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Great article Kevin Heckle. “Have the Terrorists Won? The Fear Game”

Great article Kevin Heckle.


Kevin Heckle (10 Sep 2010)
“Have the Terrorists Won?  The Fear Game”

The Fear Game

The Islamic followers and terrorists have succeeded in their efforts. Those who are fearful of what the Muslims may do all over the world, because of one man in Florida burning some paper, have been transformed by the Muslim agent of change: TERRORISM. That is the whole purpose of terrorism: to cause change with fear. All of America, including and especially the President should be behind this American’s Constitutional right to free speech. Where is the uproar in the Muslim world when a Christian convert is executed in Saudi Arabia for forsaking Islam or thrown in jail for distributing Bibles. It is Saudi law based in their constitution, which is the Koran. That Koran tells them to execute converts from Islam to Christianity. That Koran declares all infidels must convert to Islam or die.

Maybe the one man in Gainesville has more courage than any person in the non-Islam world as he has stated, ‘When is enough enough?’, with this stunt. Capitulating to terrorist caused fear admits that terrorism is the superior agent of change, to be emulated by all who want to force their way on the non-violent.

I do stand with Christianity proclaiming Jesus is the Lord of Lords. Jesus stood against evil to His death, for our sakes.  Folks have asked, “WWJD?”  He is the same person as when Elijah called upon the Lord to rain down fire upon the idolators.

I stand for this man’s right, not only for the sake of our American Constitutional freedoms, but mostly for not conforming to the Islamic terrorist-caused fear and calling Islam for what it is, ‘of the devil’.  We modern Christians  would do well to ignore some of our modern sensibilities, political correctness, etc., and become a little more passionate about truth, right and wrong as well as openly espousing Jesus as the Lord of Lords.  Is it love for your neighbor to tolerate his/her idolatrous advances into our society so as to ‘just get along’?  True, we should be peacable among others.  However, the Bible also says that we should be separated from non-believers.  What deliniates the Christian separation approach from the Muslim is that the Muslim faith doesn’t just want its followers to remain separated, it calls for the death of the unconverted.

Is the man disrespectful, crazy, religious fanatic, etc.? Maybe. Whatever the motivation of the man in Gainesville is, is between him and God. I do not know the man’s heart. Has he capitulated and conformed to the Islamic terrorist model of fear? Not yet.

My fear is, those most fearful of Islam will force the man in Gainesville to conform to their fears. He will be arrested on some trumped-up charge before his non-violent choice to burn some religious papers is allowed to happen. If he is stopped, I assure you that the Muslim extremists will be dancing victory celebrations in the streets of southwest Asia and confiding in each other, “It’s working! Allah be praised!” as they raise our burning flag and stomp a smoldering Bible.

Kevin Heckle


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September 10, 2010 at 3:59 pm

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