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Dec 18, 2010 The missing years in the Jewish calendar

This program of Prophecy in the News is a daily update video that was discussing the Chart of six millenia at the end of J.R. Church’s new book Daniel Reveals the Bloodline of the Antichrist. Both him and Gary Stearman talked about the fact that the Jews have eliminated 60 years from their calendar and that he was born in 2008 BC not 1948 BC. This is important for the Jews to correct their calendar. In his book he has a chapter that covers totally the years missing in the Jewish calendar. I recommend to everyone interested in Scripture to read this well thought and written book.


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December 18, 2010 at 9:55 pm

Elliot Hong (18 Dec 2010) “The Coronation, 888 and the Upcoming Christmas”

This post by Elliot Hong is a continuation of the one before. In that one I had a confirmation of the 888 by license plate 888 XXY and posted it in here.


Elliot Hong (18 Dec 2010)
The Coronation, 888 and the Upcoming Christmas

Dear Doves:

Appreciation for Nicole and Nando for your wonderful confirming letters.

Five Doves is like a great orchestra that everyone contributes playing a symphony.
I’m sure the Lord is very pleased for our collaboration.

The more I think about the upcoming Christmas, the more I’m convinced that it could be the Day.
Dec.21 is a very promising day too because of the total Lunar Eclipse of the red full moon and the Winter Solstice, but
it could be a 3 day warning.

1) As I wrote in my previous letter, Christmas is not the real birthday of Yeshua, but it was Dec.25, 2BC that the king
star, Jupiter stopped over Bethlehem and Jesus was worshipped by those wise men as the King of kings.

I believe it’s a shadow of the Coronation of Yeshua  which will take place before the Throne when the Brides are
raptured as it is written in Revelation 4-5.
Then the Lamb will begin to open the Seals.

And those wise men are a shadow of the spirit filled wise virgins who passionately watch and search to meet the King.

Therefore, Dec.25 is the significant day to celebrate, especially for the Brides.

2) I firmly believe that the 8.8 Concepcion Chile earthquake was indeed the sign symbolizing the conception of a man child
of Revelation 12.

Some scholars interpret a man child as Jesus, but it doesn’t make sense because Revelation is the Book of things to
come in the future given by the Lord for the Church.

It is written in Galatians 4:6 that the Saints are sons of G-d, and the Brides will return with the Lord to rule all nations
with a rod of iron.

And since the Church conceived by Jewish Christians and the Word of the Lord went forth from Jerusalem, it’s correct
that the woman(Israel) brought forth a man child(the Bride).

3) 42, the number of dead during the recent Hanukkah fire in Israel was a clear sign that 42 weeks should be applied
for the human gestation rather than 40 weeks.

42 represents Advent and there were 42 generations from Abraham to Yeshua, and the Brides are the overcomers
who are imputed for righteousness through their strong faith as like Abraham.

42 weeks from Feb.27 is Dec.17/18, Tevet 10.
Jean Stepnoski wrote that Tevet 10 is a kind of mini Yom Kippur, and the importance of this day shouldn’t be ignored.
Especially Tevet 10 this year is Shabbat.

We should be very alert everyday from now on to see any definite warnig sign appears.
And as it is written in Revelation 12:4, “and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for
to devour for child as soon as it was born,” the Brides should be extremly careful not to fall into any wile of the devil
during this period.
Each Bride should stay put in the garden of Gethemane to prepare for the final moment just like Jesus went through
before He went to the Cross.
This is extremly important !!!
The Lord warns that some Brides will be devoured by the dragon even during this short period !!!

4) Yeshua was presented in the temple 8 days after the birth.
Likewise, the Brides(Temples) will be presented(dedicated) to G-d 8 days from Tevet 10, and it’s Dec.25/26.

8 represents New Birth, New Beginning and the Eternity.

Mike Curtiss posted several profound letters emphasizing the importance of the 8th day of Hanukkah, “Zot Hanukkah,”
which means “final seal.”
He explains that EIGHT represents a higher spiritual level, the step beyond the nature and the physical level.

On the 8th day of Sukkot, Jews observe Shemini Atzeret and Simhat Torah that celebrate the eternity of Torah.
(Some observe Simhat Torah on the 9th day of Sukkot)

There are so many verses related to the number 8 in the Bible, and it is indeed the golden Key that unlocks the
secrets of G-d.

If 8 is so significant, how superlative 888 could be !

Greek Gematria for JESUS is 888.
When Kelly had a vision of 888, the voice she heard speaking said, “I HAVE NO BEGINNING, I HAVE NO END, I AM” and

From the first day of Hanukkah to Christmas this year is 24 days, 8+8+8.
From the Concepcion earthquake to Christmas is 42 weeks plus 8 days, and since the magnitude of the Concepcion
earthquake was 8.8, it makes a 888 too.
I’m positive that this finding is what the voice of “FIND THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE THREE EIGHTS” meant.

5) As Fay posted, I agree that the Christmas Island incident is another definite sign.

It’s absolutely overwhelming to see how many amazing signs appeared this year alone.
Earthquakes of 4.4 4:4 on Nisan 1, Concepcion in Chile, Pentecost Island, Puerto Rico meaning Port(Gate) of Rich,
Christchurch, Ascension Island, and then Easter Island Eclipse, the completion of 33 Chile miners rescuing on the 70th day,
the Sun Exploding on 12/12 12:12, the Christmas Island incident, etc.

What else do we need?

Looking forward the day that all Doves sing Christmas carol before the Lord!

See you soon,


Written by twelvebooks

December 18, 2010 at 8:18 pm

Dec 18, 2010 Blood Red Lunar Eclipse Dec 21 and Winter Solstice Day

Dec 18, 2010

Monday night there will be a blood red lunar eclipse that will be visible in most of the Americas. This day is also the winter solstice day and according to many there will be several significant heavenly occurrences.

See posts on this blog about it.


Amazing spectacle: Total lunar eclipse Monday night

You may be able to see it from your backyard, if weather is favorable


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Image: Eclipse chart

Starry Night Software

Seen from Central Park in New York at 4:30 a.m., the eclipse is nearly over, but the moon stands high, flanked by Orion on the left and Auriga and Taurus on the right.
By Joe Rao
updated 12/17/2010 12:49:50 PM ET 2010-12-17T17:49:50

For a few hours on the night of Dec. 20 to Dec. 21, the attention of tens of millions of people will be drawn skyward, where the mottled, coppery globe of our moon will hang completely immersed in the long, tapering cone of shadow cast out into space by our Earth. If the weather is clear, favorably placed skywatchers will have a view of one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles: a total eclipse of the moon.

Unlike a total eclipse of the sun, which is only visible to those in the path of totality, eclipses of the moon can usually be observed from one’s own backyard. The passage of the moon through the Earth’s shadow is equally visible from all places within the hemisphere where the moon is above the horizon.

The total phase of the upcoming event will be visible across all of North and South America, as well as the northern and western part of Europe, and a small part of northeast Asia, including Korea and much of Japan. Totality will also be visible in its entirety from the North Island of New Zealand and Hawaii — a potential viewing audience of about 1.5 billion people. This will be the first opportunity from any place on earth to see the moon undergo a total eclipse in 34 months. [ Amazing photos of a total lunar eclipse]

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This star chart shows where in the sky the upcoming lunar eclipse will appear. And check this NASA lunar eclipse chart to see how visible the eclipse will be from different regions around the world.

Stages of the eclipse
There is nothing complicated about viewing this celestial spectacle.  Unlike an eclipse of the sun, which necessitates special viewing precautions in order to avoid eye damage, an eclipse of the moon is perfectly safe to watch. All you’ll need to watch are your eyes, but binoculars or a telescope will give a much nicer view.

The eclipse will actually begin when the moon enters the faint outer portion, or penumbra, of the Earth’s shadow a little over an hour before it begins moving into the umbra. The penumbra, however, is all but invisible to the eye until the moon becomes deeply immersed in it. Sharp-eyed viewers may get their first glimpse of the penumbra as a faint smudge on the left part of the moon’s disk at or around 6:15 UT (on Dec. 21) which corresponds to 1:15 a.m. Eastern Time or 10:15 p.m. Pacific Time (on Dec. 20).

The most noticeable part of this eclipse will come when the moon begins to enter the Earth’s dark inner shadow (called the umbra). A small scallop of darkness will begin to appear on the moon’s left edge at 6:33 UT (on Dec. 21) corresponding to 1:33 a.m. EST or 10:33 p.m. PST (on Dec. 20).

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The moon is expected to take 3 hours and 28 minutes to pass completely through the umbra.

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The total phase of the eclipse will last 72 minutes beginning at 7:41 UT (on Dec. 21), corresponding to 2:41 a.m. EST or 11:41 p.m. PST (on Dec. 20).

At the moment of mid-totality (8:17 UT/3:17 a.m. EST/12:17 a.m. PST), the moon will stand directly overhead from a point in the North Pacific Ocean about 800 miles (1,300 km) west of La Paz, Mexico.

The moon will pass entirely out of the Earth’s umbra at 10:01 UT/5:01 a.m. EST/2:01 a.m. PST and the last evidence of the penumbra should vanish about 15 or 20 minutes later.

Color and brightness in question
During totality, although the moon will be entirely immersed in the Earth’s shadow, it likely will not disappear from sight. Rather, it should appear to turn a coppery red color, a change caused by the Earth’s atmosphere bending or refracting sunlight into the shadow.

Since the Earth’s shadow is cone-shaped and extends out into space for about 844,000 miles, sunlight will be strained through a sort of “double sunset,” all around the rim of the Earth, into its shadow and then onto the moon.

However, because of the recent eruptions of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano last spring and the Merapi volcano in Indonesia in October, one and possibly even two clouds of ash and dust might be floating high above the Earth.  As a result, the moon may appear darker than usual during this eclipse; during totality, parts of the moon might even become black and invisible.

A careful description of the colors seen on the totally eclipsed moon and their changes is valuable.  The hues depend on the optical equipment used, usually appearing more vivid with the naked eye than in telescopes. The French astronomer Andre-Louis Danjon introduced the following five-point scale of lunar luminosity (“L”) to classify eclipses:

L = 0:  Very dark eclipse, moon almost invisible, especially in mid-totality.

L = 1:  Dark eclipse, gray or brownish coloration, details distinguishable only with difficulty.

L = 2:   Deep red or rust-colored eclipse, with a very dark central part in the shadow, and outer edge of the umbra relatively bright.

L = 3:   Brick red eclipse, usually with a bright or yellow rim to the shadow.

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L = 4: Very bright copper-red or orange eclipse, with a bluish very bright shadow rim.

Examine the moon at mid-totality and also near the beginning and end of totality to get an impression of both the inner and outer umbra.  In noting an L observation, state the time and optical means (naked eye, binoculars or telescope) that is used.  We invite readers to e-mail their Danjon estimate for this eclipse (along with any pictures they’d like to share) to

At mid-totality, from rural locations far from city lights, the darkness of the sky is impressive.  Faint stars and the Milky Way will appear, and the surrounding landscape will take on a somber hue.  As totality ends, the eastern edge of the moon begins to emerge from the umbra, and the sequence of events repeats in reverse order until the spectacle is over.

Fringe effects
Interestingly, from most of New Zealand, a slice of northeast Australia, Papua, New Guinea, southwest Japan and Korea, the moon will rise during totality on the evening of Dec. 21. Because of low altitude and bright evening twilight, observers in these locations may not see much of the moon at all until it begins to emerge from out of the Earth’s shadow.

Conversely, much of the United Kingdom and parts of western and northern Europe will see the moon set during totality on the morning of Dec. 21. Because of low altitude and bright morning twilight, observers in these locations may not see much of the moon at all after it slips completely into the Earth’s shadow.

Past and future
The last total lunar eclipse occurred on Feb. 20 to Feb. 21, 2008 and was visible from most of the Americas, as well as Europe, much of Africa and western Asia. In 2011, there will be two total lunar eclipses.  The first, on June 15, will be visible primarily from the Eastern Hemisphere and will have an unusually long duration of totality lasting one hour and 40 minutes.

Another total lunar eclipse will occur on Dec. 10 and will be visible over the western half of North America before moonset.  For the next total lunar eclipse that will be visible across all of North America, we must wait until April 14 to April 15, 2014.

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December 18, 2010 at 6:47 pm

Dec 18,2010 Direct communication from Jesus to persons with a message to His Bride the church

The following posts have a message to the Bride of Christ and were received by different people. The message is very similar and it is a call by Jesus to repent of our sins and draw close to Him. He also gives a warning of the very closeness of the coming of Jesus to take out His Bride from this world and to the coming evil time on the Tribulation. In all these cases it is told to us that the persons receiving the message were dictated to by Jesus directly.

For those of you who are skeptical about the idea of direct dictation by Jesus see Acts 2-17 to 21 shown below.

17 “‘In the last days, God says,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your young men will see visions,
your old men will dream dreams.
18 Even on my servants, both men and women,
I will pour out my Spirit in those days,
and they will prophesy.
19 I will show wonders in the heavens above
and signs on the earth below,
blood and fire and billows of smoke.
20 The sun will be turned to darkness
and the moon to blood
before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.
21 And everyone who calls
on the name of the Lord will be saved.’[c]


Daniel (17 Dec 2010)
“A message from God Himself”

Sabrina (17 Dec 2010)
“I Am Coming Part XXVII”


Sabrina (18 Dec 2010)
Re: To Daniel “A message from God Himself”


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December 18, 2010 at 4:35 pm