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Aug 1, 2011The Ages to Come, A Study of the Five Resurrections that Make the First, the Rapture the Apocalyse and much more

August 1, 2011

It gives me great joy to write the introduction to this study “the Ages to Come” by pastor F.M. Riley. For the past two plus hours I have been unable to lift my eyes away from my monitor and stop reading.

Pastor Riley has a complete control of the material he has written and has made his conclusions upon careful study of the word of God.

Every believer in Jesus Christ should make an effort to read the study and to digest all the material that is presented in here.

He has covered the five first resurrections in a clear and concise manner that leaves the reader with a scriptural understanding of the resurrections and Rapture.

Click on the link to go to the study.

Thank you pastor Riley,


F.M. Riley (1 Aug 2011)
The Ages to Come…..

The Ages to Comeā€¦..

By Pastor F. M. Riley

July 30, 2011