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July 28, 2010 Rapture Day is Near!

More information from CJ about the Rapture in July or early August of this year 2010.

Thank Jim for this post.


Jim Bramlett (28 July 2010)
The latest from CJ

The below is the latest from now 20-year-old Corey (“CJ”) on the Rapture in the Air Web site.  He is the one who stressed the importance of  Tu B’Av (July 26, 2010) as a key rapture date, but always said the harvest window could go into August.  See photos below.

From Corey, July 27, 2010:

The first ripe grapes are occurring NOW! We are officially in the middle of Micah 7! It’s time!

Daniel Matson did an excellent chart posted by Scugger…

Exactly 2000/360 days years from the beginning of the church age (June 1st, 32 A.D.) lands on 1st of Elul 2003, beginning the last 7 years for gentiles (Leah)…then 7 years later…7 years of Rachel (Jewish tribulation) begins in 2010!

Sandy Armstrong told me that IN 2003 (coincidentally?), the Lord spoke to him telling there are 14 years left before my kingdom comes (7 for Gentiles…2003 – 2010) and 7 for Israel (2010 – 2017!) 14 years!

He was told this is 2003 that there are 14 years left! 2010 is the ending of the 7 years for Leah (Gentile) that began in 2003! Now begins Israel’s last 7 years (Rachel) the tribulation! PERFECT!


Now, the 2000/360 day years from church age in 32 A.D. end exactly in 2003?!

So, the rapture is clearly this year!

It is still clearly in the Summer

It is still clearly at TIME of beginning of Fruit harvest in Israel (first ripe grapes) which is the month of AV!!!!

July/August! In September, the grape harvest would be in full force, about to end! The rapture is in July/August!

I obtained this photo from the father’s Facebook page and have his permission to share it.


(1) Jesse Fields, (2) older brother Travis Fields, and (3) Corey Fields. Photo made about three years ago so all have matured some and no doubt look slightly older now.

The boys’ father, Jeff, says, “Corey’s writings are of a cumulative nature, based on dialogue between the two of them (Corey and Jesse) …. My oldest son Travis, middle, below, is Corey’s and Jesse’s mentor. He is the original model for their behavior and outlook before knowledge of God’s word. He is also a serious Christian.

Thank you, Lord, for this godly family!

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July 28, 2010 at 4:15 pm

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