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(October19, 2009) Obama vs Orly Taitz case is tainted by Obama?

Deborah (19 Oct 2009)

In a message dated 10/18/2009 5:42:16 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Is there nothing Team Obama cannot corrupt?

Thoroughly disgusting.  The first thing that ran through my mind was:
1) gov’t employees are notoriously Demoncrats.  They believe in BIG GOV’T.
2) Perhaps Judge Carter was deceiving us, indicating this was an important case.  Perhaps he really wants to try the case just so it will be over with officially?…..then all other cases will get dropped?…..and Obama can feel more secure in white house?
But thinking back to that day in court 9/8/9, my gut told me he was joining the david team not the goliath team.  He could have easily derailed the case Oct 5th and dismissed it.  But he didn’t, whereas so many other judges have dismissed.
OK, I remember something.  On 9/8/9 Judge Carter stalled Obama lawyers, because they deliberately waited to file their motion to dismiss on the Friday before 9/8/9, giving Orly Taitz only 3 days to prepare her case.  So Judge Carter said “He didn’t receive it yet, so he couldn’t review it yet, and thus refused to discuss or hear the merits of that motion on 9/8/9……end of discussion.”  So perhaps the Obama team decided to put a stool pigeon in the Judge’s office to make SURE all last minute late filings DO end up on the Judges desk same day????

Folks are you praying daily???  Dr Orly Taitz NEEDS your prayer covering DAILY!  Her very life is being threatened in this David vs Goliath fight.
Is anything too hard for God???


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Sent: 10/18/2009 5:42:16 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Is there nothing Team Obama cannot corrupt?

Carter shows his ethics: hires lawyer from Obama firm, as clerk Oct. 1st

October 17, 2009 by John Charlton


by John Charlton

(Oct. 17, 2009) — In a stunning blow to the impartiality of the American Judicial system, Federal Judge David O. Carter, who is hearing the case Barnett vs. Obama, in the Central District, Southern Division Court at Santa Ana, California, has just hired a lawyer who works for a law firm where Robert F. Bauer, one of Obama’s top lawyers is a partner. And that, just days before the Oct. 5, 2009 hearing on the Motion to Dismiss, in which his demeanor radically changed, according to Dr. Orly Taitz, esq., lead counsel for the Plaintiffs.

Siddharth Velamoor is the lawyer chosen by Carter to serve as one of his two official clerks, from Oct. 1, 2009, till Sept. 30, 2010, according to Wikipedia. Velamoor is listed as an associate with Perkins Coie, LLP’s office in Seattle, Washington. It is not clear if he has broken his relations with the firm.

Robert F. Bauer, is a partner of Perkins Coie, LLP’s office in Washington, D.C.. His bio at the company identifies him as holding the Chair of the Political Law group at the firm; general counsel to Obama’s Campaign for America and general counsel to the Democratic National Committee.

Mr. Bauer’s wife is none other than Anita Dunn, the Whitehouse Communication’s Director.

Mr. Bauer, who represented Obama in a case challenging his eligibility in the spring, wrote a letter on April 3, threatening a citizen if he should continue to seek justice in the courts. You can read more about that case and letter here.

Since it appears that Siddharth Velamoor could be influenced by Perkins Coie, if the case did not go Obama’s way; his presence in Judge Carter’s chambers clearly impugns the integrity of the court, and will be the cause of dismay among the general public.  Indeed since Velamoor will in the near future need a job reference from Perkins Coie, he will always have to be careful not to offend them politically.

This appearance of grave impropriety, leads the objective observer to ask (1) whetherVelamoor has separated his ties with the firm; (2) who suggested to him to apply for a clerkship with Carter; (3) was this before or after the case Barnett vs. Obama was filed; and (4) did Carter know of the relations between Velamoor, Perkins Coie, and Bauer.

Posted from here:
There are also some interesting tidbits in the comment section.
Perhaps Judge Carter had NO SAY in who was appointed as his law clerk.  It’s inconceivable that potential conflict of interest questions are not thoroughly explored in the hiring process. These people are attorneys, they understand conflict of interest.
Whether Judge Carter did this purposely or was forced (or tricked) the implications are terrifying.  Is there nothing Team Obama cannot corrupt?

Written by twelvebooks

October 19, 2009 at 8:58 pm

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  1. The claims that Judge Carter’s choice of a law clerk who worked for the firm of Perkins Coie border on fantasy. Perkins Coie is a firm with fifteen offices, and hundreds of lawyers. The clerk worked in the Seattle office; the lawyer who represented Obama worked in the D.C. office. Taitz’ supporters have no evidence the two ever even talked, let alone that he is some sort of a plant.

    Some posts have suggested that Judge Carter was forced to take this young man as a clerk. This is nonsense. The hiring of a judicial clerk is for the judge alone.

    There are allegations that the clerk will somehow corrupt the judge. Carter has been a Marine, a successful lawyer, and he is an experienced federal judge. Why does the presence of a recent law school graduate suddenly make him so pliable?

    There are allegations that Perkins Coie will try to influence Judge Carter through their former colleague, and that he is somehow susceptible to this pressure. The firm would be risking criminal sanctions, and the clerk risking his career.

    Finally, why would anyone in the Obama camp believe that they needed to resort to this level of nonsense. Orly Taitz has generate a great deal of noise, and advanced a good many claims that have been shredded — like her affidavit that suggested that Attorney General Eric Holder came to the federal court in Georgia and influenced Judge Clay Land. Of course, Holder was in California that day; no one met with Judge Land to try to sway him; and Judge Land specifically raked Orly Taitz over the coals for the suggestion that he had somehow been cowed by government pressure.

    What has shocked the judges in these case is Orly Taitz’ insistence on taking trivial points and turning them into suggestions of criminal corruption. I grope for anything that would involve comparable chutzpah, and I think I have found something comparably disgusting: If Orly Taitz heard a rumor that a rabbi had committed acts unbecoming to his office, would she immediately walk into the synagogue during services to cry out, “You fraud! I know you’re secretly a Hitler worshipping Nazi and a white slaver!”

    That is the equivalent of what Orly Taitz said in accusing Judge Land of meeting with Attorney General Holder to discuss the case.

    Before accusing the rabbi, would Orly Taitz feel she had a responsibility to be certain that the rumor was true?

    Does a lawyer appearing in court in front of a federal judge have a comparable duty to show respect to the judge?

    Orly Taitz did not do the rudimentary checking of seeing if Eric Holder might have been in Columbus, Georgia that day. Instead, she relied on an affidavit by a person of unknown credibility who said that he recognized a person he glimpsed in a coffee shop to be the Attorney General of the United States, because he had seen Mr. Holder on television, and from this Orly Taitz suggested that Judge Land had agreed to be corrupted. This after having been specifically warned not to do this sort of thing!

    Is there no point at which a court can say, “This is too much.”

    Now, Orly Taitz is helping mount bizarre attacks on the character of Judge David Carter, at the very time he has a case pending before him. While Taitz’ supporters are already crying foul, Judge Carter is probably thinking about something: if he does not dismiss this case, he will have to put up with weeks and weeks of Orly Taitz’ tactics.

    The law is not black and white on the issues Judge Carter is considering. To a large degree, he has no law to follow — there has never been a suit like this that produced a clear opinion he can use as a guide. As part of human nature, that leaves him with the question: does he really want to open one of the biggest legal Pandora’s boxes of the century when counsel for the plaintiffs resorts to this kind of tactics?


    October 20, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    • To Westsidedavid:

      Your comment was approved to post because it is well written and has valid observations, specially about the integrity of Judge Carter. I do not know any of the parties to this battle except Mr. Obama and that not in person but of all the info that has been written about him.

      To the readers of this blog I can only say that man’s words and actions can be true as well as lies, deceiving and lying is the realm of those who are sons of Satan, he is the father of lies.

      The thruth is found in the Holy Bible and only there. The reader should understand the big picture and not be bogged down by the details.

      That he is born in Hawaii or in Kenya may have been important prior to the elections or in the first few months after taking office.

      In this blog there has been an innumerable amount of biblical evidence presented to convince the most skeptic of readers about the true identity of this man.

      He is not a Muslim or a communist or a leftist or any of these titles, he is the lawless one, the son of perdition, the Antichrist. Satan is his father and has given the power that he has to his son. They will control the World for a period of seven years which is the tribulation time.

      When his alloted time is finished our Lord Jesus Christ will capture him and his false prophet and trow them in the Lake of Fire. His father Satan will be chained for a thousand years, let loose for some time and finally be sent to the Lake of fire.

      So readers the battles to be fought are for our souls and spirits, not for our bodies, nations or ways of life.

      In Jesus Christ,



      October 20, 2009 at 10:27 pm

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