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Mar 31, 2011 J.R. Church wrote his last article for the Magazine of April about the Rapture

If you have been following the debate on the comments of this blog you can see that the Rapture has been discussed back and forth.

In the last magazine before his death J.R. Church wrote the following article. Knowing that he was a dedicated man of God and very knowledgeable let us pay close attention to his words in this article. It is after reading it that I placed the question of the timing of the Rapture being between April 23 and June the 8th Pentecost.

About a year ago F.M.Riley posted a study on the reasons that Pentecost is the festival that will bring the Rapture.

It may be that the Lord will have a surprise for all of us by coming for His Bride in another day.


Will the Rapture Occur on Pentecost?

By J.R. Church on March 29, 2011

It is Sunday afternoon and I’ve been taking a nap. I lay around a lot these days. Fighting cancer is not a simple task. If I lay on my left side, I can breathe easier. So, each afternoon, I take a nap, hoping to shut down my thinking process and drift off to sleep for several hours. When I can’t get my mind to stop thinking, I play brain games with God. He must be awfully bored with me by now. I’d like to think that He is paying attention.

You may recall that Habakkuk wrestled with God on a regular basis. Then, there was Jacob who, wrestled all night. So, I wrestle with God and propose bargains — you know, “I’ll do this if you’ll do that!” sort of thing. I’d like to think that God is amused with my juvenile antics. Partly, I play and partly I’m serious.

Each day, I sit in front of a neon ray tube for an hour, while a 97-watt transmitter modulated by a series of audio tones attacks the virus that lives in the cancer cells of my liver and lungs. It is an old technology that dates back to the 1930s when Dr. Royal Rife learned how to explode a micro-organism with a sympathetic vibration of sound waves. He spent years in his laboratory finding the audio frequencies that resonate with various germs and viruses that cause diseases. In 1934, he and six other doctors from around the country tested their theory on 16 cancer patients at a clinic in California. His machine (today dubbed the Rife Machine) was able to bring all 16 people back to perfect health— cancer free.

Years ago I wrote an article on Pentecost wherein I noted that according to Jewish custom, young Jewish ladies who were getting married for the first time were wed on Wednesdays. Widows and divorcees were expected to be married on Thursdays. Furthermore, on Pentecost night the Jews have a custom of staying up all night to “decorate the bride.” I took it to mean that every Jewish bride preparing for her evening escapade with her bridegroom would spend the time getting dressed in her bridal gown, adorning various pieces of jewelry and fixing her veil. That’s what I think was meant by decorating the bride. In all Jewish communities across Europe there were hundreds of Jewish brides needing assistance on Tuesday evening. Of course, in the Jewish calendar, Wednesday would begin at sundown on Tuesday evening. The bride would gather her 10 virgins, i.e. bridesmaids for a gala but frantic time of getting everyone dressed for the occasion. The groom would be expected to show up sometime following the appearance of the second star of the evening. As in the case of the parable of the ten virgins, the bridegroom didn’t come until midnight. It is my thinking that the term, June bride, came from all those weddings on Pentecost.

Ruth, the gentile bride, was married to Boaz on Pentecost. It was around midnight that she came to lay at his feet at the end of the barley harvest. When Solomon came to fetch his bride, in the Song of Solomon, chapter 2, verses 10-13 he said “Rise up my love and come away with me for the voice of the turtledove is heard in the land and the fig tree hath put forth its green figs.” These are statements pointing to Pentecost. We know it was Springtime because of the voice of the turtledove being heard in the land, but more specifically the reference to Pentecost is seen in the green figs. According to Jewish tradition, Pentecost was the day when the fruit of the trees was judged.

So as I drifted in and out of sleep this Sunday afternoon, a question entered my mind. Could June the 8th, 2011(Pentecost) occur on a Wednesday? I toyed with the question for a while and finally had to get up and consult a Jewish calendar. To my delight, Pentecost this year comes precisely on a Wednesday! In Bible days, Pentecost occurred on Sunday, but the Pharisees reinterpreted the Sabbath to mean simply, a day of rest and since Passover was a day of rest they started counting the Omer from the day after Pentecost, thus fixing the date in the Jewish calendar to Sivan 6. That’s why in Jewish custom Pentecost is no longer observed on Sunday, but is fixed to the calendar date. Now, I cannot tell you that the rapture will occur on Tuesday night, say at midnight Jerusalem time, which would be 4:00 PM in the afternoon, Central Time because I shy away from being a date setter, but at least I wanted you to have something to think about as we approach Springtime.

If the Lord plans to take us home this Pentecost, than there are certain things which might occur leading up to that auspicious occasion. First of all, in my thinking, Egypt and Syria would have to mount another war against Israel. In watching the news lately, I am sure they would like to. I just don’t know if they have the courage, or if they are even militarily prepared for such a crazy undertaking. I understand they have been pouring military supplies into Gaza. It is possible that they are arming Syria and the Hezbollah in Lebanon as well. In 2009 our dear President sold Egypt $2 billion worth of military supplies, only to have them fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So what if Egypt, Syria and Lebanon launched a massive attack against Israel? I think Israel is already prepared for such a turn of events. Israel does not have a huge army capable of sustaining a lengthy war. Instead, they could make it a very short-lived battle by targeting the Aswan Dam with a nuclear strike. This could fulfill the prophecy in Ezekiel 29 that Egypt will become desolate for 40 years. I have no proof that Israel would use that extreme tactic, but common sense points in that direction. With the massive buildup of weaponry in these Arab states, Israel may soon be dealing with a situation they are unprepared to handle. If missiles start raining down on Tel Aviv and populated cities, would they resort to such measures to protect their population?

Israel could also use a nuclear weapon against Damascus, thus eliminating two enemies in one decisive move, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 17 in which Damascus becomes a ruinous heap. This is clearly a future prophecy. Damascus has never been destroyed in a way fitting this description. If this happened in April for example, Russia, Iran and their allies would be obligated to launch a war against Israel, fulfilling the Biblical prophecy in Ezekiel 38 about the Battle of Gog and Magog. In any case, Israel will emerge victorious, only to be pressured by the political powers that be, to once again try to make peace with its old enemy.

Imagine the pressure the world would place upon already hated Israel if they bombed the Aswan Dam and nuked Damascus? The United Nations would be quick to condemn Israel’s heavy-handed tactics. Who knows? Bill Clinton, who was recently featured on a television special with Chris Matthews, as “President of the World,” might be called upon to broker a peace following Israel’s victory over Gog and Magog? Years ago when Clinton visited Indonesia, he came off the airplane to cries of “peacemaker, peacemaker!” When he visited Jerusalem during his Presidential days the people cried out, “Give us a king like Clinton!”

Naturally, the mild mannered, soft-hearted Israeli leadership would be willing to bend over backward to make peace with the Muslim Brotherhood and Clinton would like nothing more to go down in history as “The Great Peacemaker.” He might even be elected as the next Secretary General of the United Nations. The next leader of the UN is scheduled to take office on January 1, 2012.

But who am I to make such prognostications? I’m just lying here playing brain games with God and wondering what the future holds for us all.

Written by twelvebooks

March 31, 2011 at 10:15 pm