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Ted Porter (13 July 2009) “I am Gone in 2009 & the Fall Feasts”

This article  and Tng’s reply are excellent discoveries about the possible dates for the Rapture and the linking of it to the new world currency and to Obama.


Ted Porter (13 July 2009)
“I am Gone in 2009 & the Fall Feasts”

John – Regarding your message “I am Gone in 2009”

Consider if Psalm 109 stands for 2009 then couldn’t the placement of “I am Gone” inside this chapter give us a clue as to when in 2009?  Roughly, “I am Gone” starts the 23rd verse and there are 31 total.  So, 23/31 * 365.242 = 270.99 or 271 days.  The 271st day is September 27, 2009, or Tishri 9, which puts us right in the time period of the Fall Feasts.

Of course, a more accurate calculation would be to take the Hebrew letters and maybe the last letter in “Gone” and calculate the time period into 2009 this way.  Anyone?
Ted, Tishri 9 falls on the Eve of Yom Kippur. I think your date is significant.

Verse Word Letter
‘I am gone’
23 170 678
Date (23/31)*365
= Sep 27
(Tishri 9)
= Sep 29
(Tishri 11)
= Sep 24
(Tishri 6)

I added the chapter, verse, word and letter numbers at “I AM GONE” and obtained a startling sum!

587 (Ps 109) + 23 (verse) + 170 (word) + 678 (letter) = 1458

The number 1458 is the standard English gematria value (A=1, B=2, ….., J=10, K=20, …) of BARRY SOETORO!

Frank asked about the significance of the NWO coin (link). Guess what? The common English gematria value (A=6, B=12, C=18, ….) of UNITY IN DIVERSITY is precisely 1458 !!!!!!!


Written by twelvebooks

July 13, 2009 at 9:36 pm