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BG Ellis (28 Feb 2011) “Creation Is A Scientific Fact!”

The subject that is found in these videos posted by B. G. Ellis is crucial for the believe of a God that was the creator of all things.

For the readers whose faith asserts this fact the videos are nothing more than proof of a fact already believed.

For the unbeliever that is knowledgeable in science it may be a faith giving experience. Sometimes our egos play a roll in keeping people from God, a scientist may not recognize the error of his beliefs out of pride.

May these videos about the wonderful created Universe serve to both strengthen and transform the hearts of those who see them.

There is also a very good source of scientific proof of Creation in the TV program Creation in the 21 ST Century by Dr. Carl Baugh aired in Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Thanks for the links B.G. Ellis


BG Ellis (28 Feb 2011)
Creation Is A Scientific Fact!

God Created EVERYTHING!  

Creation Is A Scientific Fact pt 1

Creation Is A Scientific Fact pt 2

Creation Is A Scientific Fact pt 3

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February 28, 2011 at 6:35 pm

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