15  With gladness and rejoicing shall they be brought: they shall enter into the king’s palace.

16  Instead of thy fathers shall be thy children, whom thou mayest make princes in all the earth.

17  I will make thy name to be remembered in all generations: therefore shall the people praise thee for ever and ever.

So, I was thinking. Could it be that on the day of the Rapture, the people who are called to be the Bride of Christ (I pray that all of us are!!!!) will be allowed to invite their most beloved relatives and friends (who were saved but didn’t qualify to be the Bride) to accompany her and be spared from the Tribulation? In this case, there would be a condition, as only the wise virgins were accepted: Jesus won’t accept (as bridesmaids accompanying the Bride) people who are unbelievers or who are unrepentant (saved people who work iniquity or who live in continuous sin without repentance).

When I came across Psalms 45:14-15, this interpretation came to my mind and everything seemed to fall in the right place perfectly. I really don’t know. But I confess that if I had the privilege of being considered worthy to be part of the Bride group and my beloved weren’t, I’d feel extremely relieved of being allowed to invite them to accompany the Bride group. And that’s what Psalms 45:15 says! This will be a reason of “rejoicing and gladness” for the Bride, for she would know that some of her dear ones (who otherwise would be left behind) won’t necessarily be left behind for the Tribulation.

I’d very much like to read your opinion about this possibility. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Have you ever thought about that? I admit this is something I had never imagined and this is why I decided to share with you. I consider this very comforting. But I could be wrong.

Thank you for your attention and feed back.

Eliane (in Brazil)

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March 9, 2009 at 2:37 am

March 8, 2009 Obama Narcissist

Read this article of the evaluation of an Israeli psychiatris about Obama.

Bruce Warner (7 March 2009)
Israeli Psychologist’s Evaluation of Obama

Dr. Sam Vaknin is an Israeli psychologist.  Interesting view on our new president.

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March 8, 2009 at 2:35 pm

(March 5 2009) Statue of Liberty warnings to America

(March 5 2009) to Frank Molver & Joe Hoyle and Doves visions about the Statue of Liberty warnings to America

Dear Doves

Today I listened to the link in Joe Hoyle’s letter and I was perturbed in my spirit. On my letter of 08-14-08 I talked about a similar vision from a pastor in the 1950’s. I have inserted it here again. I think these three prophetic warnings in the video are a must seeing. Try to move the video to the 15 minute mark and make sure you hear the three testimonies and compare the chemical attack and the sword in my posted article with the three testimonies of today’s link. The correlation is no fluke!!!!!!!!

About an hour an a half ago my daughter wanted to rent a movie in Blockbuster video. She went in with my wife and I remained in the car. The spaces in the lot besides mine were empty and a car with a sign of Dade County Exterminators came and parked beside me. The logo of this company is three inverted sixes in a circle. The driver remained in the vehicle and no other passengers were there. I thought it was a threat from Satan. In no uncertain terms I came in the house and started this letter. We can not be intimidated or coerced by this enemy and the more we are attack the more we have to fight. He is not going to sit down and refrain from attacking, but with the armor of God and the blood of Christ we shall prevail.

Frank R Molver (5 March 2009)
You must hear this powerful prophecy sent by Joe re the US & economy collapse

I have never heard such a divinely appointed set of prophecies. You must listen to this and if anyone has the ability to place it in print please do so for the doves who can not hear this. The time left for the US and the dollar is short. The time left for being casual about spiritual matters is gone. You will not rescue your finances. You must rescue your family. Perhaps this March 7 will be the day of an attack. The statue of liberty is about to fall.

Joe Hoyle (4 March 2009)
Prophetic Warning To America


I meant to have posted this last week, but I kept forgetting to get it on.

It’s from the daily Rick Wiles Internet radio program.

The program for listening to–at least first, is the one from Monday, February 23rd.

Click on one of the buttons under that days web sites.

The title is “Prophetic Warning To America”.

The introduction part starts at about the 15:20 mark, and the nitty gritty part at about the 16:45 mark.

Letter 16 (08-14-08) the vision of the Statue of Liberty

In his book World War III and the Destiny of America, the late (deceased) Dr. Charles Taylor of Today in Bible Prophecy relates about a vision that a pastor known to him went to the Empire State Building top floor lookout in New York City in the 1950’s or 60’s and he put a quarter on the telescopes. He felt the presence of the Spirit of God at that moment and when he looked in the telescope he saw all of the United States from coast to coast.

In the Gulf of Mexico he saw the Statue of Liberty standing in the water and from Heaven a hand holding a cup with a sword came towards it and told the Statue to drink it. The statue refused. Again the same was repeated and again refusal. At the third time of it happening after another refusal another hand came and opened the mouth of the statue and made it drink of the cup.

The statue tumbled and fell on its knees. Then he looked to the North and a cloud with the shape of a skull was coming towards America. From the skull came out puffs of smoke that went to each of the major cities of the Nation. Upon smelling the smoke the people would fall dead. At that moment he saw from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans what looked like rockets coming out of the water and a loud bang when they were all exploded at the same time. The Statue upon breathing the smoke fell face down in the Gulf of Mexico. Then he saw the survivors in the Nation in mortal combat with invading forces. When they were to be vanquished he saw angels from Heaven come to the help of the survivors and defeat their enemies. Then he saw the survivors worshiping the Lord Jesus forever.

This vision may or may not become reality and it could have been from the Lord, we must discern and compare with scripture and be cautious about its interpretation as it comes from mortals and not from the Word. The vision came before the age of the satellites and space exploration, or atomic subs and intercontinental missiles.

Yours in Jesus


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March 6, 2009 at 2:40 am