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May 23, 2011 The Antichrist, the False Prophet, the tribe of Dan and the Illuminaty

In following a link from an article I found this interesting article about the last pope. Could this be the False Prophet of the book of Revelation.

The Antichrist is a black man (Barack Obama) a descendant of the tribe of Dan, so a black pope could be his partner.


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Coming Black Pope.

It has been said that the last pope of the Catholic Church (as we have known it for 2,000 yrs) would be a black pope.
Back in March of 2005 I had a dream in which a black (seemingly African man) made is way down the center aisle of a huge cathedral wearing the papal vestments. I relayed this dream to several people back then, but did not really know what it meant. The dream was so vivid I even mentioned it to my pastor who laughed it off. The dream eventually led me to research the topic, and came across what the “Black Pope” prophecies.
What gave me even further urgency to distribute the message (hence my 3 books) was also how close in proximity we as a global community are to total and complete nuclear destruction.
At the time I first came across this information, Pope John Paul II was still very ill, and 2 wks later would pass away. But after researching the information regarding who would succeed him (and was later confirmed) found out that the list that runs out on the 112th pope. The list is currently on 111th, therefore leaving the last one 112th, who will be the black pope right around the corner.
It is also interesting to note how the last pope will be known as Petrus Romanus, or basically Peter the Roman. As you read the article from today’s news, make note of this cardinals name.
Here is some background information of the St. Malachi’s prophecy of the last pope:
“The most famous and best known prophecies about the popes are those attributed to St. Malachy. In 1139 he went to Rome to give an account of the affairs of his diocese to the pope, Innocent II, who promised him two palliums for the metropolitan Sees of Armagh and Cashel. While at Rome, he received (according to the Abbé Cucherat) the strange vision of the future wherein was unfolded before his mind the long list of illustrious pontiffs who were to rule the Church until the end of time. The same author tells us that St. Malachy gave his manuscript to Innocent II to console him in the midst of his tribulations, and that the document remained unknown in the Roman Archives until its discovery in 1590 (Cucherat, “Proph. de la succession des papes”, ch. xv). They were first published by Arnold de Wyon, and ever since there has been much discussion as to whether they are genuine predictions of St. Malachy or forgeries. The silence of 400 years on the part of so many learned authors who had written about the popes, and the silence of St. Bernard especially, who wrote the “Life of St. Malachy”, is a strong argument against their authenticity, but it is not conclusive if we adopt Cucherat’s theory that they were hidden in the Archives during those 400 years.
These short prophetical announcements, in number 112, indicate some noticeable trait of all future popes from Celestine II, who was elected in the year 1130, until the end of the world. They are enunciated under mystical titles. Those who have undertaken to interpret and explain these symbolical prophecies have succeeded in discovering some trait, allusion, point, or similitude in their application to the individual popes, either as to their country, their name, their coat of arms or insignia, their birth-place, their talent or learning, the title of their cardinalate, the dignities which they held etc. For example, the prophecy concerning Urban VIII is Lilium et Rosa (the lily and the rose); he was a native of Florence and on the arms of Florence figured a fleur-de-lis; he had three bees emblazoned on his escutcheon, and the bees gather honey from the lilies and roses. Again, the name accords often with some remarkable and rare circumstance in the pope’s career; thus Peregrinus apostolicus (pilgrim pope), which designates Pius VI, appears to be verified by his journey when pope into Germany, by his long career as pope, and by his expatriation from Rome at the end of his pontificate. Those who have lived and followed the course of events in an intelligent manner during the pontificates of Pius IX, Leo XIII, and Pius X cannot fail to be impressed with the titles given to each by the prophecies of St. Malachy and their wonderful appropriateness: Crux de Cruce (Cross from a Cross) Pius IX; Lumen in cælo (Light in the Sky) Leo XIII; Ignis ardens (Burning Fire) Pius X. There is something more than coincidence in the designations given to these three popes so many hundred years before their time. We need not have recourse either to the family names, armorial bearings or cardinalatial titles, to see the fitness of their designations as given in the prophecies. The afflictions and crosses of Pius IX were more than fell to the lot of his predecessors; and the more aggravating of these crosses were brought on by the House of Savoy whose emblem was a cross. Leo XIII was a veritable luminary of the papacy. The present pope is truly a burning fire of zeal for the restoration of all things to Christ.The last of these prophecies concerns the end of the world and is as follows: “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.”
It has been noticed concerning Petrus Romanus, who according to St. Malachy’s list is to be the last pope, that the prophecy does not say that no popes will intervene between him and his predecessor designated Gloria olivæ. It merely says that he is to be the last, so that we may suppose as many popes as we please before “Peter the Roman”.
In an article from last year, Oct 25, 2009,Ghanaian cardinal Peter Turkson was appointed to head Vatican’s peace office. He I believe will be the next and last pope that both St. Malachi and Nostradamus referred to for two main reasons.
First of all, the last pope was referred as Peter the Roman. Many throughout the centuries have debated whether his actual name would be Peter, or whether his papal name would be Peter. Since no pope has ever selected the name Peter out of respect for Peter the Apostle who is considered to be the first pope, the last pope could perhaps be seen as selecting this name as his papal name.
The reason for this is due to his ultra orthodox position he will attempt to govern from. Seeing how the Catholic Church is currently roiled in so much turmoil due to all of the scandals, the next and final pope could be selected due to his ultra orthodox positions in an attempt to redirect the Church back to a position of strict orthodoxy, especially during the coming world war.
Another reason why I believe it will be this cardinal is also because the cycle would conclude just as it begun…with a person named Peter at the helm. The following is an AP article regarding this current cardinal, who will be the next pope.
In the book, “Forty Letters of Preparation for the End of An Age,” I also include the Scripture passages that refer to this last pope, and the destruction of the Vatican that this last pope will witness.
All prophecy states that Rome will meet this fate at the hands of both the Russians and the Muslim (Turkish/Iranian) forces that will invade most of the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.
Also I would like to add this: That just as Benedict XV was pope during the onset of World War I, from 1914-1918, his papal brother Benedict XVI is currently pope during what will be the onset of World War III. Benedict XVI will die shortly after the beginning of World War III, after which Peter the Roman will then become the head of the Church during this apocolyptic war.
VATICAN CITYThe pope has appointed Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana to head the Vatican’s justice and peace office, a high-profile post that cements his reputation as a possible future papal candidate.The office is responsible for promoting the church’s social teachings on justice issues, such as war, the death penalty and human rights. Turkson told reporters three weeks ago there was no reason there couldn’t be a black pope, particularly after Barack Obama was elected US president .Turkson’s appointment to his new post was announced Saturday at the end of a three-week Vatican meeting on the role of the Catholic Church in Africa, which Turkson had headed. In their discussions, the 300 bishops and cardinals tackled the pressing issue of AIDS on the continent, including the question of whether married couples could use condoms if one spouse is infected.While the Vatican has no specific policy concerning condoms and AIDS, the Catholic Church opposes the use of condoms as part of its overall teaching against artificial contraception. It advocates sexual abstinence and marital fidelity as the best way to combat the spread of HIV.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tribe Of Dan=Modern Day Illuminati Nations.

In Genesis3:15, let us always recall who it is that is sent to crush the head of the serpent.

Tribe of Dan descendants that made their way to Western Europe.

“Dan was the fifth son of Jacob and his mother was Bilhah the handmaid of Rachel.

Rachel was very envious that her sister Leah had given Jacob four sons. Rachel told her husband to give her children or else she would die. Jacob was angry with Rachel, his favorite wife. Rachel gave her handmaid, Bilhah, to Jacob as his wife. Bilhah conceived, and bare Jacob a son. Rachel said, “God has judged me, and has also heard my voice, and has given me a son: therefore she called his name Dan.”(Genesis 30:1-6).

“Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. 17. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.” (Genesis 49:16-17).

Dan is missing from the list of Tribes in the book of Revelation. (Revelation 7:5-8).

The prophet Jeremiah references the serpents that shall bite, and the snorting horses heard from Dan. 16 “The snorting of his horses was heard from Dan: the whole land trembled at the sound of the neighing of his strong ones; for they are come, and have devoured the land, and all that is in it; the city, and those that dwell therein.17. For, behold, I will send serpents, cockatrices, among you, which will not be charmed, and they shall bite you, saith the LORD.” (Jeremiah 8:16-17).

In the first book of the Bible, we see how Dan comes about and we see the references made to him and the symbols that will be associated with him, his people and his tribe.

But in the last book of the Bible, he is found missing from the Book of Life and those who will be saved; and it should come as no surprise as to why?
The symbol that the Bible associates with him is that of a serpent. If we recall correctly, the devil is associated with this symbol in the book of Genesis and in the Gospel accounts, Jesus also makes reference to the “brood of serpents,” that were the judgemental Jews who He described as having Satan as their father. Notice also how he was the fifth son, and how important the Penta/#5 is to the Illuminati. (Pentagon, Pentagrams, Penta=5).
In the book of the prophet Jeremiah, we see how the prophet warns the future generations of this coming war that will be brought upon by Dan and or his followers/descendants.
The following information clearly points to who the modern nations and the modern descendents from this tribe are. They are none other than the Illuminati/Freemason nations of the world.
As we stand on the precipice of this major nuclear conflict, let us be reassured as Christians that the Bible has clearly pointed out who these serpents are, how they will bring war, and how they will be damned and not saved.
Along with being the nations where Freemasonry and the secret societies first began to flourish, they are also the nations where Protestant/Evangelical/Pentacostal movements first began as well and broke away from the Catholic Church.
Today’s modern day Evangelical/Pentacostal movement have introduced many end times heresies that have swayed many living in these modern nations today.

Is it any wonder why this tribe and their descendents are not found in the Book of Life in the final book of Revelation??? Also, is it any wonder why many of these modern nations where the descendents from the tribe of Dan first settled are today some of the most athiestic, immoral countries in the world?

[Tribe of Dan=Modern NWO/Illuminati Nations.]

In Biblical Times the Tribe of Dan had been divided into three (or more) different sections. One section had been in the northern Galilee (Joshua 19; 42) and neighbored Gad. Later part of this section moved with other Israelites to Scythia. The Damnae in Serica (east of Scythia), were also called “Dingling” and were linked to the “DANGALAI” whose name means “DAN-OF-GALILEE”. They had been neighbors of the Goths (from Gad) of Gadrosia in Ancient Eastern Iran. The DAMNAE of Scythian Serica were named similarly to the DAMNONII of Scotland (who lived besides the northern River DON of Scotland) and the DAMNONES of DANNONIA which was the name given to Devon and Cornwall. DANNONIA in Britain was named after the Tribe of DAN. The Tribe of Dan was recalled in the Children of DON in Welsh legend and the Tribe of DANA (“Tuatha de Danaan:) who came to the British Isles (according to Irish tradition) from the Land of Israel via Greece and Scandinavia. The area Damnonia in southern Britain as well as being alternatively called Dannonia was also known as “Defenia”. The name “DEFENIA” is similar to that of DAPHNIA which was the former place of DAN in the Galilee in the Land of Northern Israel. “Daphne” (i.e. “Defenia”) is also a name associated by the Talmud with the Lost Ten Tribes.

In Scotland the Damnonii (of Dan) adjoined the Gadeni probably of Gad. Somewhat to the south (in Northern England) according to Ptolemy was the city of Danum which area was later to be occupied by Danes from Denmark. In this case we see the possibility of a group of Celtic culture descended from Dan who gave their name to the city of Danum being followed by Scandinavians who were also descended from Dan and settling in the same area. We have come across similar phenomenon several times in this study.

Danes from Dan were recorded together with the Naphtali in Scythia. From Scythia the Danes (moving via Sweden) conquered Denmark. The Danes and the Norwegians formed the Vikings who invaded England. The Danes settled in the northeast of England and the Norwegians in the northwest. They also conquered and settled in Ireland and in parts of Scotland.

Danes from the Israelite Tribe of Dan invaded Denmark (Dan’s Mark) at about the same time as the Naphtali moved in large numbers into Norway. The Tribe of Dan was represented by a snake or by a lion. Other accepted symbols of Dan were a pair of scales, an eagle, and a dragon. Many members of Dan settled in Denmark, in Ireland, in Wales, England, and the U.S.A. where 40-50 million people have Irish ancestry. The symbol of a snake was once worshipped in Ireland; a lion represents Denmark and England, Wales has a dragon on its flag, and the U.S.A. has an eagle.

The Son of DAN, “Hushim” (Genesis 46;23) was also called Shuham (Numbers 26;42). Hesse in north Germany represented Hushim. Shuham may be found in the “Suehani” who, according to Jordanes, were in Sweden like the Danes themselves are considered to have been. It is noticeable that quite often the Tribes of Naphtali and Dan were interwoven and that both appear to have been present in the Scythian Naphtalite group.


The Coat of Arms of Iceland includes: A dragon, which was one of the symbols of Dan. A vulture, which in Hebrew is given the same name as eagle, i.e. “Nesher”, and a “nesher” was another one of the symbols of Dan. A bull which is a symbol of Joseph; a Giant, which figure may represent DAN and Samson the national hero of DAN. Iceland historically has been associated with Norway and Denmark in which countries (especially Denmark) the Tribe of Dan made a significant contribution.


DAN: Don, Danaster, Danaper, Danube (all rivers associated with the
Danava (a Scythian Tribe),
Dana (from Lebanon-Israel to Ireland).
Don (Wales,)
Damnones (Scythia, Scotland, south-west Britain, also known as “Dannonia”
Dani (Danes of Denmark).

SHUCHAM (Suham) = Suehan (Sweden), Suoumi (Finland, also associated with Simeon).

HUSHAM (Hussem) = Hesse (Franks in Germany).

History of The Freemasons and their connection to the nations of the Tribe of DAN.

History of Freemasonry:

Goose and Gridiron, where the Grand Lodge of England was foundedThe origins and early development of Freemasonry are a matter of some debate and conjecture. A poem known as the “Regius Manuscript” has been dated to approximately 1390 and is the oldest known Masonic text.[5] There is evidence to suggest that there were Masonic lodges in existence in Scotland as early as the late 16th century[6] (for example the Lodge at Kilwinning, Scotland, has records that date to the late 16th century, and is mentioned in the Second Schaw Statutes (1599) which specified that “ye warden of ye lug of Kilwynning […] tak tryall of ye airt of memorie and science yrof, of everie fellowe of craft and everie prenteiss according to ayr of yr vocations”).[7] There are clear references to the existence of lodges in England by the mid-17th century.[8]

The first Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge of England (GLE), was founded on 24 June 1717, when four existing London Lodges met for a joint dinner. This rapidly expanded into a regulatory body, which most English Lodges joined. However, a few lodges resented some of the modernisations that GLE endorsed, such as the creation of the Third Degree, and formed a rival Grand Lodge on 17 July 1751, which they called the “Antient Grand Lodge of England”. The two competing Grand Lodges vied for supremacy – the “Moderns” (GLE) and the “Antients” (or “Ancients”) – until they united on 25 November 1813 to form the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).[9]

The Grand Lodge of Ireland and The Grand Lodge of Scotland were formed in 1725 and 1736 respectively. Freemasonry was exported to the British Colonies in North America by the 1730s – with both the “Antients” and the “Moderns” (as well as the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland) chartering offspring, or “daughter”, Lodges, and organising various Provincial Grand Lodges. After the American Revolution, independent U.S. Grand Lodges formed themselves within each State. Some thought was briefly given to organising an over-arching “Grand Lodge of the United States”, with George Washington (who was a member of a Virginian lodge) as the first Grand Master, but the idea was short-lived. The various State Grand Lodges did not wish to diminish their own authority by agreeing to such a body.[10]

Although there are no real differences in the Freemasonry practiced by lodges chartered by the Antients or the Moderns, the remnants of this division can still be seen in the names of most Lodges, F.& A.M. being Free and Accepted Masons and A.F.& A.M. being Antient Free and Accepted Masons.

View of room at the Masonic Hall, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, early 20th centuryThe oldest jurisdiction on the continent of Europe, the Grand Orient de France (GOdF), was founded in 1728. However, most English-speaking jurisdictions cut formal relations with the GOdF around 1877 – when the GOdF removed the requirement that its members have a belief in a Deity, thereby accepting atheists. The Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF)[11] is currently the only French Grand Lodge that is in regular amity with the UGLE and its many concordant jurisdictions worldwide.

Due to the above history, Freemasonry is often said to consist of two branches not in mutual regular amity:

the UGLE and concordant tradition of jurisdictions (mostly termed Grand Lodges) in amity, and
the GOdF, European Continental, tradition of jurisdictions (often termed Grand Orients) in amity.
In most Latin countries, the GOdF-style of European Continental Freemasonry predominates,[citation needed] although in most of these Latin countries there are also Grand Lodges that are in regular amity with the UGLE and the worldwide community of Grand Lodges that share regular “fraternal relations” with the UGLE. The rest of the world, accounting for the bulk of Freemasonry, tends to follow more closely to the UGLE style, although minor variations exist.


Michele Kennedy (23 May 2011)
The Irish connection to Tribe of Dan & Obama!

Obama is now attending the G8 Summit in Europe then is going to make a stop into Ireland, where he want’s to ‘connect with his roots.’




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