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Nicole (16 Apr 2011) “To Nando”

Nicole I just read your post in and it gave me joy to know that the work and dedication that I have put in this endeavor is not for waste. As you notice I remain known as Nando and the site is know to most of my family and friends and a few acquaintances, and very few of them have read it or paid any attention to it.

The only purpose of this site to be up is to warn all those who listen to the coming of Jesus and to be instrumental to their saving and redemption. All the glory must be God’s and I am only a vessel or means for His will and word to reach receptive hearts.

Putting the contents in PDF is beyond my grasp, as of today I have 1,102 posts, there are 63 Categories and 114 Tags and they grow daily as I am actively posting all the time.

My hope is that the people that I have reached one day will come to see the importance of the material that is in this place and cherish it in the manner that you have cherish it so that Jesus is loved in an intimate manner by more believers.

Yes I have battled many times and the enemy has attacked in many forms and using many faces, your words are wise and knowing that Jesus revealed to you these struggles of people doing the same as I am is a great encouragement to me. I know that He is faithful and a very loving father and the intimacy I have with Him sustains me at all times.

Yes it is a Rapture twelvebooks that I have put together for the readers.


Nicole (16 Apr 2011)
“To Nando”

Nando, Your website is unbelievable!

I had a vision on 11/3/2010 where the Lord handed me a book called THE RAPTURE BOOK.  It was a book that had at the front all the people who would be raptured.   Then inside the book was a story of all the watchers who made it in the rapture and their story of the watch.   It showed how they got people ready to be raptured, wrote articles and timelines, their struggles, spiritual attacks from the enemy and their overcoming, their debates with other believers over scriptures on the rapture, their conversations with people over being excited about the rapture, how they felt about Jesus…..and how everyone tied in together.

The Lord handed me the book to make the changes He had because He had edited some things.   I think it is because we are all still human and we all still have a little bit of confusion and error, but it was VERY apparent that we were to work together.   It seemed like He had joy for us trying to watch and figure out the rapture because those that put in so much time and effort really just wanted HIM!   And they were occupying their time very wisely and were trying to pursue Him!

On your website you are putting together a RAPTURE BOOK!    I hope that you will PDF this website and put it on USB’s so that if the internet goes down you have it for publishing.

I love it!

Written by twelvebooks

April 17, 2011 at 7:18 pm

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  1. Hi Nando
    Don’t ever get discouraged. Since my original post which featured the “Days of Noah” and the 120 years of warning that Jesus points to, I have had an awakening of just how Noah must have felt. To preach for 120 years and have nobody believe you, must have broken his heart. No wonder, after it was all over, he got drunk. Imagine the hurt of knowing ,”had they only listened; what more could I have said to convince them ;so many that I loved are gone”. I can feel his heart of anguish, as few there are that hear us preaching about the soon coming Rapture. We are being shown also the heart of God as He hurts for the many that will not hear and respond. Keep up your good work prepared by God for you to do. Do not be discouraged but rather mourn for the lost and keep posting the good news that He will come for us. Be blessed.

    Bob 196

    April 17, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    • Thank you for your encouragement.


      April 18, 2011 at 2:40 pm

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