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Sept 14, 2010 An Interview with Mark Biltz About The Sings In The Heavens (Eclipses)

this interview with Mark Biltz a messianic Jew is about the signs in the heavens that God has placed to mark His major dealings with men.

They are prophetic and very important if we want to understand the timings of the things that are coming.


Chelsea Brown (14 Sep 2010)
Mark Blitz and the Eclipse Signs

Interesting remarks from Mr Blitz who discovered the eclipse signs. The “lights” were listed as made by God, FIRST as signs, and SECOND for seasons. (Gen 1:14). As Mr Blitz explains, the word seasons refers to Jewish feast days, the appointments they had with HIM. The two are closely tied together, signs and seasons.

TheĀ  total solar eclipses which all fell on 1 Av in years 2008-9-10 and the Tetrad Lunar eclipses upcoming in 2014-5 which all fall exactly on the Jewish Holy days are discussed. Twenty minutes.

Written by twelvebooks

September 14, 2010 at 6:06 pm