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Frank R Molver (25 May 2011) “who is it that divides Jerusalem? photo”

The interaction of Obama and Netanyahu when they met at the White House is the subject of this post. Please follow the links. Mr. Molver I also believe Obama is the Antichrist. His disdains for the chosen people comes directly from his father the devil.


Frank R Molver (25 May 2011)
who is it that divides Jerusalem? photo

You might want to read the article above.
Seems to me this is the man.
What will he be allowed to do on his 2nd term
I believe after that the rapture, as he prepares to attack the faithful.

This album has 1 photo and will be available on SkyDrive until 08/22/2011.

Joe Chappell (25 May 2011) “Ascencion Day 2011 and #153 Fish Harvest”

I posted the article by CJ that points to Ascension day (June 2) as the day of the Rapture. This post also relates to this day.

There are many articles written about the 153 fish representing the church.


Joe Chappell (25 May 2011)
Ascencion Day 2011 and  #153 Fish Harvest

Dear Doves,

I know it has been mentioned on this site many times, but we are just days away from Ascencion Day , June 2, which is also the 153rd day of the year.

I have never found any satisfactory explanation for the 153 fish caught by the disciples. they could have said something like ” a great quantity” , or ” a large number ” and left it at that.

Perhaps this is the mystery that will finally be revealed.

Then again, as I type this, it is evening of 24th. Might be a mute point !

Watching, watching and still watching ! joechappell

John 21:11

Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish

10 Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish you have just caught.” 11 So Simon Peter climbed back into the boat and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many the net was not torn. 12 Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” None of the disciples dared ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord. 13 Jesus came, took the bread and gave it to them, and did the same with the fish. 14 This was now the third time Jesus appeared to his disciples after he was raised from the dead.

Written by twelvebooks

May 25, 2011 at 10:07 pm


This post is for the readers to think about, it has a link to what NASA has named comet Elenin, but in reality is a dead star.

Make sure you follow the link and view the video presentation. If the preceding post is correct the church is not going to be in the earth by then.


Diane Gilbert (24 May 2010)

This video shows scientific data from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory which proves the presence of a dwarf star, which we know as Elenin/Planet X/Nibiru.  The narrator is an astronomer who says Elenin is a failed, super cold star that imploded like our sun, but failed to ignite because of insufficient mass.  That’s why it cannot be seen, even though it is LARGER THAN JUPITER.

He presents a LOT of data here, and explains how the earth is being pulled by the gravitational force of this dwarf star.

He said, watch out for September 26, the earth is in for a “very, very, very rough ride”, worse than the earthquake in Japan.

I sure hope we’ll all be in Heaven on that day!

May 25, 2011Rapture on Ascencion day June 2, 2011 Apocalypse and the Two Witnesses onSunday June 12, 2011

May 25, 2011Rapture on Ascencion day June 2, 2011 Apocalypse and the Two Witnesses onSunday June 12, 2011

It is with great joy that this post is being written. It refers to a post by CJ on May 24, 2011on and he has done such a good job that it is worth to comment a lot more on this.

In the last few days the world has been flooded with the news that the Rapture was going to be inMay 21, 2011and was predicted to be so by a retired civil engineer, which is also my profession, named Harold Camping. Because of him the Rapture became vos populi and spread throughout the whole world. Few believed his prediction and the majority made fun of him. I have documented this in my blog several times.

His daring and wrong date effort has served the purpose to inform the whole world of a thing called the Rapture. In this manner he served the purpose of educating the masses of the world on this concept. Many Christians believe he was doing harm by date setting, and although I did not believe this date was possible I thought was a thing that would help the world understand the Rapture when it occurs.

Just after this the founder of the web site where CJ posted on the 24, Mr. John Tng posted Part I

and II

of the day that he suspected was hidden in the scriptures for the Rapture.

On part I, my comment to John Tng was that this date of May 24, 33 AD was Pentecost on the year that it occurred and that it could be pointing to Pentecost and not to May 24 of 2011. When he wrote part two I realized that this could also be pointing to the two witnesses and the start of the Apocalypse.

In his post of May 24, 2011 CJ has taken these two things and amplified them in a manner that it is a great feat of scriptural reasoning and conclusions.

It is my opinion that the body of Christ is being energized to produce this series of revelations as the dates approach.

One observation that I want to make about his article is that Ascension day this year is on June 2 and Pentecost on June 12 according to the Christian calendar and the New moon is on June 2 as shown below. Keep in mind that the Jewish calendars show another day for Shevout, although it will not correspond with the moon on June 2. The link

With this introduction I include the post by CJ and I want to thank Suzi, Bruce, Warner,KMLJimmy, Fj, Mary Anna, Rene and Regina who by posting about CJ directed me to go back and read the post by CJ that I had miss that day!!!!


CJ (24 May 2011)



I AM SPEECHLESS! I am CJ, 21 years old, studying for two years now, I am so humbled!


I can HONESTLY say what I am about to share is the most powerful revelation I have ever received in terms of bible prophecy and more specifically, the precise timing of the rapture of the church! I received this revelation from the Lord out of nowhere and it is totally confirmed by scripture, not dreams, visions, ECT! I believe not all believers are interested in nor have the desire to know when the Lord might return for his church. There is no problem in that because I believe the Lord puts certain desires in the hearts of his bride. Not everyone has the “desire” to search out “possible” rapture days, some do. I believe without question the Lord put this specific desire in my heart to “know” when he would return. I believe he always planned on revealing it to me, so he put the desire in my heart a couple years ago to search it out. God will give us the desire of our heart, if they are in his will, given by him!


I know this desire was put in my heart by God, because the day he put it in my heart is the same day I knew anything or even cared about bible prophecy at all. I did not even know what the rapture was two years ago. The day the Lord put this in my heart was the same day I did even know fully what I was searching!


I have studied the scriptures that people use to say we “so called” can’t know the day of the rapture and I will tell anyone bodily!


The following scriptures have NOTHING to do with the catching away of the bride of Christ to heaven:

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man…”

“When ye think not, the son of man cometh”

“The son of man cometh at an hour you think not”


Theses scriptures (and one’s alike) have absolutely NOTHING to do with the pre-tribulation rapture of the church! I do not have the time to go into why that is, but I tell you I am NOT ignoring these scriptures, I am just interpreting them for what “event” they are referring to, and it’s NOT the rapture people.


To my point:


The Lord showed me something SOOOO strongly within the last 24 hours (today is May 23rd, 2011). I will lay the groundwork by telling you what the entire Lord showed me in the spirit first, and then CONFIRMED it is his word later.


Let me the lay groundwork. This is my “Watergate” so to speak (loll)




The thing the Lord wanted me to understand is the difference in detail between the age of “grace” and age of “law”. The age of law was first instituted on Pentecost at Mount Sinai when Moses gave the 10 commandments (law). It lasted for about 1300 years until the Pentecost in Acts where the Lord sent down the Holy Spirit. We are currently in the age of grace, and the age of grace will end when the age of law is reinstituted!


The age of law will restart after the rapture, but not IMMEDIATELY after!


The holy spirits’ “way in which” he works with an individual alters or is DIFFERENT in terms of grace and law! During the age of law, the Holy Spirit would “come upon” a person, but in the age of grace, the Holy Spirit “indwells” a person and does not leave. Regeneration is taking place in a believer in the church age, but regeneration is not taking place within an individual during the age of law. The Holy Spirit would “come upon” the Old Testament prophets, ECT to inspire or empower them to do a certain work for the Lord. In contrast, in Pentecost in Acts, the age of grace began, which began the “sealing inside” of a believer until the day of redemption. If you read Revelation 7, the 144,000 virgin males of God are sealed on their “forehead”, but not sealed “within”. This means the Holy Spirit will be “constantly UPON” them to empower them to do their job in the tribulation period.


The scriptures say they have to keep the commandments, and are able to with the inspiration or empowering of the spirit being upon them. See, during grace, we are not saved by works or keeping the law, rather we are sealed inside. This means the 144,000 will be preaching in an age of LAW, not GRACE. The age of grace will end and age of law “RESTART” on the self-same day!! See, the body of Christ believers in the church age (OF GRACE) is sealed differently than the way the 144,000 are sealed in the tribulation! We are sealed WITHIN, and they are sealed WITHOUT, meaning the Holy Spirit will be coming UPON THEM CONSTANTLY!


That is the difference in the “way” in which the Holy Spirit works with an individual in an age of LAW & GRACE! —


Grace – Holy Spirit “INDWELLS”


Law – Holy Spirit comes “UPON”


Now, Pentecost is the prototypical day that God has chosen for dispensational change! See…








God is all about repeating patterns for “Nothing has been done that won’t be again, and nothing is that won’t be again, for there is NOTHING new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)


The dispensations of LAW will restart on God’s chosen day — PENTECOST!


Now, how did the dispensation of grace begin?


The dispensation of grace began on Pentecost with a “SEALING OF WITHIN OF THE 120 JEWISH PEOPLE” Now; there are only TWO groups of people in God’s word that are ever sealed:


Church age saints & 144,000 Jewish virgins!!

Both are empowered and sealed with the Holy Spirit giving the ability to accomplish a work of God. See, Pentecost is the day of SEALING and EMPOWERMENT! Just as grace began with the sealing and empowerment of the BARLEY FIRST FRUITS (church) on Pentecost, law will restart with the sealing and empowerment of the WHEAT FIRST FRUITS (144,000) on Pentecost!!! What a revelation!


The Holy Spirit began INDWELLING the body of Christ to empower them to preach on Pentecost (STARTING GRACE)


The Holy Spirit will begin COMING UPON the 144,000 to empower them to preach on Pentecost (RESTARTING LAW)


The age of law initially began with Moses bringing down the TWO STONE tablets, which was the LAW. The age of law will restart after the rapture the same way, just a little different:

On Pentecost, the Ten Commandments were given to ISRAEL on TWO STONE TABLETS, signifying the law. In like-manner, the age of law will begin once more with the giving of the TWO WITNESSES to Israel!!!!!!!!


The two witnesses (Moses & Elijah) are symbolic of the two stone tablets that were given on Pentecost! Meaning, Moses and Elijah will be symbolic of LAW being re-instituted to Israel. The TWO tablets were given on Pentecost STARTING THE LAW & the TWO witnesses will come down off the mountain RESTARTING the LAW, after grace is over! WOW


Moses and Elijah are symbolic of the LAW AND THE PROPHETS, they both lived during the AGE OF LAW, and Enoch did not!


See, the age of law will start again in the same manner, on PENTECOST with the TWO witnesses coming down, taking the place of the TWO tablets that the ten commandments (law) was written on!!


Praise God!!!!


The age of grace later began with the SEALING of a person within, and the age of law will restart with the SEALING of a person without, on PENTECOST!!! Dispensations ALWAYS change on Pentecost, especially the transfer of law to grace. In this case, it will be:


From LAW (Pentecost in Exodus) To GRACE (Pentecost in Acts) Back to LAW (Future Pentecost)


Both begin with a sealing of a group of people or empowerment and since the 144,000 are sealed OUTSIDE on their foreheads that means the Holy Spirit is back working the way it did during law in the Old Testament!!


The 144,000 MUST be sealed on Pentecost and the age of grace must END on Pentecost!!


We know Pentecost is the FIRST FRUITS of the WHEAT harvest! What better day to seal the 144,000 Wheat first fruits (Revelation 14) then on the feast of the first fruits of the wheat harvest!!!!!!

We know currently the Lord has put “spiritual blindness” over Israel until he is done working with the church in the age of grace. After we are taken, God will focus his attention back to redeeming the nation of Israel. When will God “BEGIN” to start redeeming Israel or removing their spiritual blindness??


Well, the answer is clearly found in God’s agricultural system of harvesting!


We know the church is the FIRST FRUITS of the BARLEY harvest and the 144,000 are the FIRST FRUITS of the WHEAT harvest!


Just like the farmer begins and finishes the BARLEY harvest first and then begins harvesting the wheat……..


………..Jesus our husbandman, will begin to redeem Israel (remove her spiritual blindness) AFTER he is finished with the church!! So, what does a farmer “FIRST” deal with in the barley and wheat harvest??

The FIRST FRUITS of course, and then the rest of the field is sanctified! Read the parable of the wheat and tares, and Israel is the WHEAT!! The very first thing the farmer focuses on is the FIRST FRUITS of the harvest. Since Israel is the Wheat harvest, then it’s clear that the first thing God will do after the rapture and in terms of redeeming Israel is SEAL THE FIRST FRUITS of the wheat, the 144,000! We know SEALINGS always happen on Pentecost, and the first fruits of the wheat harvest are Pentecost. So, since the rapture is before the 144,000 are sealed, that means in whatever year, the rapture WILL, MUST be before Pentecost because that is when the age of law begins with the sealing of the 144,000 and the giving of the TWO witnesses (Moses and Elijah) which are symbolic of the law, just like law initially started with the giving of TWO stone tablets with the law written on them!


Moses and Elijah will be symbolic of the giving of the law on the first Pentecost through the TWO tablets!!!!!!


So, God will BEGIN redeeming Israel and removing their spiritual blindness with him first dealing with the FIRST FRUITS, the 144,000!!! Meaning, the very beginning of Israel‘s FINAL REDEMPTION is the SEALING OF THE 144,000 virgins, which are the FIRST FRUITS of the wheat harvest! Now, when does the WHEAT HARVEST begin? It begins on PENTECOST! Pentecost is the day that the wheat first fruits are redeemed!!


So, since Israel is symbolic of the wheat that means the FIRST FRUITS of the wheat is what God will deal with first! We know they are the 144,000. Basically, God will FINALLY shift his focus on redeeming the nation of Israel (after the church is gone) by the SEALING OF THE 144,000 A.K.A, the WHEAT FIRST FRUITS! It is clear as day that God will begin to remove the “spiritual blindness” of Israel on PENTECOST, beginning by sealing the 144,000!! PRAISE GOD!


This the same day the LAW restarts as well, meaning grace ends, and the rapture has taken place!!!


So, each year, PENTECOST is the cut-off point for the possible rapture of the church because the 144,000 are sealed AFTER the rapture, and we know the 144,000 are sealed on Pentecost! The age of grace and rapture deadline each year MUST be Pentecost, according to the revelation by the spirit of God’s word!!!!


Absolutely WOW!


See, the church age started to be the “light of the world” on Pentecost through the sealing and empowerment of the Holy Spirit! After we are gone, the 144,000 will pick up the mantle as the “light of Israel“, being empowered and sealed by the spirit, which MUST take place on Pentecost!!


The age of LAW must restart on Pentecost people; there is no way of getting around that fact!


God must start dealing with Israel‘s redemption (the WHEAT HARVEST) with the wheat’s first fruits, which are the 144,000 sealing, which always takes place on Pentecost! What does this tell us?


The rapture MUST be BEFORE Pentecost in whatever year it will occur in; there is no way around it because God will start dealing with Israel again by the sealing of the 144,000 on Pentecost! A farmer harvesting by God’s laws must deal with the FIRST FRUITS FIRST before completing the rest of the harvest! In the same manner, God must deal with the first fruits of Israel first (144,000) before completing the rest of the wheat harvest, ISRAEL‘S REMOVAL of spiritual blindness!


Basically, the age of law restarts and grace ends ON PENTECOST in 2011!!!!

Now, remember, the church being ON EARTH or NOT on earth does not specifically DICTATE grace or law being here. The thing that dictates the difference of law and grace is the Holy Spirit sealing a person inside or just coming upon a person. The law will not start up again until the Holy Spirit LITERALLY/ACTUALLY begins anointing the 144,000 on Pentecost. The church can be taken out before that day!


Where does this put the rapture?


The clarity of God’s parallels and repitious patterns CLEARLY reveal the day of the rapture that Jesus blueprinted for us to find!

That day is ASCENSION DAY!!!

Jesus Christ ascended to heaven WITH THE OLD TESTAMENT saints on the 40th day of Omer count! What happened 10 days later?


The age of grace began with the SEALING and EMPOWERING of the 120 in the upper room!


The parallel WILL FOLLOW as blueprinted by Christ…


Jesus Christ will again ascend to heaven, but this time with the NEW TESTAMENT saints on the 40th day of the Omer count, then 10 days later (just like in Acts)….


The age of law will restart and grace will end with the SEALING and EMPOWERING of the 144,000!


Wow times a thousand!!!


The spiritual body of Christ HAS ALREADY been presented as the barley first fruits in the temple of heaven! Our souls and spirits have ALWAYS been seated in heavenly places with Chris Jesus! Christ KNEW US before the “foundation of the world”. When he rose to the temple of heaven on first fruits, he presented the ENTIRE SHEAF, the head and body! Meaning, our souls and spirits were being presented in heaven with Christ, fulfilling first fruits!!

The body of Christ did not OFFICIALL ASCEND to heaven until his time to return until 40 days later on Ascension Day!!!




We will follow the blue print of our savior; ascend to heaven on Ascension Day, because the parallel dictates this truth. We must be gone 10 days before the sealing of the 144,000, just like Jesus ascended with OT saints 10 days before the sealing of the 120 on Pentecost!!!

Now, guess what?


Ascension falls on a NEW MOON in 2011; it DOES NOT fall on a new moon in 2012!!


The rapture MUST, MUST take place during a new moon phase!!!

The New Moon is God’s heavenly symbolism for the rapture!!!


The moon is symbolic of the body of Christ (church)!


The moon represents spiritual renewal. The moon also represents the reflection of God’s glory. Just as one cannot look directly into the light of the sun, likewise no man can look directly upon God. One can however look directly at the moon which reflects the light of the sun. Likewise, one can look upon the Son, a reflection of the Father. PRAISE GOD!!


Sun gives earth its light to earth VIA “reflecting” it off the moon to the earth…




Jesus (SON) reflects his light to the earth by his church, being salt and LIGHT of the world!! The SUN and MOON astronomically represent the SON JESUS and his bride…works together in spreading the light of the father into the world!!


Psalms 89:37


“It (THE SUN) shall be established forever like the moon, even like the faithful witness in the sky.”


See, the MOON is the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the SUN‘S LIGHT!!!!! Just like the moon (bride) is the faithful witness of the Son of God’s LIGHT!!!



While Jesus represents the sun…


Sun signifies Christ. Malachi, the last book in the Old Testament says:


“But unto you that fear my name shall the sun of

Righteousness rise with healing in his wings”


Jesus and his church are absolutely symbolic of the SUN and MOON, working together to reflect light to the world!


It is a symbol of the church. In Song of Solomon, he describes the Bride of Christ as fair as the moon. Church is bride of Christ.


SOS 6:10


“Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the MOON”


1. The moon has no light of its own. It reflects the light of the Sun. The church can only reflect the light of the Sun of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now, on NEW MOON DAYS (ROSH CHODESH), the MOON “disappears” in the sky “momentarily”, then reappears in the heavens!!!


WOW!! If that is not the rapture, what is?….


The moon (church) will disappear (rapture), then reappear in heaven while being symbolically represented in the heavens…RAPTURE on NEW MOON DAY!


It’s too perfect to ignore!


The rapture is bound to happen on a NEW MOON day, when the church disappears out of sight, then reappears in heaven!!!


Check this out…


In the ancient Jewish tradition, the bridegroom would go out and receive his bride and take her to the father’s house. In tradition, the BRIDE would wear a “veil” over her face to hide the identity of the bride from the public! (Jesus takes us like that)…


Now, this is confirmed by Rebecca…


We read from Genesis 24:65 when Rebecca (a type of Bride) sees Isaac (a type of Christ) and takes a veil and covers herself.


“For she had said to the servant, who is this man walking in the field to meet us the servant said, it is my master. So she took a VEIL and covered herself.”




A veil covering the bride at the time of the bride meets the bridegroom is biblical, and lines up exactly with ancient Jewish wedding traditions!!


The veiled moon is to be symbolic of the hidden bride, the rapture of the bride, when she suddenly disappears!!!!!


When Rebecca (bride of Christ) met Isaac (Christ), she was veiled (hidden), JUST LIKE THE moon will be on the day of the rapture…hidden (veiled) from the people of earth!!!!!!!!!!


The moon is without question symbolic of the bride of Christ and the sun is without question symbolic of Jesus!!


There is no doubt!


So, when the church is VEILED in heaven, God will be declaring his glory in his firmament by VIELING the moon in the sky from the people of the earth to see!!


The Jews even call the NEW MOON the VEILED MOON, because it completely invisible during the new moon phase!!!

The rapture will occur on the new moon, no other moon cycle fits the rapture disappearance. The full moon everyone can see, we are HIDDEN, just like the new moon is HIDDEN, then reappears in the heavens!!

Just so happens, Ascension Day this year falls on the NEW MOON! WOW. It is just June 1st, 2011. This is a WEDNESDAY. The 4th day of the creation week. Why is that amazing?


During the creation week, on the 4th day, God “separated” light from darkness! He separated PHYSICAL LIGHT From PHYSICAL DARKNESS! The rapture parallels this! At the rapture, the Lord will separate SPIRITUAL LIGHT from SPIRITUAL DARKNESS!!!! We are the light of the world, so if we leave at once, it’s a total separation from the spiritual darkness of the world!!


Both will occur on the 4th day, WEDNESDAY!!! Ascension Day this year falls on Wednesday, and it’s a NEW MOON!!!!!

Praise God!!


There is much more confirming this, but I am too tired to type it! (Sorry)!!


Bottom Line, the day of the rapture IS NOT A SECRET, and can be know through the spirit of revelation through the word of God ONLY! Patterns of God reveal the day, its Ascension Day folks! Bank on it!

So, that day is June 1st, 2011! 2012 is not a new moon day, and the rapture must occur on a new moon day, the glory of God will be declaring the rapture event in the heavens!!!! Since we are the symbolic moon, when we are being veiled, God will be veiled our heavenly counterpart, the MOON. The new moon phase perfectly matches the VEILIND OR VANISHING of the moon!!! It has been veiled.


See ya in 8/9 10 days…THIS TIME, it’s really it! Believe it or not! The day Christ ascended with group of saints is same day he will do it again, this time the NT saints, ASCENSION DAY FOLKS! Right there in front of our face this whole time!!!

Praise God!