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Daniel Matson (6 Nov 2010) Time Line of the Rature and the Tribulations

Daniel Watson I have posted all your time lines and references in this blog. It appears that this may be your last post as well as mine, and of all the Jesus Christ church members. The Bible has been a source of comfort and inspiration to billions of people through the ages of man, and it shall keep inspiring even if we are gone.

If the Rapture does not occur in the following days we have to keep witnessing and praying for the lost and for our families.

Hope that your analysis as well as the many people that are acting as watchman are correct and fulfilled in the next few days.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful interpretations with us.


Daniel Matson (6 Nov 2010)
The Modified Sequence of Events

The Modified Sequence of Events  


November 6, 2010 – Daniel Matson –

With little time left and the puzzle pieces coming together, it is time to write a summary view of what may soon come and the order in which it will occur. In essence it follows the book except with some initial changes at the very beginning. This is basically the highlights and not a detailed breakdown. This outline is mostly for those left behind, provided this is correct, of course.

The first thing will be the removal of all believers in Jesus Christ called the Rapture. If the timelines have been correct, then the only days left that this might occur is Sunday or Monday (November 7 or 8, 2010) to leave the necessary time of 2,520 days available for the 70th Week of Daniel until the Day of Atonement 2017. It would appear then that Daniel 9:27 speaks of Messiah confirming his covenant promise to the Church at the onset of the 70th Week. For the remaining seven years, Israel goes through the process of being grafted back into the Olive Tree (Romans 11). Christ will then confirm the covenant when He returns to save Israel.

However, once the Church is removed, so is the restraint on evil. Naturally Israel’s neighbors will invade as per the Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 War. Initially this had been thought to occur between the Rapture and the Seven Year Treaty with the Antichrist. However, that gap of time is no more and if Messiah is the “he” of the Seven Year Covenant in Daniel 9:27, then the Antichrist does not have to appear on the scene in full power at the onset of the 70th Week. Instead this allows for what Grant Jeffrey has long taught that Ezekiel’s War seems to conclude on Hanukkah as found in Haggai 2:20-22. Hanukkah will come on December 1, 2010. If the Rapture is to occur in the next few days, this timing would easily work. Also, it is interesting since the weapons of the invaders will be burned by Israel for seven years. Seven years from Hanukkah 2010 results in Hanukkah 2017, which has been pointed out to be day 1335 from the middle of the 70th Week and a day of great blessing for those reaching the Millennium (Daniel 12).

Therefore, after the Rapture and the collapse of Russia, the Islamic Countries, and most likely the United States and Britain via Ezekiel’s War, power will shift and be swallowed up by the countries from the former Roman Empire. This will be European as well as include parts of the Middle East. Ten worldwide kingdoms will form and then the Antichrist will arise and take total control. In the middle of the 70th Week (April 20, 2014–Feast of Firstfruits) will be the Abomination of Desolation. The sacrifices will be stopped and then the Antichrist will come and demand that his image be worshipped in the Temple.  It is then that all people of God in Israel and probably everywhere else will need to flee to find refuge. This will last 1,260 days until Messiah is victorious on the Day of Atonement 2017. Also there is a period of 2,300 evenings and mornings (1150 days) that spans from the Temple being brought low on Av 10, 2014 until the day of Atonement 2017 (Daniel 8).

But before the Day of Atonement is the Feast of Trumpets when Christ will return and fight in Armageddon and the various campaigns over the “Ten Days of Awe” until the Day of Atonement. Christ will fulfill all three of the fall feasts at this time.

So the basic outline has only changed in Rapture positioning and Ezekiel’s War to inside the initial time of the 70th Week. Will it all go down as proposed? If 2,520 days are to stay inside of 70 years from the rebirth of Israel, there is only hours left. Indeed with Venus returning at this moment to Morning Star status after 11 months and at the new moon when the trumpet is sounded, it may be the time. If it is not the time of the Rapture, it sure seems like it must be soon because world chaos seems to be knocking on the door…at any moment.

Written by twelvebooks

November 6, 2010 at 8:58 pm

Mike Curtiss (6 Nov 2010) “Obama’s Links to the Occult, Pagan and Satanic Shrines Explodes”

That Obama is connected to the occult as referred in this article is a natural conclusion if he is the Antichrist as many already know of this man.


Mike Curtiss (6 Nov 2010)
Obama’s Links to the Occult, Pagan and Satanic Shrines Explodes



Dear Doves,
I’m posting news linking Hussein to satanic, pagan and occult practices as they are discovered by my searches. Apparently, this article first appearred in the British press. Why do you think this information is not available to voters here in the USA? I have my suspections, you can make your own. Anyway, this article tells us much more than it’s title.
First, Hussein’s family is replete with witchcraft and the dark arts. Hussein also twice broke promises he made with them. We are warned from scripture that the AC will me familiar with the dark power’s pagan and satanic passages from his youth.
By his travel plans, Hussein betrays a continuing relationship with dark powers and dark arts. In August 2008, Hussein travelled to Berlin where archeologists have painstakinly restored and displayed the Throne Room of Zues/Satan retrieved by the German Kaiser. After visiting the Paragamon Museum, Hussein’s politic fortunes soared. He never lost another primary to Hillary Clinton. More importantly, cries of messiah and christlikeness began to be heard at Hussein’s political events. Most disturbingly, the campaign events began to regularly feature a ressurrection event. During these episodes, Hussein would observe a member of the crowd lose conciousness and/or collapse. The farse that followed would include almost word for word Hussein calmly taking control, urging the crowd to get back and give him air, etc, Hucksters, like Benny Hinn suddenly needed to change their shtick. Toward the end of the campaign recordings reveal the candidate clearly growing bored with all the bother and drama.
Hussein continues to visit sites of occultic and satanic worship. The trip just embarked upon to the Far East includes at least three known occult sites. One located in India is the tomb of ancient moslem emperor. Another, located in Indonesia is a site reserved exclusively for moslem visits. The final temple’s located in Java, is where pagan sun kings from 300-900 AD climbed to the top of a pryamid and screamed loudly; “I’m the ruler of this world”  upon ascending to the throne.
Consider Hussein credited Saul Olinsky’s book ‘Handbook for Radical’s’
for his political successes. The author dedicated his book to Lucifer, because Lucifer alone won himself a kingdom.
Now, read the article about the Obama families direct connection to pagan witchcraft. His grandfather was the village shaman. The author notes the presence of a shrine located in the family home built to worship Barack Hussein Obama. The Bible tells us that the AC will understand dark powers and dark sentences. I believe our President meets all those requirements.
In the Agape Love of Jesus Christ,
Mike Curtiss

Mike Curtiss (6 Nov 2010)
Hussein’s Visiting Hanuman Temple in New Delhi


Dear Doves,

When I checked the itinerary, I found the ultimate temple that Hussein must be going to India to visit. Basically, Read down the page for the specifics that make this temple the only place Hussein, the moslem can attend and keep everyone (hindus, sikhs and moslems) happy.

Basically, alone among Buddism and Hindu temples, this temple exists to worship Hanuman, the monkey god. He hates Saturn, which is the potential spiritual site of the Throne Room of Jesus Christ.  Hussein carrie’s a pocket figurine of Hanuman. His temple alone has a cresent moon over the tower making it halal to moslems.

The Emperor was pleased with Tulsidas and presented the Hanuman temple with an Islamic crescent Moon finial which adorns the temple spire.[1] It is also claimed that because of the crescent moon symbol on the spire, the temple was not destroyed by the Muslim rulers who invaded India at various times.[1]

I have written extensively about Hanuman on Five Doves.


Written by twelvebooks

November 6, 2010 at 8:32 pm