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Oliver Thomas (28 Apr 2010) “To Kevin Heckle (27 Apr 2010), Enoch’s 364 day year Calendar”

Very good info by Oliver Thomas.


Oliver Thomas (28 Apr 2010)
“To Kevin Heckle (27 Apr 2010), Enoch’s 364 day year Calendar”

Enoch’s 364 day year Calendar

Dear Brother Kevin, I appreciate your detailed and thoughtful studies posted on 5Doves. Thanks for the response; context is definitely an important factor. I agree that the prophecy of the 70 weeks was fulfilled at the cross and there is no missing 70th week. Although, we do differ in respect to the year of Jesus birth and the year of the cross, I can see your approach to interpreting scripture emphasizes reason over speculation. I have done some research on the 364 day calendar and I thought I would share it. As you said the 364 day year is well documented in history, but I think it was only accurate up to the time of the flood.

The calendar before the flood was determined by the Sun, as it is today. In order to track the movement of the sun, ancient people made monuments displaying solar alignments with pillars or portals; and sometimes referred to as the windows of heaven. The Hebrews called these monuments “Matstsebah.” They were usually made of large stones that aligned with the sun on the summer solstice. These monuments are found throughout the ancient world, Stonehenge being the best known.

The invention of the calendar is attributed to Enoch who recorded in detail the yearly cycle in the Book of Enoch. He describes the calendar before the flood as having simplicity and order. In those days the Sun and Moon moved in perfect harmony. The year started at the Spring Equinox and cycled thru a 364 day year. Each month had 30 days except for the 2 months having the summer and winter solstices, and the two months having the spring and fall equinoxes; these months each had 31 days. The solstices and equinoxes happened on the 31st day of those months, and the new moon appeared every 30 and one third days on the first day of each month. Additionally, as you pointed out, the Sabbath days fit perfectly having 52 weeks of 7 days every year.

It isn’t until after the flood that the struggle to reconcile the length of the year and months becomes a problem. Comparing the orbital motion of the Sun and Moon from Enoch’s time to ours, we see that the Earth’s orbit of the sun was a little faster by about 1.24 days per year, and the Moon’s orbit of the Earth was slightly slower by roughly 19 hours each month. This change of orbit has all the earmarks of a major NEO impact event but that’s immaterial, what ever happened God did it, and the result was the great flood. Time was in chaos, months, weeks and days no longer fit the yearly cycle. This chaos probably lasted until the time of Moses when God gave the Hebrews their current calendrical system.

YBIC … Oliver Thomas

Written by twelvebooks

April 29, 2010 at 1:41 am

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