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Luis Vega (26 May 2011) “The Age of Pentecost” Rapture day?

Good post on a current topic of the Rapture.


Luis Vega (26 May 2011)
The Age of Pentecost

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing. –John 15v5

Every year around the major Jewish Feasts there is a lot of speculation, hope and anticipation of possibly having the Rapture happen-not that it has to happen on a Jewish Feast day but the LORD does use ‘types and shadow’ of things to come.
With this upcoming month of June, it is no exception. Many great studies have been done that correlates with much detail and convincing stipulations certain dates/feast days that just might come to pass!  The most recent chatter has been over this upcoming Ascension Day and Pentecost. The issue though is what day are they really on?! That is another whole issue to discuss. Nonetheless, if it is within the ‘season’….eventually it is bound to hit the mark. This coming June is particularly interesting…planet alignment, Elenin Star approaching, partial solar eclipse, total central lunar eclipse, Ascension Day and Pentecost!

1. Christ literally fulfilled the first 3 Feast before ascending into Heaven.
2. Christ is finishing current “Age of Pentecost” -Grace through work & indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
3. Christ will literally fulfill the last 3 Feasts after completing Daniel’s 7th week at His return.
Is the Dispensation of Grace (Church Age) about to close as the LORD will focus on His promise to fulfill Daniel 9’s last 7th Week with National Israel and revert back to ‘Law”-going on into the Millennial Reign of Christ?

The Age of Grace is bracketed by a beginning and ending Pentecost date. Using a Jewish Menorah (see graph below) it mirrors the 7 Major Feasts of Israel and its center “Servant” stem. It can be then projected onto the current Church Age in relation to the Shavout Feast. Point is that we have been living & experiencing the “Feast of Pentecost for about 2000 years now. -getting it ready for the soon Great Harvest!

Facts about PENTECOST
-On Shavuot Israel was commanded to remember the Law given at Sinai -Deut.4:9
-Pentecost is also symbolic of a wedding day
-When God betrothed Israel as His own people, separate from all others
-On Pentecost the Book of Ruth is read during the spring harvest
-It is a festival of harvest, of reaping leading up to a marriage

-It is the 40th day of the omer
-Interestingly, the 2nd of June, 2011 will be the 153rd day of the year –John 21
-It marks the day when Jesus Christ ascended up into Heaven.
-It was 40 days after His bodily resurrection from the dead, then 10 days leading up to Pentecost. –Acts 1
Could the Rapture of the Church take place in either Ascension or Pentecost dates this June? We will have a few weeks to go before Rosh Hashana comes around to contemplate another round of speculations!  Until then, this is my assessment on this coming Pentecost season. We’ll soon find out!

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May 26, 2011 at 11:10 am

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  1. Great chart, Luis. We LOVE your work. Also, checkout for more good pre-trib rapture related discussion.


    April 24, 2012 at 8:46 pm

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