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Archive for April 15th, 2011

Lora Shipley (15 Apr 2011) “Nando: viewing videos of the 14 Clues Study- 2 alternatives”

Lora Shipley thank you for your answer to my question, I will try seeing it in Real Player next time.


Lora Shipley (15 Apr 2011)
“Nando: viewing videos of the 14 Clues Study- 2 alternatives”

Dear Nando,

Thank you for your words of encouragement, if one life is touched by these studies then it is worth it all! I am so blessed that these studies have  encouraged you!  All glory to HIM!

Regarding the videos, I have converted my power-point to video, but in doing so I am at the mercy of technology and what I know is available to me. You can sit down and watch the entire video without problem ….if…. the word is “if” you do not hit the forward buttons, I am sorry. However, I have two other solutions for you, the first is that when you are viewing the study you will notice in the upper right corner, a RealPlayer Download, you can click on this Download button, and RealPlayer will open up a screen and you can then watch it and pause it when you want in the RealPlayer screen. Videos linked to Author Stream at:

The second solution is this, I have all the studies in Microsoft Office PowerPoint, which is available on my website  for anyone to download, it may take a few minutes, the viewing will be made easier and you will be able to pause it and click forward when you would like too.

Ok, well I hope these work for you!

Nando, thank you for your encouraging words, I love how the LORD was showing you Gideon from an early age, this is precious, Gideon is a unleavened barley firstfruits. I love the Gideon Clue,( 13 Loaf of Barley). The LORD has shown you your calling from youth!

His Blessing to you, and all in this amazing hour,