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Aug 14, 2009 Obama and 666

One of the readers of fivedoves asked Mr. Kevin Heckle for an explanation of the numbers he uses to connect Obama to the 666 or the Antichrist.  His answer is posted here,  although it is still difficult to follow.


Kevin Heckle (13 Aug 2009)
“Re: Composite Numbers”

Kevin, Hi there. Could you pls explain to me the meaning of composite numbers esp where you refer to BARACK = 387 in your June 19th post? Here you said –

“I do not know if you had noticed that is exactly the composite English value of BARACK at 387!!!!

36 + 216 + 117 + 18 = 387! = DEVIL = BARACK!!!  It doesn’t get any simpler than that!”

Here you only have 4 numbers adding to 387.

Thanks and regards,


Phil, How are things with the family?  Well I hope.   I’m always a little longwinded so bear with me. There are multiple ways to calulate the gematria value of someone’s name.  In fact, every person’s name probably could be made to come out to 666 by one method or the other.  There are programs out there that will check a person’s name by every base and progression up to 666.  For instance, you can plug Barack into the calculator and there are 22 solutions for his first name as being 666.  What I mean by base and progression really only applies to the ORDINAL method where a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5 and so on.  That example has a=1 as a BASE number assigned to the first letter and it has a PROGRESSION of 1.  I call it the Ordinal 1-1 value.  Because we are looking for sixes or triplets of sixes, the most common gematria method out there is a variation of the same thing or the Ordinal 6-6 method where a=6, b=12, c=18, d=24 and so on.  So far, we have the Ordinal 1-1 and the Ordinal 6-6 methods of calculating gematria.  What many people call the Standard method is derived from the old Greek numbering system.  Each Greek letter was assigned a numerical value, with the first nine letters having values 1 through 9, the second nine letters having values 10-90 and the third set 100-800 (there are only 26 letters English).  So A -I = 1-9; J-R = 10-90; and S-Z=100-800.  The last common method is the Standard Reduced or justified system in which the first nine letters = 1-9, the second nine letters = 1-9 and the third set 1-8.  There are other interesting but complicated methods like using the first 26 prime numbers as letter values, or traingular numbers, reversing the number order and so on, but the four most logical and simple methods to understand are the four Ordinal 1-1, Ordinal 6-6, the Standard Method and the Reduced Standard Method.  When myself and others first checked BHO’s name, the Ordinal 1-1 was 163, Ordinal 6-6 was 978, Standard was 793 and Reduced Standard was 64.  Individually, those numbers can be found to have some relationship to 666, but COMPOSITELY (meaning ADDED together) there value is 1998, which is the triplet of 666.    John Tng found that the Composite SUM and DIFFERENCE of Barry SOETORO where 171 – 1026 + 1458 + 63 = 666  While you might think that is contrived, both sets of numbers had some correlation with the factorization of 666.  For instance, 1^6 – 2^6 + 3^6 = 666 which is the same sort of pattern subtracting the second value then adding the rest.  The COMPOSITE SUM and DIFFERENCE of the first three digits (1,2,3) to the 6th power = 666.  That same formula ADDED = 794, just one more than BHOs Standard Value.   2^6 = 64 which is the Reduced value of BHO and 2^6 – 1^6 = 63, the Reduced Value of Barry Soetoro..  2^6+3^6 = 793 the Standard Value of BHO!  When you calculate the composite SUM and DIFFERENCE of BHO the value is 42!  42 is the number of months the antichrist will be given power!   In the specific example that you cited, 36, 216, 117 and 18 it is referring to just his FIRST NAME Ordinal 1-1 (36), Ordinal 6-6 (216), Standard (117) and Reduced (18).  So Barack’s composite value = 387= the value of DEVIL.  However, the most single significant value to me was the fact that calculating BARACK by the simplest and most easily understood method, the Ordinal 1-1 a=1, b=2, c=3, etc., came out to 36.  Add all the digits 1 through 36 and the value is 666.  36 is the square of 6.  36 is the triangular root of 666 [(36x(36+1))/2 = 666.  The Ordinal 6-6 value of BARACK is the CUBE of 6 or 6x6x6, the Standard Value 117 is the sum of 666s simplest divisors 6 x 111=666 6+111=117; the Reduced Standard value 18 is a 666 divisor and the triplet of 6 as well 6+6+6.  The composite sum and difference of BARACK is negative 45.  45 is the Hebrew value of MAN adam.  This is significant!   When you add the two base methods Ordinal (36) and Standard (117) it equals 153!  That is the other mysterious number John penned in the Bible!  When you add the two variations of those methods, Ordinal 6-6 (216) and Reduced Standard (18) it sums to 234 (V.Tan) and the product of 13 x 18 (Revelation 13:18) and 2 x 9 x 13 (2 Chronicals 9:13)!!! The product of the verse position numbers of the ONLY two places in the Bible where the term ‘six hundred threescore and six’ both equal 234!!!!   The property of 666 that is the most conclusive evidence of Barack’s identity unique to 666 is it’s traiangular properties.  All triangular numbers can be reduced to three equal satellite values and one core value.  The three equal satellite values of 666 are 171 totaling 513 leaving a remaining core value of 153! There can be no manipulation of these numbers and can be only these two values of 171 and 153.  171 is the SIMPLE ORDINAL 1-1 value of BARRY SOETORO, occurring 3 times for a total of 513 leaving 153 remaining.  153 is the sum of the two base methods (ordinal 36 and standard 117) of BARACK!!!!  If you reduce the 666 satellite and core values (which each are also triangular) the two values are 36 and 45.  45 occurs 10 times = 450 and 36 occurs 6 times for 216.  The Hebrew value for man (45) 10 times and the English value for BARACK (36) 6 times.  450+216 = 666.  450-216=234!!!! Incidentally, 234 is twice the Standard value of BARACK (117) which is Barack II (Jr.)!!!!! These triangular satellite and core values of 666 can be no other numbers and the exactly match the two names of BARACK!  Remember Barack’s remark about finishing his work on the 72nd and resting on the 73rd?  The 72nd and 73rd triangular numbers are the only numbers in which 666 is the three satellite values.  He works on the 72nd: the core of the 72nd is 630 which is exactly half of the 1260 the antichrist will be given to work (It was his second 72nd).  He rests on the 73rd.  Reducing the core to its parts, it can be found that 55 is at the center and can only be that number (55).   55 is the Ordinal value in both Hebrew and English of SATAN.  It is also the Hebrew Standard value of OBAMA!   The composite method is a tool to see the differences in people’s names, using the same methods.  For instance, my dad’s name has the exact same Ordinal values as Barack Hussein Obama.  Out of the hundreds of names I’ve put through my Excel calculator, no one else matches. How’s that for irony?  I tend to believe God intended that to occur.  However, when you calculate my dad’s Standard value and Reduced Standard value there is a significant difference in the outcome at a composite value of 2331.  While 2331 is related to 666 in that it is 3.5 times 666, my dad does not hold a position of world power, so he cannot be the antichrist.    These same four methods can be applied to Greek and Hebrew.   I hope that answers your question.   In Christ, Kevin Heckle

Written by twelvebooks

August 14, 2009 at 7:39 pm