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Mr. Hedrick wrote the following article in the link below where he states that Obama can not be the antichrist because he is not a person that can take control of the armies and the power of the revived Roman Empire.

A lot of years ago before the elections of 1980 in the primaries of that election I was already thinking that the antichrist was going to come to power in the next presidential election.

My reasoning at the time was as follows and it is still valid to this day.  The world had two major powers at that time, the USA and the USSR between them they had at the time more than 50,000 nuclear weapons and all the rest less than 4,000.  They were the major economic powers and the two major political ideologies.  The USSR had a role in the prophet Ezequiel and they were going to be destroyed at that time.  I figured that the Arab nations and the USSR could not be the source of the Beast.  The European nations were under the influence or control of the USA through NATO and the major international banks, so America was indeed in charge of Europe.

In the book of Daniel they talk about a little Horn (Daniel 7-8) coming out of these nations and growing so powerful that it uprooted three Kings-nations and took control.  In the symbolism of the horns I saw a comparison to the animals that grow horns for their protection and a little horn is representative of a young buck, not an old animal.  This clue gives me a direction to conclude that the Beast was to come from a young and powerful nation.  The USA originated from the people of Europe that came to colonize the country. So this country definitively qualifies as a little horn.  The King Obama is a descendant of Europeans thru his mothers side and probably a descendant of Israel thru his father’s side.

The evidence discovered and presented in this site by Mr. Tng, Mr. Heckle, Mr. Ware, Mr. Reese, Mr. Bramlet, Mr. Riley, and others  about Obama is more than overwhelming and beyond the realm of probability.  It is hard to conclude otherwise based on the general evidence that you quote in your reasoning.


Written by twelvebooks

June 16, 2009 at 3:36 pm