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July 6, 2010 A Catalog of Evidence – Concerned Americans Have Good Reason to Doubt that Putative President Obama Was Born in Hawaii

A thorough investigation of the issue of Obama’s qualifications to be president of the USA.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Catalog of Evidence – Concerned Americans Have Good Reason to Doubt that Putative President Obama Was Born in Hawaii

A Catalog of Evidence – Concerned Americans Have Good Reason
to Doubt that Putative President Obama Was Born in Hawaii

by: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

Originally Posted: April 25, 2010
Last Update: June 24, 2010 (P#36)

Written by twelvebooks

July 6, 2010 at 10:34 pm

July 6, 2010 “Another Man of God Calls America to Prayer: Charles Stanley”

Deborah (6 July 2010)
“Another Man of God Calls America to Prayer: Charles Stanley”

Finally some men of God with a national presence are waking up to the severe dangers America faces and is calling American Christians to intercede for this Nation.

Dawn Dominick (5 July 2010)
“Prayer for America – 140 Days!”

This is a very good thing to do–our only hope!

Prayer for America – 140 Days!

By Terry James

When I awoke at 2:30 Sunday morning, Dr. Charles Stanley’s message was still resounding in my ears. I couldn’t go back to sleep. The message was superb; I’ve never heard a better one on behalf of America’s disposition relative to God’s framework of dealing with the nations of the world.
The sermon was low-key. His voice never rose above one-on-one conversational level. Every word hit its mark. America is in deep, deep trouble. The only solution is God’s people turning in repentance to the Lord Jesus Christ –to God.

The United States is being moved with swiftness, by tactics not unlike those employed by Lenin in the early 20th Century. Our children and grandchildren will, if we fail to do something to alter course, live in a profoundly changed America, and become slaves to taskmasters who, like in Russia, held all of the fruits of the people’s slave labor for themselves.

This is being done through executive fiat, with the almost totally non-resistant abdication of duty by our representatives, who are charged constitutionally with the responsibility of protecting us against those who would rule over us in a hard-fisted manner, rather than serve us as the Constitution’s framers intended.

Responsibility for the state of America’s fearful slide toward irrecoverable decline and fall lies at the doorstep of the Church –those of us who name the name of Christ. Judgement, God says, begins at the house of God.

The truth within Dr. Stanley’s appeal is the only antidote to the immorality and decadence that poisons our republic –that has created a welfare class that has bankrupted this once productive country. We must, as God’s people –born again children of the Living God– humble ourselves and pray. We must seek the Face of God. We must turn from wickedness. If not, our way of life, in the finest sense of American liberty and the pursuit of happiness– might be lost forever.

Dr. Stanley asked every one in his church congregation, and everyone watching by television or listening by radio to commit to pray daily for America. He asks that we do so for 140 days. –Just a daily prayer for America, however in-depth we will commit to pray to our Heavenly Father.
Todd and I believe this is a reaction by God’s people the Lord will honor, and subsequently begin moving this nation once again toward the kind of nation the founding fathers intended to construct–a people who can say honestly “In God we trust”.

Please, to those who name the name of Jesus Christ, pray diligently for America every day for the next 140 days in whatever way you choose to do so.

Dr. Stanley asked that we go to –his website, and there find a place to let him know we agree to do this. You can also listen to his wonderful speech about the state of our union and what we can do about it. I ask that you do this. It will serve as a central point of agreement that we want God, not a future tyrant to rule over us.

The Rapture of the Church is coming. It looks like it could take place any second. However, we are to occupy until Jesus Calls us to Himself, and we want to hear Him say to each of us “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

We can best serve him under freedom to worship. We can best get out the Gospel under liberty provided by a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.

Please –go to and make the commitment to pray for America each and every day for the next 140 days.

Written by twelvebooks

July 6, 2010 at 3:32 pm

Deborah (6 July 2010) “Ariel Sharon is our Methuselah?”

As you prophecy followers know, Israel is God’s key to unlocking the time when prophecy is to be fulfilled.

In this case two Israeli citizens death are marking for Israel the time of the coming of the Messiah and who He is.

The article explains how. Methuselah was the last of the antediluvian patriarchs that had to die before the flood could start, see the book of Genesis and also in this blog articles about Noah’s arc being discovered in the Suleiman mountains of Iran.


Deborah (6 July 2010)
Ariel Sharon is our Methuselah?

When Methuselah died, the Flood came.  When Ariel Sharon dies, the Lord will come?

Paul Wilson (5 July 2010)
“RE: Powerful hint as to the timing of Jesus’ return!”

so he is our Methuselah we at the dove were right.

Jim Bramlett (3 July 2010)
“Powerful hint as to the timing of Jesus’ return!”

Dear friends:

Most of you probably remember the revered rabbi in Israel who died about 4 years ago at the age of 108 who, before he died, said that the Messiah had appeared to him and revealed His name.

The rabbi wrote down the name, but asked that it not be revealed until one year after his death.  True to his request, in 2007 the name he wrote was revealed as YEHOSHUA, OR YESHUA, the Hebrew words transliterated from Hebrew to the Greek Iesous, to the English Jesus.

This should have been banner headlines all over the world!  But not surprisingly, the astonishing news got scant mention in the media, probably because God’s revelations are only for those to “have ears to hear.”   Most people would not want to hear it.  Jewish authorities seemed to be in denial that the Messiah’s name is Jesus.   He did not fit their expectations 2,000 years ago and apparently He still does not fit them today.

A new 4:48-minute video by Pastor Carl Gallups reveals details of the story that I had missed or forgotten  You will find it fascinating.  It is at

Oh, I almost forgot.  What is the hint to the timing of Jesus’ return?

The rabbi said that the Messiah revealed to him that He would return soon after the death of Ariel Sharon!

With odd timing, just the other day I remembered that Ariel Sharon has been in a coma and a vegetative state since January 2006, but is still alive, and it occurred to me that this bizarre situation must have some prophetic significance.  This must be it!   If the rabbi accurately heard from the Lord, Sharon’s death will be a major prophetic time marker.

Based on this, when you hear of Sharon’s death, get ready to meet the Lord, as He will be at the door!


Written by twelvebooks

July 6, 2010 at 3:24 pm