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Nicole (7 Dec 2010) “Don’t think the One World Government is Coming Soon? Don’t think the Rapture is Soon?”

Nicole this is a very extensive list of proof of the times we are in. I will try to follow most of your links as they appear to be very interesting, in the mean time I am posting them for the readers use.


Nicole (7 Dec 2010)
“Don’t think the One World Government is Coming Soon?  Don’t think the Rapture is Soon?”

Dear Doves, I know some of you are watching for the rapture and may not want to be distracted.   For those you know who are on the fence, who are lukewarm and who may think these things are OK, here are some witnessing tools for you.   Be warned, these are subjects not for the faint of heart.

Fair Use for Discussion or Educational Purposes

One World Religion & Blue Beam Project – Websites

One World Government Set up – Websites/Articles

One World Government – Antichrist commercials & Ads in the media (Disturbing!)

One World Government – Biochip/One Currency

One World Government – Alien Agenda, Transhumanism & Nephillim Stargates (to deceive about the Rapture)

6 Part Video

12 Part Video

Why did Obama go to India? To check on the status of implementing the mark of the beast! And to get the supernatural help in order to start the process in the USA. How? By dumbing us down with the TSA making us think it is for security purposes!
1) In 2005 Bill Gates started on an aggressive plan for India with the IT Minister.
2) May 2005 India launches pilot Biometric ATM
3) May 2009 Bill Gates, Oprah, George Soros, David Rockefeller meet to talk population control. (Note, David Rockefeller wants the chip implanted in Americans – see Aaron Russo video);read=147610
Notice how shortly after, Oprah puts full nudity in her magazines. Hmm, dumbing down for the scanners?
3) April 2010 India Launched a Biometric ID system which is VOLUNTARY however it will be needed to have a bank account! LOL
4) September 29, 2010 India’s cab drivers are now using biometrics
5) October 6, 2010 India sets up MeritTrac which is biometric testing authentication
6) November 2010 Obama goes to India during the implementation!
7) TSA implements nude scanners or molestation in the USA around and during Obama trip to India.

And here is a page for a website called PLANET BIOMETRICS!
LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!
See the picture of the HAND to the right!
Indian biometric ID could aid food delivery