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Luis Vega (12 Aug 2011) “Repost: Lunar Tetrad Timeline”

I totally agree with Luis Vega as to the critical nature of this year for the start of the Tribulation seven years. He has done a very good job of making a synthesis of the prophecies involved.

Thank you Luis and I concur with your conclusions on this year.


Luis Vega (12 Aug 2011)
Repost: Lunar Tetrad Timeline

I wanted to repost my Lunar Tetrad Timeline that I had done a while back with the 1 year correction thanks to Mercer! (See Chart below) I need to do this now before school starts for me and it will be too crazy to keep up.

I strongly believe that 1948 was a time marker in the LORD’s time piece for getting ready to deal once and for all with Israel and attend to some unfinished business 🙂 I am working on an addendum also about Abraham in regards to ‘1948’ and the 63-7-70 pattern timeline I had also posted before. I hope I can finish it.

This coming Fall 2011 will, like one of my online friends mentioned to me, “Many prophetic presuppositions stand or fall this year. The significance of 1948 as a basis year, combined with a 70-year generation, punctuated by a 7-year tribulation, and preceded by a pre-trib rapture — will all be validated or discounted in 2011.”

I am not necessarily trying to correlate the last series of Tetrads to the Rapture but the pattern is striking and -if from now to the ‘outer limit year’ of 2018 is what many in End Times studies say will be the last chapter for Israel, then what can be said about Christ’s Bride! Are we there yet?! I think the Bride is just about made Herself ready! We are that close… it stands to reason that either the Church will be gone before or thereafter shortly when the specific event of the Book of Daniel and Revelation unfold literally.
As an aside note, I want to share and make available my studies/charts and timelines for those that wish to develop them further. I want to be a blessing and contribute to the knowledge the LORD has graciously granted me, to my understanding to bless and build up others in the Faith. I’m usually a private guy but I welcome your suggestions and encouragement!

Looking Up!

Luis B. Vega

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