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Feb 12, 2011 Egypt’s Mubarak

There are two million Coptic Christians in Egypt that have been persecuted and killed in the resent times and this under a dictator as you so aptly said.
This dictator kept the Muslim Brotherhood under very strict control. Now they are free to pursue their genocidal hatreds against Jews and Christians.
You are thinking with a Western mentality. Unfortunately Satan has blinded these people into following Islam which in my opinion is a Satanic religion.
Although I think that Mubarak was a dictator he provided a modicum of stability to a people that have never had a democratic government.
Many people in Egypt look forward with hope to a future with a democratic government, but the odds are heavily stacked against them. The fervor running in all these Arab countries is one of fanatic Islamic fervor and it will express itself in violent theocratic dictatorship of the kind enjoyed by the people of Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and others.
There are no free lasting democracies in these countries. The future for all these revolts is complete destruction. There is only one way for them and it is the cross of Jesus. None of these countries will follow Jesus before Satan destroys them.

Mubarak slammed U.S. in phone call with Israeli MK before resignation

Radical Islam will be result of U.S. push for democracy, Mubarak told Israel’s Ben-Eliezer during a phone call on Thursday.

Hosni Mubarak had harsh words for the United States and what he described as its misguided quest for democracy in the Middle East in a telephone call with an Israeli lawmaker a day before he quit as Egypt’s president.

The legislator, former cabinet minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, said on TV Friday that he came away from the 20-minute conversation on Thursday with the feeling the 82-year-old leader realized “it was the end of the Mubarak era”.

“He had very tough things to say about the United States,” said Ben-Eliezer, a member of the Labor Party who has held talks with Mubarak on numerous occasions while serving in various Israeli coalition governments.

“He gave me a lesson in democracy and said: ‘We see the democracy the United States spearheaded in Iran and with Hamas, in Gaza, and that’s the fate of the Middle East,'” Ben-Eliezer said.

“‘They may be talking about democracy but they don’t know what they’re talking about and the result will be extremism and radical Islam,'” he quoted Mubarak as saying.

U.S. support for pro-democracy elements in Iran has not led to regime change in the Islamic Republic, and Hamas, a group Washington considers to be a terrorist organization, won a 2006 Palestinian election promoted by the United States.

Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2007 after a coalition government it formed with Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas collapsed in a power struggle.

Ben-Eliezer said Mubarak expanded in the telephone call on “what he expects will happen in the Middle East after his fall”.

“He contended the snowball (of civil unrest) won’t stop in Egypt and it wouldn’t skip any Arab country in the Middle East and in the Gulf.

“He said ‘I won’t be surprised if in the future you see more extremism and radical Islam and more disturbances — dramatic changes and upheavals,” Ben-Eliezer added.

Egypt in 1979 became the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel and has backed U.S.-led efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of an Iran-style Islamist revolution in Egypt should Mubarak’s Muslim Brotherhood rivals eventually take over.

“He repeated the sentence, ‘I have been serving my country, Egypt, for 61 years. Do they want me to run away? I won’t run away. Do they want to throw me out? I won’t leave. If need be, I will be killed here,'” Ben-Eliezer said.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and U.S. President Barack Obama - AP Egyptian President

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February 12, 2011 at 11:56 am

Feb 12,2011 More info on Tetrads

Thank you Michael for your information. Things are happening very fast in the world and the time of His coming for the Church His Bride is very near. Your charts are very good.


Tetrad is technically correct 4 total lunar eclipses in a row when they all fall on Jewish Holidays that is of additional significance like. But if you look a little closer Tetrads are nested at the center within patterns of 7, 8 or 9 eclipses like menorahs. Read Jacobs Troubleā€¦


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February 12, 2011 at 8:48 am