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Sept 30, 2010 The Joy of Communication with Jesus

This post is about something personal. Many times I have written about the importance to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus.

Most people think that communication with God is a one way deal. Most people communicate in their minds and it is a telepathic thing. Everybody wants their prayer answered although they may think that it is not heard.

If you are a believer and walk in His Word, it becomes very clear that the more we study the Bible the more we know about its author, although that is true in any personal relationship that we have, humans are imperfect and many of this facts that we learn are not always increasing the admiration for that person. It is obvious that this is not the case with Jesus. With Him the more we know the more that we admire and love Him. That is why it is so important to study the Word as much as possible.

He is the inventor of all tongues in existence in he Universe, including those of angels, and He has dealt with humans and angels for many thousand of years.

To some humans He has spoken verbally and to others He has appeared in person. That may not be your case or mine, but there are other forms of communication that can be as effective and that can elicit a response from Jesus that can be understandable to us.

Today I had such a communication with Jesus and here is the story.

My son’s office is closing in Miami and moving to Dallas Texas. They offered him a job there and he accepted.

This morning he was getting ready to leave by car and my wife and me with him started the Lord’s prayer and a blessing for a safe trip and a good job opportunity there.

After the prayer I took a bottle of Windex and some paper towels and went outside to clean his windshield wipers.

While doing this my daughter that lives in Fort Lauderdale calls me that the car in front of hers is the same brand as hers but black and when she looked at the license plate the number was 777 YDV.

777 is the number of God

Y  is and in Spanish or the first letter of Yahweh

DV are the first initials of my compounded last name.

I told her what we were doing and I had her on speaker to talk to all of us.

Gods timing is always perfect and His answer to our prayers was within a few minutes.


Written by twelvebooks

September 30, 2010 at 5:37 pm