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(Sept 30, 2009) to Eric and Jimmy Lishman posts EARTHQUAKES!!!!!!

A sign of the end times earthquakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last two days there were two posts in about earthquakes and last night I went to the USGS site and was surprised to find the answer. Also one of the quakes hit 275 miles from Singapore where John Tng lives, quite an answer did he see.


Jimmy Lishman (28 Sep 2009)
“Just ask in HIS will…..and HE showed me!”

Hi John and Doves,

This past weekend in prayer and supplication to the LORD I asked for an indication of HIS coming to encourage all the Doves in our wait.

HE answered me:

“The world says it can identify the seasons, but the LORD says they are missing the mark!

The world calls it climate change, but can’t they see that it is foretold as the birth pains of MY coming, surely the world cannot think that they have the power  to change the climate as rapidly as it is changing! All power is given to ME and it is in MY hand”, said the LORD to me.

O LORD what natural sign can I look into that even a sinfull world has no control over? I humbly asked.

“MY son, the earthquakes are also one of the natural signs of my coming – investigate that!”

I went into the USGS site and collected all the earthquake data for quakes greater than M6 for the past 110 years and plotted it – my jaw dropped!

Quakes averaged about 1-5 per year and a few years 10 all the way from 1900 up until 2001. From 2002 for each year until the end of 2008 the yearly average is 59 – WOW.

I have prepared a graphic illustration(picture and 1000 words etc) and included it with this email for all to see.

Another article after the one above

Eric (29 Sep 2009)
Jimmy Lishman  –  Earthquakes


I’m not sure which page from the USGS site you got your earthquake statistics from, but this graph from that site  shows that the number of earthquakes worldwide of M6 or greater spiked quite a bit starting in 2007 rather than in 2002. But so far, 2009 has only had half the number of > 6M quakes from 2008. There’s going to have to be a whole lotta shakin’ in the next three months if the annual trend is to continue.

2001: 137

2002: 140

2003: 155

2004: 157

2005: 151

2006: 153

2007: 180

2008: 196

2009 (as of Sept. 28): 97

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