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July 31, 2010 The Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth



Charles Holler (31 July 2010)
“Save $1,000.00 and treat Bed Bug epidemic organically”

Hello John and Doves,
A big thanks to Renee M on her article about bed bugs. Last month I put my grandson on a prayer list for bad swelling and eczema. I was contacted by someone from Doves who sent me to a web site that sells a natural product that works miracles on many health problems, ( thanks for the prayers, the product, and he’s just about totally healed now) and a side use is it kills bed bugs. Please look at this site as I don’t have enough time to tell all the health benefits my nuclear and extended family has received since starting on this very affordable and safe product. It is life changing. Below is the link.
Charles Holler Sr.

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July 31, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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July 29, 2010 Obama and Saudi Arabia

Good information Jim and thank you.


Jim Bramlett (29 July 2010)
My e-mail yesterday converted to video

Dear friends:

Yesterday I forwarded you information about Israeli Avi Lipkin and his revealing interview with Gary Stearman.  Avi revealed a possible,  mysterious connection between Barack Hussein Obama and Saudi Arabia.

Florida Pastor Carl Gallups, who is on my mailing list, has a ministry of producing short (3-5 minute) but powerful videos on Bible and current events subjects.  He decided to make a video of my message and place it on YouTube.

You will find it at  Check it out, and please tell others.  I don’t know how he does it, but Pastor Gallups comes up with fantastic supporting photos and illustrations.

Pastor Gallups, a diligent researcher, has produced many similar videos.  He is the one who produced the highly popular “Did Jesus Reveal the Name of the Antichrist?”  (See


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July 29, 2010 at 10:08 pm

Jim Bramlett (29 July 2010) “Daniel 9:25 –Timeline (From CJ)”

Thank you Jim Bramlet for this copy of the wonderful rendition of the prophecy of Daniel where he gives the exact date of the coming of Jesus the first and the second time, and for the Jubilee count of 50 times 50 = 2,500 years.

The Jubilee is the first year of the next 49 years so Jubilee years occur in multiples of 49 not 50.

Thank you CJ for doing this rendition of the prophecy.


Jim Bramlett (29 July 2010)
Daniel 9:25 –Timeline (From CJ)

From 20-year-old CJ (Corey) on the Rapture in the Air forum, July 28, 2010:


Daniel 9:25…Timeline of the ages!!!

We learn of the solar calendar by observing the sun.

We learn of the prophetic calendar by observing the scripture.

Observing the sun – a solar year has 365.242 days.

Observing the scripture – a prophetic year has 360 days.

What the scripture teaches becomes our insight into Gods prophetic calendar. We learn from the prophecy of the first coming of Messiah.

The prophecy Gabriel delivered to Daniel concerning the coming of Messiah specifies time of His first appearing.

Daniel 9:25

“Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’ and sixty two ‘sevens.’ It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble.
After the sixty two ‘sevens’, the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing.”

Gabriel specifies seven sevens and sixty two sevens from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem till the cutting off of the Messiah.

seven sevens – is the scriptures way of saying the number 49…

seven periods of seven = 7 x 7 = 49

sixty two sevens – is the scriptures way of saying the number 434…

sixty two periods of sevens = 62 x 7 = 434

We now know it was seven sevens (49 prophetic years of 360 days each) and sixty two sevens(434 prophetic years of 360 days each) for a total of 483 prophetic years of 360 days each, from the decree made in the twentieth year of Artaxerxes (445BC) to the year of the cross (32AD).

Even though this is a measurement of 476 solar years, Gabriel calls it 483 years. It is 483 years when the years are measured as 360 day units.

Gabriel is giving the measurements using Gods prophetic units of measurement thereby giving us insight into His prophetic calendar. The prophecy is fulfilled measuring the years as 360 day units.



Jesus foreshadowed the celebration of His redemptive work by giving Israel a special time of celebration called the year of Jubilee.


‘Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.’


‘In this year of Jubilee everyone is to return to his own property.’

Jesus created the year of jubilee and the major feasts when He created time. The mathematical expression of Jubilee is fifty years. Lev. 25 instructs the Israelites to count off seven sevens(49) years and then proclaim the next year as the Jubilee, thereby creating a cycle of fifty years.


Count off seven Sabbaths of years­seven times seven years ­ so that the seven Sabbaths of years amount to a period of forty-nine years. Then have the trumpet sounded everywhere on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement sound the trumpet throughout your land.

Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.

It shall be a jubilee for you; each one of you is to return to his family property and each to his own clan. The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; do not sow and do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the untended vines.

For it is a jubilee and is to be holy for you. Eat only what is taken directly from the fields.


Daniel 9:25

“Know and understand this: from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’ and sixty two ‘sevens’.”

Gabriel’s description of the first coming is seven sevens (49 prophetic years) and sixty two sevens (434 prophetic years) for a total of sixty nine sevens (483 prophetic years) that run consecutively to fulfill the prophecy of the first coming of Messiah.

Sixty nine sevens (483 prophetic years) WITHOUT INTERRUPTION fulfills the prophecy perfectly!

Why did Gabriel separate the sixty nine sevens into two groups of sevens? Why did Gabriel speak seven sevens and sixty two sevens instead of sixty nine sevens when it wasn’t necessary to in regards to the first coming?

Scripture interprets scripture!!

We know exactly what seven sevens is from Lev 25.

It is the number of years counted off to mark the year of Jubilee!!!

Gabriel is giving us a reference point on Gods’ prophetic calendar. He is indicating a Jubilee cycle encoded in Daniel’s prophecy!! WOW



In reference to a year of Jubilee , the cycle of Jubilee is measured from Atonement, which is Tishri 10 on the Hebrew calendar.

If Nisan, 445 B.C is the year of the “decree”, THEN the jubilee that the “decree” occurred in was the fall of 446 B.C on Atonement!!

Now, Atonement in the year 446 B.C was September 27th, 446 B.C because the the astronomical new moon confirmed on Sept 17, 446 B.C, so Atonement is just 10 days later!

Now, measured from Sept.27th, 446 B.C. (Jubilee year begins), the next Jubilee cycle to be fulfilled on Gods’ prophetic calendar is cycle number fifty, or 2500 prophetic years because 50 * 50 is 2500 years!

Just as the prediction of the first coming was measured in prophetic year units of 360 days each, we will observe the same unit of measurement to measure to the next Jubilee.

Start from Sept 27th, 446 B.C., and count 2500 prophetic years forward to the get the FINAL (50th) Jubilee of the prophecy! In order to do this we translate from Gods prophetic calendar into mans’ solar calendar, the exact same procedure followed to recognize the first coming.

Converting into solar years…

2500 prophetic years x 360 days = 900,000 days

900,000 days divided by 365.242 days = 2464.1196 solar years!!!

2464 – 446 = 2017!!! (allowing for no zero on count)

2017 A.D. is the year in which the prophetic Jubilee cycle is fulfilled!!!!!!!!!

Still don’t understand??…

The placement of Daniels seventieth week is based on Gabriel indicating a Jubilee cycle with the words “seven sevens” and Jesus fulfilling Jubilee on His second coming!!

Gabriel specifies the first coming , leaves a gap and then describes the final ‘seven’ prior to the second coming. This is what we know as the famous Daniels seventieth seven. At this time Messiah will come again.

Daniels prophecy covers both the first and second coming!!!!!!

Encoded within the prophecy of Messiahs’ first coming is the key which will unlock knowledge of His second coming! That key is “seven sevens” or Jubilee’s!!!

This wording TELLS US that the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel is in JUBILEE years hence “SEVEN SEVEN(S)” or 49 years!!!

In reference to the first coming the prophecy is accurate from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem given in the twentieth year of Artaxerxes ( 445BC)

In reference to the second coming the same prophecy is providing a key in being accurate to the very year of a Jubilee cycle on Gods’ prophetic calendar.

In order for Jubilee to be fulfilled, the final seven will fit together with the year of Jubilee!!!

So, the Jubilee prophecy count BEGINS with the FIRST JUBILEE of the decree of Spring 445 B.C which is the fall 446 B.C on Atonement AND ends 50 Jubilee’s later at the END of Daniel’s Jubilee prophecy..HIS SECOND COMING!!!!

So, fall of 446 B.C (Jubilee proclaimed) PLUS 2500 prophetic years or 50 Jubilee’s (2464 solar years) bring us to…

Fall 446 B.C PLUS 2464 solar year conversion count brings you to…

Fall 2018, not count zero as a year…the fall of 2017, the ending of the Jubilee count of Daniel’s prophecy that began with the proclamation of the Jubilee in the fall of 446 B.C! During this Jubilee year, the “decree” went fourth in Spring of 445 B.C.!!!!

First jubilee of prophecy – Fall 446 B.C

Last jubilee of prophecy – Fall of 2017 A.D.

Add exactly “50” Jubilee’s (2500 prophetic years) or 2464 solar years brings you to Fall 2017, the second coming!!!

Daniel 9:25 gives us exact year of first coming (Nissan 32 A.D.) and second coming (Tishri 10 2017)!!!!

2017 is fact!!!!!!

(Which minus 7 years = 2010 for the rapture.)

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July 29, 2010 at 10:04 pm

July 28,2010 Is Obama a Muslim? I do not think so, he is the Antichrist!

In the article written by Jim he speaks of Obama being a Muslim. I personally think that his loyalty is to Satan because he is the Antichrist of the Bible, the lawless one, the man of sin, the 666, the abominations of desolation, the willful King and many other names and titles given him in scripture.

Islam and the many countries that are under this religion are prophesied as being destroyed by Israel and the Antichrist is given control of the world.

There will be a false prophet and a false religion, but it will not be Islam. It will be as demonic as Islam but will worship the Antichrist as god.


Jim Bramlett (28 July 2010)
Saudi Arabia: “There will be Muslim in the White House in 2008”

Dear friends:

Avi Lipkin, aka Victor Mordecai, was one of the first to sound the alarm about the worldwide danger of radical Islam.  In 1995, he first published his timely book, “Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat.”

After all these years, many in the U.S. government and the mainstream media still don’t get it.

In 1997 I heard Avi speak at an Orlando briefing and I am honored to have an autographed copy of his book.  The inscription reads:

“February 21, 1997.  Dedicated to you, Jim.  God Bless you!
Dennis Avi Lipkin.  Pen name Victor Mordecai.”

He used a pen name for many years for security reasons.  It is dangerous to tell the truth about Islam, you know.

Avi is an American-born Israeli and has served many years in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), both active duty and reserves.  He is in demand as a guest speaker and has appeared in more than 500 churches and synagogues in many countries.  He has appeared on hundreds of TV and radio stations worldwide.

He is married to Rachel, an Egyptian-born Jewess who immigrated to Israel in 1969 and has worked in Israel’s radio service in Arabic for the last 25 years, monitoring Arabic language broadcasts on TV and radio, as well as in newspapers.

In a recent TV interview with scholar Gary Stearman, Avi says Rachel was picking up broadcasts for years before the 2008 election and the Saudis were saying, “We will have a Muslim in the White House in 2008.”

What?  We have been set up by a Muslim and the King of Saudi Arabia!

Is this why Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia in 2009, to everyone’s shock?  He has since bowed to other foreigners but possibly to cover his earlier faus pax.

Avi points out the fact that almost no one knew who Obama was until 2008.  He only served in the Senate a very short time and most of that time was spent campaigning for President, and without a birth certificate.  He still refuses to reveal that or anything about his past, which he has spent millions to conceal.

The whole thing smells of a set up and still our media do not get it?

Obama’s handlers have pulled off the greatest stunt and scam in history – put an anti-American and Saudi-sponsored Muslim in the White House, thanks to a brain dead American public and news media, all obsessed with skin color and with an American Idol mentality.

Avi states some of the questionable things about Obama’s past and authenticity, and says, “These are questions that I do not understand how the American judiciary is overlooking.”

On January 19th this year, Avi says his wife picked up a broadcast on Nile TV from Egypt.  It was a roundtable discussion, and the Foreign Minister of Egypt (missed name) said that he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, who swore to him that he is a Muslim.  Obama then explained to him all his Muslim family background and practices, then said, “I have a problem with some domestic issues, and as soon as I finish with the health care question you Muslims will see what I will do for Islam regarding Israel.”  (We have seen clear evidence of his nefarious plan for Israel.)

Avi says, “If Allah is the devil, and Islam is of the devil, and your President is a Muslim, what does this say about Christian America and the Jewish state of Israel?  (I would add, what does that say about Obama’s master?)

Avi adds, “By the way, it is a commandment in Islam to deceive the infidel, a commandment to lie — to say that he is a Christian when he is not a Christian.  He is really there to represent Saudi interests.”

See his 28-minute interview at

I used to think that Obama’s puppet master was George Soros, and he is still probably a major factor, but his Saudi connection is also persuasive, and disturbing.  For more information on Obama’s connection with Saudi Arabia, google “Obama + Saudi + connection,” and you will get a lot, such as .


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July 28, 2010 at 10:50 pm

Jim Bramlett (28 July 2010) “Something else pointing to 2010”

More info from Jim about the Rapture.


Jim Bramlett (28 July 2010)
Something else pointing to 2010

Dear friends:

In 1994, I documented an angel visitation where the angel mysteriously used the figure $2.34. I could never prove it but I have always felt that the number 234 was not random or arbitrary, but had some prophetic significance. So for all these last 16 years I have been very much aware of that number.

Now this year I am reminded that the birth of America was in 1776, which plus 234 years = 2010!

Could that be the meaning? Did it point to the end of America, at least as we have known it?

The angel story, in fact all of those that I documented, related to the Lord’s soon return. Could the Lord have given us a clue as to His timing in one of those encounters? Very possible.

For the angel story, see my Web site, Encounter # 3 at


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July 28, 2010 at 4:18 pm

July 28, 2010 Rapture Day is Near!

More information from CJ about the Rapture in July or early August of this year 2010.

Thank Jim for this post.


Jim Bramlett (28 July 2010)
The latest from CJ

The below is the latest from now 20-year-old Corey (“CJ”) on the Rapture in the Air Web site.  He is the one who stressed the importance of  Tu B’Av (July 26, 2010) as a key rapture date, but always said the harvest window could go into August.  See photos below.

From Corey, July 27, 2010:

The first ripe grapes are occurring NOW! We are officially in the middle of Micah 7! It’s time!

Daniel Matson did an excellent chart posted by Scugger…

Exactly 2000/360 days years from the beginning of the church age (June 1st, 32 A.D.) lands on 1st of Elul 2003, beginning the last 7 years for gentiles (Leah)…then 7 years later…7 years of Rachel (Jewish tribulation) begins in 2010!

Sandy Armstrong told me that IN 2003 (coincidentally?), the Lord spoke to him telling there are 14 years left before my kingdom comes (7 for Gentiles…2003 – 2010) and 7 for Israel (2010 – 2017!) 14 years!

He was told this is 2003 that there are 14 years left! 2010 is the ending of the 7 years for Leah (Gentile) that began in 2003! Now begins Israel’s last 7 years (Rachel) the tribulation! PERFECT!


Now, the 2000/360 day years from church age in 32 A.D. end exactly in 2003?!

So, the rapture is clearly this year!

It is still clearly in the Summer

It is still clearly at TIME of beginning of Fruit harvest in Israel (first ripe grapes) which is the month of AV!!!!

July/August! In September, the grape harvest would be in full force, about to end! The rapture is in July/August!

I obtained this photo from the father’s Facebook page and have his permission to share it.


(1) Jesse Fields, (2) older brother Travis Fields, and (3) Corey Fields. Photo made about three years ago so all have matured some and no doubt look slightly older now.

The boys’ father, Jeff, says, “Corey’s writings are of a cumulative nature, based on dialogue between the two of them (Corey and Jesse) …. My oldest son Travis, middle, below, is Corey’s and Jesse’s mentor. He is the original model for their behavior and outlook before knowledge of God’s word. He is also a serious Christian.

Thank you, Lord, for this godly family!

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July 28, 2010 at 4:15 pm

Bruce Baber (27 July 2010) “Remember Rabbi Kaduri’s prophecy as we watch and wait” Jesus Returns

This video is about the rabbi of Israel that gave Yeshua as the name of the Messiah, and said that He was coming after the death of Ariel Sharon.


Bruce Baber (27 July 2010)
Remember Rabbi Kaduri’s prophecy as we watch and wait

On June 30th, I posted the following link.  In it, the name of the Messiah was revealed to Rabbi Kaduri who was 108 when he died.  Before Rabbi Kaduri died in 2006, the aged rabbi had a vision of who the Messiah was and in addition, the rabbi gave a prophecy that the Messiah would come after Ariel Sharon had died.

I have copied something for you to watch.  Awesome! FYI: Ariel Sharon is still in a coma as I write this.

Today, on Tu B’Av (July 26th) I am watching to see if there are any new updates on Ariel Sharon.  I don’t know how much longer we have to wait.  Time appears to be short.

Luke 21:36“Watch you therefore, and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

Zephaniah 2:2-3, “Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the  Lord  come  upon you, Seek you the Lord all you meek of the earth, which have wrought His judgment: seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be you shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.”

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July 28, 2010 at 3:34 am