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Aug 30, 2011 More information on Elenin, Nibiru and the Tribulations

Thank you Scott McAllister for the extensive video you made about comet Elenin and Planet X or Nibiru.

You have put together in one video a synopsis of all the information that is available in the internet and that many others in have posted before plus much more information

Your background information about the origins of NASA is very reveling and their role in the whole miss information is  presented in a believable way.

As far as I can see of all the data that has come in the last two days and from the writings in the Bible these two celestial bodies will have a prominent if not front page role in the events of the Tribulation.

One point that I want to make about the end of your presentation you refer to the woman clothed with the sun in the book of Revelation as coming together on Sept 29-30 of this year and I believe that this will occur at the mid point of the Tribulations and not this year. If the Tribulations start on Rosh Hashanah or feast of Trumpets this year the mid point is 1260 days after that. The virgin in Rev 13 gives birth to a child that is protected in the desert 1260 days which is the period of time for the Great Tribulation, creating a total of 2,520 days.

I also believe that there are two celestial bodies and that their path lag one or two years. Nibiru will have a longer and more pronounced effect on the earth.

Yours in Jesus Christ


Scott McAllister (30 Aug 2011)
Comet Elenin Nibiru Planet X & The Day of The LORD

Hello John & The Doves,
About two weeks ago the LORD burdened me with a prophetic warning to research Comet Elenin & I hardly slept the rest of that night.  I’ve spent countless hours in the past two weeks in research & compiled the results into a lesson I taught this past Saturday.  The video below is of extreme importance & is the most important prophetic project the LORD has ever asked of me – please take the time to watch this & forward it to your friends!!!  

Comet Elenin Nibiru Planet X & The Day of The LORD

This video as well as all of our videos can also be viewed on our website

God Bless,

Scott McAllister


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