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June 22, 2011 The moon rotates 135 degrees, shuttle Atlantis seen in a dream by a girl

The signs leading to the Apocalypse are everywhere. The news brings information that the earth is going through a bad time.

That is the subject of a 30 minute video interview between Mr. Gary Stearman and Mr. L. A, Marzulli at Prophecy in the News. Please see the video link below of a very interesting interview

This morning the Miami Herald front page had a picture of quote “Astronaut Sandy Mangus, a crew member of space shuttle Atlantis, finds a moment to joke Tuesday before resuming safety training in a personnel carrier used for launch pad emergencies. Mangus and her crew mates are preparing for the final shuttle launch, July 8 at the Kennedy Space Center.”

In my post of June 18, 2011 I have the testimony of a girl that in prophetic dream she was shown the destruction of the shuttle Atlantis, see link below.


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