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(June 23, 2009) More numbers about Obama Antichrist and the Bible.

More numbers about Obama Antichrist and the Bible.


Kevin Heckle (23 June 2009)
666 and 234

Three verses affiliated with 666 or the Antichrist multiply to 234 or 117 x 2 (BARACK x 2).  234 is also the Ordinal 6-6 value (216) of Barack plus the Reduced Standard value (18) of Barack.
2 Chronicals 9:13 (666 talents of Gold)  = 2 x 9 x 13 = 234
Daniel 9:26 (destoyers of the temple – people of the antichrist)  9 x 26 = 234
Revelation 13:18 (number of the beast)  = 13 x 18 = 234
The sine of 234 is also the same as the sine of 666 and can result in the term known as ANTIPHI (see
Kevin H.
Using your approach, it can shown that BARACK in Hebrew (302) is hidden in the four 666 scriptures!

2 Chronicles 9:13   =>       2 x 9 x 13 = 234
Revelation 13:18    =>          13 x 18  = 234

1 Kings 10:14         =>      1 x 10 x 14 = 140
Ezra 2:13                =>              2 x 13 = 26

234 + 234 – 140 – 26 = 302 (Barack in Hebrew!)

Add the scripture numbers that result in the product 234:

2+9+13+13+18         = 55

(Obama in Hebrew!)


The following article has more numbers.   Nando

James Brownlow (23 June 2009)
Daniel 8:13 Palmoni (the Wonderful Numberer) and the AntiChrist

This verse has long intrigued me ; the text and verse speaks of the AntiChrist and the tribulation events, 2,300 days, etc. I believe the verse hints at containing some profound secret in the gematria. The verse begins “Then I heard one saint speaking and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, how long will be the vision…..” The interesting aspect of this verse is that the side margin notes from the ancient texts state that the name of the first saint (not given in the text) is “Palmoni” , meaning the “Numberer of Secrets” or the “Wonderful Numberer”.  Has anyone got thoughts on this ???? It seems to hint at revealing the timing in the initial part of the verse, the part I quoted ??? Many thanks to John Tng. Let us not allow him to bear the full burden of maintaining this work. The time and expense he has invested must be considerable. God Bless you , my friend.
Thanks, brother!
It is interesting the value of ‘Palmoni’ is 216, which is 6 times 6 times 6. The total number of letters in the four 666 scriptures is 216. Obama was born on Aug the 8th, which is day 216 of 1961.
The Hebrew word for ‘give’, nathan (H5414), is found in Dan 8:13. Why is this significant? Its value of 500 is the Hebrew gematria value of ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ (302+144+54)! The antichrist is the culprit who will fulfill this scripture.

Dan 8:13 Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give [H5414 nathan = 500 = BHO] both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?

It is also interesting that the Greek word for antichrist, antichristos, has a Strong’s number of 500 (see link). Furthermore, the verse number total of the four verses (1 Jn 2:18, 2:22, 4:3 and 2 Jn 1:7) in which the word, antichristos, is found, is 218+222+43+17 = 500.


Written by twelvebooks

June 23, 2009 at 10:04 pm

(23 June 2009) “Re: Lord of the Flies”

The article about the Lord of the Flies in the White House.


Hollis Caravetta (23 June 2009)
Re: Lord of the Flies

Dear John,
As soon as I saw Obama swatting flies, the word Beelzebub came to me.  It ididn’t even take two seconds to hear this word from the urging of the Holy Spirit!

Obama clerly demonstrated for all who have eyes to see- he was the “lord of the flies” in his mastery- he killed the fly with a quick swat and kicked it away!
What should we take home from this? He is working by this strange satanic power. He was lord over that poor fly’s life, as he is over much of the sleeping people of America!
. He is filled with the spirit of Satan and I do believe that the fly episode at the Whitehouse was to show us that he is being used by his father, the Devil, to gain control over our nation. Whether he be the Antichrist or not…I do not know, it is plausible because none of us know exactly who is in our family tree all the way back. But Obama certainly does have this spirit of Antichrist. He is fooling most of the nation. He fooled most of America’s Jews. Now their eyes are opened. Sadly, so many Christians voted for him. What were they thinking?
Are the same Christians who voted him in still so enthralled? If so, we know how deeply deceived our nation is.

Hollis Caravetta
Open Seal
Thanks, Hollis. He is just the perfect candidate for the office of the ac — suave, smooth, deceptive, lawless, arrogant, anti-Christ and everything Christ stands for. He is the exact opposite of Christ.

Written by twelvebooks

June 23, 2009 at 8:59 pm