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June 16, 2011 What it means to be a clown for God

In the 1980’s I read a novel by Morris L. West called the Clowns of God that I totally identified with. The main theme of the novel was that a recently elected Pope receives a vision from God of the coming Apocalypse and decides to tell the world that the Apocalypse is coming. The church hierarchy things that he has become crazy and forces him to abdicate the Papacy. He is forced into a convent, but continues to prophecy the coming of the Apocalypse.

A few days back Mr. Harold Camping decided to risk all his fortune from his ministry and many of his followers did likewise to spread the word that people needed to get straight with God because his judgment was about to start and only the followers of Jesus were going to be Raptured to safety.

These people acted on their interpretation of the prophecies and took the position of going all out in backing up what they believe, just as in the novel, thus becoming the clowns of God. There are no better prophets than those who become the clowns of God, Noah was a clown when for decades he preached the coming flood while he kept building his ark in obedience and faith to the Lord. Many of the prophets including the Apostles where also the subject of ridicule and persecution for their testimony.

Today the cartoon Non Sequitur has a strip that makes fun again of those who put their believes ahead of safety and invest all they possess in what they think is correct.

Well last week the Lord Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour showed me in terms that I consider absolute that the Book of Revelation would start in July. The post of Thursday and Friday tell my story. I thus became a clown of God when I told you the readers about it.

I am sure that people can laugh their hearts out now when the story seems unreal and ludicrous to believe, but what an evangelistic tool it will be the minute it becomes true. At this moment is in the lips of everybody and they have paid attention to the message that was unknown or unfamiliar to the majority of the population. Even the major networks and the cartoonists have done research in order to laugh appropriately and cover the news with accuracy. This prepares the way for the Lord and makes it difficult for Satan to explain after it happens. I am sure the Lord will reward and be pleased with those people that risked so much for him.