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Ola Ilori (6 Apr 2009) “The Lord’s Supper and the Rapture (Updated)”

Ola Ilori (6 Apr 2009)
The Lord’s Supper and the Rapture (Updated)

Hi Doves,
We understand from scripture, that the Lord observed the 1st Communion on the night of the 14th of Nisan 34 AD.
This was not the night of the Feast of Passover, that was to be observed the following night, by all Jews, on the 15th of Nisan 34 AD.
For we read,
“Now before the Feast of Passover, when Jesus knew that His hour had come…and Supper being ended, the devil having already put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son to betray Him.” (John 13:1,2)
We know the Supper in the above verse was the Communion Supper, For Paul said,
“For I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you; that the Lord Jesus on the same night (14th of Nisan) in which He was betrayed took bread; and when He had given thanks, he broke it and said, Take, eat, this is My Body which is broken for you…” (1Cor.11:23,24)
The Lord, after His death, the following day, went on to rise from the dead, between Sunset and Sunrise, on the 16th of Nisan 34 AD.
The 16th of Nisan 34 AD, was the Day of First-fruits.
I now believe that the early Church observed the Lord’s Supper, once a year, on the night of the 14th of Nisan.
They then watched for the Lord’s Coming, every Year, on the 16th of Nisan, on the Day of First-fruits, between sunset and sunrise!
I believe this is why Paul said,
“For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes.” (1Cor.11:26)
I, with my family, will be observing the Holy Supper on the night of the 14th of Nisan. This year it falls on the 8th of April 2009.
I will be watching for the Lord’s coming  between Sunset and Sunrise on the 16th of Nisan.
This falls, this Year, from Sunset on the 10th to Sunrise on the 11th of April 2009.
Everyone would need to synchronise their time to Jerusalem time.
This Year the Sunset on the 10th of April 2009 in Jerusalem starts at 19:05, while Sunrise on the 11th of April 2009 starts at 06:15.
I believe that at some point within this window of time the rapture will occur.
Let’s continue to watch,

Written by twelvebooks

April 7, 2009 at 1:10 pm

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