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Robert Rose (27 Sep 2010) “Israel orders MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FUEL… READYING FOR WAR”

This news is very important due to the shelf live of the jet fuel.

Israel would not spend this money which would become useless in a short period of time if they were not sure of their 100% need of it in this time frame. Thank you for the post Robert Rose


Robert Rose (27 Sep 2010)

Found this on a website:

Three weeks ago the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) published a notice, as it is legally required to do, announcing that Israel has ordered massive quantities of various fuels suitable for military use, and in the case of the order for JP-8 jet fuel, suitable only for military use.

The massive order is valued at some $2 billion and, as well as the 284 million gallons (1.075 billion litres) of JP-8 jet fuel, the order also includes 60 million gallons (227 million litres) of unleaded gasoline and 100 million gallons (378 million litres) of diesel fuel.

Conclusion: They are preparing for something.

You don’t buy 2 billion $ worth of gas for nothing.

The shelf life of JP-8 is about 6-8 months…

So war it is within that timeframe.

That’s quite a bit of fuel for a military the size of Israel.


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September 27, 2010 at 4:23 pm

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