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Aug 24, 2011 Earthquake in Virginia 5.8, Hurricane Irene and vision of Rapture all related signs for different people

Back in June 9 I started a series of posts about a message that I received on a very distinct way that the apocalypse was on 7, the message at the time I interpreted to mean the month and I assumed the month of July which was not the message. The other possibility if it referred to the month 7 on this year is that it referred to the month of Tishri which is month seven on the Jewish calendar.The message was not of the Rapture but the one here posted was of the Rapture with no reference to the Tribulations.

To those that do not believe any of this stop wasting your time and go some place else, this post is not for you.

As I write this article there is a Hurricane named Irene that will threaten the East coast of the USA in the same area that the 5.8 earthquake affected yesterday.

These like many others are warning signs of pending destruction from a loving God the Lord Jesus Christ that does not want any to perish. To ignore them is to risk finding yourselves in the receiving end of the destruction that is coming in the 7 years of Tribulation.


Virginia Arnke (24 Aug 2011)
‘IN THE SPIRIT’…Message received from the Lord on 8/20/11 (Sat. at 1:45PM by STAR…A MUST READ….MAY YOU ALL BE BLESSED!!!….

  Dear Doves…I hope this excites you as much as it did Star and myself…it was not something we expected…HE IS COMING IN SEPTEMBER, 2011

‘IN THE SPIRIT’…Rec. by STAR on 8/20/11 at 1:45PM (Saturday) a MESSAGE FROM THE LORD..A VERY ENCOURAGING MESSAGE TO EVERYONEby Virginia Arnke on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 2:21pm
I was about to say a prayer before I got into the Bible study.A I closed my eyes, in my spirit I saw the words coming

from the right “SEPTEMBER WITH THE STARS, SEPTEMBER AMONG THE STARS”.  The words were printed.

I said, Lord, I do not understand. Please give me a better understanding..Then Virginia and I prayed and in the spirit

I heard:

‘Black is black and white is white and I AM HOLY. My love is decending from heaven like a swing, to catch My family and bring them home.’

I asked: Is it this September or next September? and may I have three confirmations.

The confirmations:

1. Watch Israel for a confirmation.

2. SEPTEMBER, My Beloved, this SEPTEMBER.

3. Then in the spirit, I saw Yeshua with His arms open and glitter everywhere. Then I saw multitudes coming to Yeshua (rapture).

Glory to God

Praise Yeshua

Thank you Ruack Hokodesh..


SEPTEMBER: ETHANIM (7TH month on Jewish calendar) same as TISHRI on new Jewish calendar….this means sometime before September is over starting with Tishri or Ethanim is what the Lord has said is when He is coming for His Bride. (September 28, 29th and 30th, 2011)


1. LIGHT: Gen. 1:16, Ps. 147:4, 1 Cor. 15:41

2. ANGELS: Rev. 22:16

BLACK: calamity

1. Job 30:30, Jer. 4:28, Rev. 6:12

WHITE: triumph, victory, holiness, success.  Rev. 7:19:14


GLITTER:Deut.32:41, Ezeikiel 21:10


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