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Bill Salus (19 March 2011) “Japan – The Apple of God’s Eye, or Thorn in His Side? by Bill Salus”

This article is another that point out the obvious about Japan. One thing that it points out and that I missed is that during world war II japan and Germany were allies and they both planned and executed the murder of millions of Jews.

Is God starting the judgment of the nations in Japan? Is Japan a willing acomplice of the future Antichrist as they were with Hitler a type of Antichrist?

It seems that that is the case here.


Bill Salus (19 March 2011)
Japan – The Apple of God’s Eye, or Thorn in His Side? by Bill Salus

By Bill Salus

“Japan’s Prime Minister says country facing worst crisis since World War II”

It has been warned, “It’s not good to kick a man when he’s down,” but when it comes to the Jews, the Japanese just keep on kicking. Jewish blood has stained Japanese hands since World War II when they participated with Germany as part of the “Axis Alliance.” This terrible miscalculation achieved for them the atomic accolade of being the first world nation ever nuked! (Read entire article)

Written by twelvebooks

March 19, 2011 at 8:38 pm