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(June 30, 2009) Counting the Number of the Beast

The essay by Mr. Heckle is superb a must read.


Counting the Number of the Beast
An Essay
By: Kevin Heckle Sr.

Written by twelvebooks

June 30, 2009 at 9:26 pm

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  1. Kevin’s work is absolutely brilliant. The problem is the constant mistake of overlooking the fact that this story happens both mirocosmically and macrocosmically. As above so below. The fate of all and the fate of one are influenced by the cosmos. It is a metaphor for the cyclic energies that influence us as a human race AND can also be the dynamics that apply to one man. Revelation never mentions the word ANTICHRIST. The CHILD being born to rule with an iron rod is the focus. If Obama is the child being born he has the potential to choose the way of Christ or be an AntiChrist and choose to be influenced by the BEAST and DRAGON/the system. He will be caught up to GOD and his throne. The dragon is waiting to devour this CHILD. The Dragon (Satan/the Devil) was cast down from heaven meaning the influence of deception was manifesting in the world. The beast is any MAN whose number is 666. Carbon has 6 protons 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. Anyone can be an anti christ by being against the teachings of Christ. If 666 is AntiChrist then the inverse of 666 is 999(Christ). There are many different energetic meanings of 666 and they are all valid because everything is fractal.

    The fact that Obama’s birthdate is in alignment with the astrological timing given in Revelations indicates he is the idividual to represent this final battle to end deception in 3D. We all have free will. This is why prophetic writings cannot accurately predict what an individual will do. Only the energies and infuences are revealed. Obama has to choose his path just as we all do between dark and light. The difference at this time in the world is that we are now moving into the center of the galaxy receiving far more light that ever before. Obama is not SATAN nor is he the “The Anti Christ” any more than anyone else would that doesn’t follow the Christ teachings/principles. Christ means balance as in crystaline. The natural order of the universe operates under the golden mean. Being influenced by the deceptive Dragon in a very real sense WE are all the “fallen ones”. We have been existing under the illusion of separation. We are the beast and power is given to us by the dragon if we so desire it. We know how that story ends. Not well. SO even if there were one man such as Obama to embody the worst of all humans that are influenced by the dragon and the beast we all at any moment can choose not to follow that path. It still takes an enormous amount of individuals deciding to follow that energy in order for there to be world wars or mass destruction. One man is powerless against critical mass. The masses who follow the teachings of Christ, who are ascending physically into lighter beings are tipping the scales. As long as we continue to pin all negativity in the world on one man, one monster and we continue the polarity game of goodies and baddies we are not taking responsibility for our part in this and reclaim our powers.

    Cari Kindl

    December 21, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    • Cari there are several things in your article that are very general and describe concepts and ideas that I do not see in a Bible anchored person. That said I do agree that every person as well as every spirit was given the choice of entering in a relationship of love and obedience with our Creator redeemer. Even Satan before he rebelled against his Creator had a choice of obedience and love, but he chose rebellion and hate.

      Jesus was born and died in the cross to give us a pardon from the death sentence we all incur from our sins. At some point in the life of every human alive a decision must be made that will determine our destiny.

      God is aware of the future completely and will know which way we go. That He can direct the path of history and the heavens to follow His plan is such a gigantic concept that is difficult to comprehend. He does all this within the inviolable concept of free choise both of humans and angels.

      Yes prophetic writtings do predict what an individual or nation will do well in advance by thousands of years. The books in heaven, specially the book of life has the name of every human that will be saved.



      December 21, 2009 at 10:36 pm

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