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Bob Ware (25 July 2009) More #’s about the 666

This afternoon as I was leaving Publix supermarkets there were two cars parked in front of me, one had the license plate R88 8IS and the other the #677 —, the 888 is integral to Bob Ware”s post shown below, and which I saw when I got home to my computer.  Bob it was a confirmation of your article from the Lord to me.


Bob Ware (25 July 2009)
Genesis 1:1 Pyramid stones and JESUS yields

3590 (gematria of the 666th Bible verse)

John –
You wrote that the gematria of the 666th verse in the Bible is 3590.
When 3590 is the circumference of a circle plus the combined perimeters of the: triangle, square and golden rectangle within this circle – then one side of the triangle + one side of the square + one short side of the golden rectangle equals 666.
Every pair of stones in the Genesis 1:1 Pyramid (when numbered in our opposite directions) total 2702.
2702 + 888 (JESUS) = 3590 = 2 x 1795 (the sum of the ASCII codes for ‘Barack Hussein Obama’).
When the circumference of a circle is 3590 then its diameter is 1143 (1142.73). 1143 is the sum of the ASCII codes for ‘Jesus Christ’. Thus, the 180 degree arc of this circle is the sum of the ASCII codes for ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ (1795) and the diameter line connecting the two ends of this arc is the sum of the ASCII codes for ‘Jesus Christ’ (1143). A very curious (and perfect) geometrical link between ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ and ‘Jesus Christ’.
Each side of the triangle within this same circle equals 990. 990 is the sum of the center of the ‘Prime Cross’ (467) and the south point of the ‘Prime Cross’ (523). 467 is the sum of three different gematrias for ‘God’ (86 Hebrew + 99 prime + 282 ASCII). 523 is the sum of the trinity reductions for ‘JESUS’ (888 yields 153) and ‘CHRIST’ (1480 yields 370).
1795 (Barack Hussein Obama) – 1143 (Jesus Christ) equals: 652. When 652 is the diameter of a circle then the perimeter of a golden rectangle within this circle is 1795.
The sum of one side of the triangle + one side of the square + one short side of a golden rectangle within this same circle equals 1368. It will be 1368 days from the Winter Solstice of 2005 to 19 September 2009 (Rosh Hashanah). The Winter Solstice of 2005 was the date that fell at top of my ‘Circle of Time’ chart.
1795 (Barack Hussein Obama) minus 888 (Jesus) equals: 907. Only two verses in the Bible have a gematria of 907:

Pro 8:17 I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.

Hos 4:7 As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame.
Thus, each of these two verses plus 888 equals: 3590 >>> 2 x (907 + 888) = 3590.
Their chapter and verse values as number strings (817 + 47) total 864. This is the gematria of the two words: ‘JERUSALEM’ and ‘SAINTS’.
– Bob

Written by twelvebooks

July 25, 2009 at 10:36 pm